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Chapter 358 - "Don't cry, Odd Big Sister." (3)

Edited by: Lulu

Thinking about Lu Jue, who was being beaten up at the moment, Ning Zhi couldn’t bear it anymore.

Tears started streaming down her cheeks.

She turned back around quickly.

Heizi heard the sound of the wooden rod making contact but still no grunting.

Shaking his leg, he said in the room’s direction, “Crew Cut, be careful not to kill him.

The Lu’s are not going to pay up if he is dead.”

Having said that, Heize suddenly felt a sense of danger coming at him.

He whipped around quickly, but there was nothing behind him.

His pea-size eyes squinted, and he looked around the room.

He felt that he was being overly sensitive and returned to his phone once again.

Behind him, Ning Zhi squatted on the floor and placed the red brick in her hand back onto the floor, avoiding detection from the man.

She hadn’t expected the guy to be so sensitive.

He couldn’t even see her, but he still sensed danger.

Ning Zhi steadied her breath.

Listening to the sound of the wooden rod falling, Ning Zhi’s eyes had nothing but coldness in them.

Grabbing the brick again, she quickly but viciously brought it down over the man in black.

The man turned again slowly, and his pea-size eyes caught sight of the red brick in mid-air.

Ning Zhi brought it down once again viciously under his stunned look.

Heizi passed out on the table.

Ning Zhi’s eyes could not be colder.

She went and opened the front door, leaving it ajar.

Then, she banged the brick on the tabletop multiple times, making a loud noise purposefully.

Sure enough, the scolding from inside the room stopped, and Crew Cut walked out from inside the room with the wooden rod still in his hand.

When Crew Cut saw his partner lying on the table, he quickly ran over in shock.

“Heizi, Heizi…..”

He saw blood on his partner’s head and the brick in his hand.

Startled, Crew Cut looked around him vigilantly with the wooden rod in hand as he pulled out his phone.

He quickly made a call.

“Boss, Heizi had lost consciousness.

Someone came, attacked him, and ran off.

I’ll give chase right now……”

Ning Zhi’s look turned serious.

Sure enough, Gao Jiang was involved.

She quickly walked into the room to save Lu Jue, taking the opportunity when Crew Cut went to give chase to a non-existing person.

Lu Jue’s forehead and face were covered in wounds, but his eyes that were looking at Ning Zhi were still bright.

Ning Zhi felt her chest was stuffed, and her eyes reddened even more.

Walking over quickly, Ning Zhi pulled off the tape over Lu Jue’s mouth and swiftly started working on the ropes over his wrists and legs.

Crew Cut had just phoned Gao Jiang, meaning that Gao Jiang would be rushing back.

She must take off with Lu Jue now.

Suddenly, Lu Jue touched Ning Zhi’s reddened eyes.

The tip of his finger was burned by her tears.

“Don’t cry, Odd Big Sister.”

She was just about to leave when Ning Zhi heard footsteps coming from outside.

Crew Cut was returning.

Ning Zhi had already taken a quick look around the room and found that there was nothing that she could use as a weapon.

Even the brick that she had used earlier was from a corner.

This little room was empty inside except for a wooden bed and a wooden chair.

She gathered that the kidnappers had already hidden everything away.

Nevertheless, Ning Zhi tried to calm herself.

She told Lu Jue, “If the man comes inside, you just dash.

The front door is unlocked.

Just run forward, and don’t worry about me.

I’ll come looking for you shortly."

She would stay and take care of Crew Cut.

Lu Jue’s lips were so dry that they were chapped and pale.

He held onto Ning Zhi’s hand tightly.

“Come with me, Odd Big Sister.”

Ning Zhi turned him down firmly.

“No, I will come and join you after I have taken care of the bad guys.”

Lu Jue didn’t know how to fight, and he was hurt.

He needed to get out of there as soon as possible.

There was only Ning Zhi in Lu Jue’s pitch-black eyes.

He held onto Ning Zhi’s hand tight and would not let go of it.

His clear eyes were filled with stubbornness.

Looking at her, he insisted, ”Together.”


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