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Qin Wanru sat close to Shui Ruolan at the table, and on the other side of her was Qin Yuru, next to whom was Qi Rongzhi.

Since they came from the same mansion, they would naturally sit together.

Qin Yuru did not want to talk to Qin Wanru, so she turned to Qi Rongzhi.

Although she also hated Qi Rongzhi now, she disliked Qin Wanru more.

Since Qin Yuru did not talk to her, Qin Wanru would certainly not ask for a snub.

Therefore, she also ignored Qin Yuru and talked to Shui Ruolan from time to time.

The dishes were prepared early, so they were served quickly now.

All the girl servants served the dishes and left in an orderly manner.

These girl servants, holding dishes, passed behind Qin Wanru, stopped beside a Madam in front of Shui Ruolan, and put those dishes on the table.

The fruit was served at last.

This was the time for the fruit harvest, so there were many fruits in the tray, among which there were several round fruits.

Maybe because the fruit tray was too heavy or the girl servant was slim, the girl servants hands shivered when she passed Qin Wanru, and a fruit fell and hit Qin Wanrus head before the fruit was put on the table.

Qin Wanru was hit on her head when she was talking to Shui Ruolan.

Immediately, she cried in pain and touched her head.

“Miss, I.

Im so sorry!” As soon as the girl servant saw that the fruit had hit someone, she hurried to reach out one hand, seeming to want to massage Qin Wanrus head.

However, she was holding the fruit tray in both hands.

When she reached out one hand, the fruit tray became unstable immediately, and all the fruits fell towards Qin Wanru.

But Yujie beside her quickly reached out one hand and gave the girl servant a fierce push.

So all the fruits changed their direction and fell towards Qin Yuru.

Qin Wanru and Qi Rongzhi were also slightly influenced.

Qi Rongzhi jumped out in a hurry, reacting quickly.

Only the corner of her skirt was slightly stained with water, and most of the fruits fell on Qin Yuru.

Shui Ruolan was shocked, and was about to get up.

Seeing that, Qin Wanru had no time to care about herself.

She immediately took Shui Ruolans hands and comforted her, saying, “Mother, dont worry.

Keep still!”

She looked at the several small round fruits on the ground, which were not very big.

But if someone stepped on them, he or she could easily fall down.

“What are you doing!” Qin Yuru looked at the water on her new dress with anger.

She wore this new dress for the first time today.

The girl servant who served fruits immediately knew that she had done something bad.

She hurried to kneel down and cried out for mercy.

“Misses, please forgive me! Please forgive me!”

Qin Yuru was so angry that her face turned livid.

She suddenly stood up and seemed to want to reprimand the girl servant.

Unexpectedly, she stepped on something round and slippery, so that she could not keep steady and rushed to Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru had been ready for it.

She reached out and held her, saying in a low voice, “Big Sister, be careful.

Mother cant be injured!”

Qin Yuru held Qin Wanrus hand firmly and stabilized herself.

She opened her mouth and wanted to scold Qin Wanru, but when she saw the guests in the courtyard, she also knew that this was not the right time.

So she turned to the shuddering maid, who was still kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy, and angrily said, “Do you know how to serve fruits If you dont know, leave it to others.”

“Miss, please spare me.

Miss, please spare me!” The girl servant heavily kowtowed to Qin Yuru in panic.

After she kowtowed several times, her forehead immediately bruised.

Obviously, she really kowtowed heavily.

Shui Ruolan softly said, “Yuru, forget it!” As guests, they could not really punish the servants of the hosts house in any case.

Moreover, the girl servant came from the Duke Xings Mansion.

They could not punish her even though they wanted.

Qin Yuru sadly said while pointing to her dress, “I… how could I forget it I cant wear this dress anymore!”

The water in the dress was obvious and had spread, which was not very decent.

In fact, not only Qin Yurus dress, but also Qin Wanrus dress was stained.

Qin Wanru needed to protect Shui Ruolan, so she did not avoid the fruits and water.

Shui Ruolan said in a low voice while looking around, “Ill ask someone to fetch your clothes and you can change them later!” Although the noise here was loud, none of the people sitting at the middle table found what had happened here because there were so many people and tables in the banquet.

Now, it seemed that this was the only way to solve this matter.

Qin Yuru gritted her teeth with hate, afraid that she could not stop herself from slapping the girl servant.

Shui Ruolan said to the girl servant, “Find a supervisor here and take them to change clothes!”

On hearing the words of Shui Ruolan, the girl servant was relieved and kowtowed to them three times in a hurry.

Then she stood up and rushed out in a fluster, having no time to pick up the fruits on the ground.

Soon, she came back with an old maid of Duke Xings Mansion.

Qin Wanru secretly gave a look at the old maid.

She was the old maid who had secretly glanced at Qin Wanru when she was passed on a message to by a maid asked by Countess Yong!

If it were a coincidence, she really would have been reborn in vain!

“Misses, please come with me.

Theres a special courtyard for guests to rest.

You can change your clothes there!” The old maid apologized first and then said to them while pointing to the right rear.

There was indeed a row of houses on the edge of a space of flowers, which was a little far away and could not be seen clearly.

