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“We understand.”

Emperor Shi paid no attention to Wang Teng.

He waved his hand, and a colorful jade seal appeared in his hand.

The Imperial Jade Seal was a collection of the emperors inherited orthodoxies, and it received orders from the heavens.

It could grant one eternal life.

In the middle of Mount Li, a huge black dragon rushed out in an instant and fused into the body of Emperor Shi.

It was the Yin Dragon Vein transformed from the Dragon Vein of Great Qin.

After the Dragon Vein entered his body, Emperor Shis cultivation base instantly reached the early cycle of the Tribulation Transcending realm.

He activated the imperial seal in his palm and looked at the 10 nukes that were about to arrive with an indifferent expression on his face.

Streams of faint Dragon Qi were emanating from the imperial seal, slowly floating in the air and transforming into a long golden dragon.


Under Emperor Shis command, the long golden dragon suddenly rushed forward and faced the 10 nukes that were coming at him.


A dazzling light burst out from Mount Li.

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Zhao Hao, who had retreated 100 kilometers away, turned his head abruptly.

He saw a huge mushroom cloud shooting up into the sky, and a heatwave instantly blew Zhao Hao away.

Not only Zhao Hao but almost all the paranormals were sent flying by the powerful shockwave.

Fortunately, they had already retreated from the center of the explosion.

Given the physiques of most paranormals, they could still withstand the blast.

Of course, some unlucky ones didnt have time to retreat or whose physical fitness was too poor and were directly killed by the shockwave.

There was nothing they could do but blame their bad luck.

“Cough, cough…”

After the shockwave, intense heat and smoke and dust came from everywhere.

Even Zhao Hao coughed a few times.

Luckily, his cultivation was at the peak cycle of the Golden Core realm, so he could release Spiritual Qi.

Thanks to the Mahayana Holy Body, Zhao Hao was immune to the radiation.

A streak of light flashed in front of Zhao Hao at that moment.

‘That is

Zhao Haos eyes narrowed.

He had just seen that light, so he was very familiar with it.

The colorful light seemed to be… the Imperial Jade Seal!

As soon as he thought of these words, Zhao Haos figure darted out and headed straight for the flowing light.

The Imperial Jade Seal was definitely not a simple item.

In this current environment, whoever obtained it would own it.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hao immediately used a divine ability that he had never used before, and his speed continued to increase as he blocked the flowing light.

[Ding! The Red Cultivation Talent pool has been expanded.]

As expected, the moment Zhao Hao grabbed the flowing light, a system notification sounded.

Zhao Hao lowered his head and looked at his palm.

It was indeed a jade seal.

However, before Zhao Hao could be happy, a Buddhist light instantly bloomed behind Zhao Hao, and a transparent glazed Buddhist hand directly shot toward Zhao Haos heart.

Fortunately, Zhao Haos cultivation base was high enough, and his various talents and divine abilities were relatively strong.

In a moment of crisis, he used his divine ability, the Golden Light, and could only dodge this fatal attack after being teleported hundreds of meters away.


Benefactor, this item is fated with Buddha.

Benefactor, please give it to this penniless monk.

Buddha will definitely protect you…”

A gentle voice came from somewhere, causing Zhao Haos mind to tremble instantly.

After shaking his head and breaking free from the monks means, Zhao Hao said furiously, “Stinking monk! Youve tricked me several times.

Do you really think Im afraid of you”

The monk who had ambushed Zhao Hao was the Abbot of the White Horse Temple, Master Du Le, a mid-stage Nascent Soul practitioner.


Benefactor, listen to this penniless monk.

This item is fated with Buddha.

The waters here are very deep.

This penniless monk is afraid that you wont be able to control it, so its better to hand it over to this penniless monk for safekeeping.”

“Im so angry.”

Zhao Hao was furious.

‘I am a Born Arhat, the successor of Buddha! Yet, you bald donkey tricked me first, and now you want to be my friend

Zhao Hao immediately attacked.

A thin layer of golden light instantly covered his entire body.

‘Dragon Tiger Mountain Secret Art, Golden Light Curse!

Zhao Haos figure flashed and instantly disappeared on the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Du Le, and his fist ruthlessly smashed toward Du Les face.

A sound that resembled a bell and drum echoed.

Du Le himself did not move, but Zhao Hao was sent flying dozens of meters.

Zhao Hao moved his arm, which was slightly numb from the shock, and frowned.

He originally thought that this Master Du Le was a long-range explosive type.

After all, according to the introduction, his spiritual power was comparable to a late-stage Nascent Soul experts.

But who would have thought that such a monks fleshy body would be so tough

“Haha, benefactor, it seems that your strength is a little weak.

Let this penniless monk teach you how to punch properly.”

Du Le did not say anything else.

The timing was just right.

While the smoke and dust filled the air, no one had discovered that the imperial seal had flown away.

Once many people saw it, there would be no way to hide it.

Just as Du Le was about to make his move, a figure slowly walked out of the smoke and waved his hand in Zhao Haos direction.

The imperial seal in Zhao Haos palm flew out automatically and directly into that persons hand.

“Holy sh*t! Emperor Shi…”

Zhao Hao had not seen the man clearly, but judging from his appearance and his ability to summon the imperial seal, he guessed that it was definitely Emperor Shi.

He turned and ran away without any hesitation.

Emperor Shi had taken 10 nukes head-on and survived, so Zhao Hao did not dare to delay any longer.

On the contrary, Master Du Le was a little hesitant.

If it had been Emperor Shi in his peak state, even if it hadnt been Emperor Shi, Du Le would have turned around and run.

However, after taking 10 nukes head-on, Master Du Les spiritual power sensed that Emperor Shi wasnt as powerful as before.

“What Why arent you running away when you see Us Do you think you can kill Us”


Emperor Shi still had a cold expression on his face.

No one knew how shocked he was.

Although he had blocked the 10 nukes, the powerful force was enough to injure him.

Not only had the Yin Dragon Meridian been blown out of his body, but even the imperial seal was blown away.

Fortunately, he caught up in time and did not lose the imperial seal.

Du Le still had the same kind smile on his face as before as he bowed and said to Emperor Shi, “Hehe, this penniless monk is the Abbot of White Horse Temple, Du Le.

Greetings, Your Majesty, the First Emperor.”

“What Do You, a barbarian, also want to join Our Great Qin”

With Emperor Shis cultivation base, he could tell the depth of Du Le at a glance.

However, during the Qin dynastys reign, Buddhism had not yet spread.

Therefore, in the eyes of Emperor Shi, Buddhism, whether it was powerful or not, was still a barbarian Dao.

“Hehe, then this penniless monk would like to have a taste of Your Majestys great move.

“Vajra Samadhi! No matter how strong it is, all sentient beings, my body and mind, go…”


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