Qin Wanrus and Qin Yurus girl servants went to fetch their clothes, and they followed the old maid to rest there first.

Shui Ruolan worried about them and wanted to go with them, but Qin Wanru refused.

She gently pinched Shui Ruolans hands, letting her rest assured.

The two followed the old maid to the right rear.

There were so many people coming and going that nobody noticed the episode.

Of course, the people who paid attention to them all the time did notice it.

Madam of Duke Xing secretly showed a smile on her face, drew back her eyes, and happily talked with a Madam beside her.

Nobody knew that she had noticed what was happening over there.

Countess Yongs gaze was cold, and she kept looking at Qin Wanrus and Qin Yurus back.

After a while, she slightly snorted, and turned her eyes.

What would happen next was none of her business.

It had nothing to do with her anyway

This was a relatively large guest courtyard, and the scenery was quite good.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard, they could see that there were five or six rooms on both sides.

Except for that, there were several rooms in the middle.

There really were many rooms in this courtyard.

The old maid said while pointing to the empty courtyard, “Misses, please come in and have a rest first.

You can change your clothes after you maids fetch your clothes.

After the banquet is over, I will report this to our madam.

We will punish the girl servant severely!”

Qin Wanru gave a secret look at the courtyard, where there actually were a lot of chrysanthemums.

Although there were fewer chrysanthemums here than outside, there was a great variety of chrysanthemums.

The small flower nursery in the courtyard was a special beautiful scenery.

Besides, it was quiet here, very quiet!

Compared with the banquet outside, here was really a quiet and leisurely place.

Todays banquet was held in the Chrysanthemum Garden, but it was quite far away from here, so basically no one would come here.

The statement that here was a so-called rest place for guests was not true.

After the banquet, almost all the guests would leave.

If the good friends of the host wanted to have a rest, they would not come to this desolate place.

Looking out, they would find that the courtyard should be close to the wall of Duke Xings Mansion.

The high wall was behind the courtyard wall.

Looking inside, they saw that there was a big tree on the right side of the flower nursery, under which there were four stone benches and a stone table.

A plate of fruit, a teapot, and two teacups were on the table.

It looked very quiet and peaceful.

Qin Yuru said while pointing to the table and benches, “Lets sit there and wait!”

But Qin Wanru stopped and said, “Ill look around first!”

“Fine, whatever you like!” There were no other people here, so Qin Yuru did not constrain her temper.

She turned and went to the stone table by herself.

Qin Yuru came over, sat down, and touched the teapot, finding that the tea was still hot.

She poured a cup of tea for herself and saw that the color of the tea was light and green.

It must be good tea.

She took a sip, and felt like she had an endless aftertaste.

Qin Yuru glanced at Qin Wanru with a sneer, and continued to taste the tea.

It had nothing to do with her that whether Qin Wanru was willing to come in or not!

The old maid said with a smile on her face, “Well, Ill go back first.

Misses, you can come back after tidying yourselves!”

“Wait a minute!” Qin Wanru reached out and pinched her earlobe.

“Did you see my earring”

“I, I did not see it!” The old maid was also panicked when she saw there was one ruby earring on Qin Wanrus one ear while there was no earring on the other ear.

“What can I do This is a pair of new earrings that my grandmother just bought me.

Did that girl servant steal it When the fruits hit me on the head, I felt that she touched me!” Qin Wanrru frowned tightly with an unhappy look.

Of course, no one would look good under such a circumstance.

“Its, its impossible!” The old maid shook her head in a hurry.

“Where did my earring go”

“I, I dont know!” The old maid panicked and looked around.

She wanted to leave as planned, but she did not expect such a thing to happen now.

Qin Wanru slightly narrowed her eyes and said, “Will you accompany me to find it If we cant find it, lets report it to your Madam!”

“But theres still water on your clothes.

How about you change clothes before looking for your earring” The old maid looked at the stain on Qin Wanrus cuff and carefully proposed.

“It wont be there for a while!” Qin Wanru shook her head without hesitation and turned to go out.

They did not talk about it in a low voice, so Qin Yuru heard what they said.

She sneered and thought that Qin Wanru was not grand enough in her mind.

She actually could not wait to look for her earring before changing her clothes.

It was really embarrassing.

However, it had nothing to do with her.

She wished that everyone could see Qin Wanru in such a mess.

“I, I…” The old maid was a little nervous.

“If you dont want to accompany me, Ill find it myself!” Qin Wanru clearly saw her look and turned away.

“I, I will accompany you!” When the old maid saw her go, she had to follow her up.

Then they looked for her earring as they walked, walking away slowly.

The courtyard quieted down again.

Qin Yuru felt bored and poured another cup of tea for herself.

The tea was very good and its flavor would be left in her mouth and on her lips for a long time.

She reached for her dress and saw that a large of wet place happened to be in the front.

How could there be so much water in that fruit tray, and most of it spilled onto her

Qin Ruyu held her long skirt and wanted to see if it was wet inside.

As soon as she lifted it up, she heard something clicked.

She looked back, and suddenly changed her look in horror…


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