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[Currently available Cultivation Talents: “Jinx”, “Drifter”, “Combatant” …]

[Mahayana Holy Body (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

This is a unique physique that is rarely seen in a million years.

It is the strongest sacred body in the martial arts world.

Your aptitude to practice all kinds of Cultivation Methods is the worlds highest.

Your attack power is twice the original attack power.]

[Born Arhat (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

You were born an Arhat, a candidate for a Buddha.

You can comprehend Buddhist divine skills on your own and cultivate all kinds of Buddhist Cultivation Methods.]

[Descendant of Taoist Trinity (Red Talent): All your attributes increase by 500.

All the Spiritual Roots in your body are Heaven Spiritual Roots.

Youre an Orthodox Taoist with an inherent cultivation technique “Tao Te Ching”.

You can cultivate all Taoist Cultivation Methods.]

[Jinx (Orange Talent): Your luck decreases by 50.

You are exceptionally unlucky, but you will not die easily.]


[Drifter (Purple Talent): Your strength increases by 30.

All your attributes increase by 10% when you when go solo.]

[Combatant (Purple Talent): Your physical qualities increase by 30.

You may rouse the soul of a combatant in close combat, making your physical qualities double.]

[On the first day, you did not steal any cultivation manuals.

Instead, you focused on cultivating the Tao Te Ching.]

[On the 30th day, as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, you successfully broke through to the Nascent Soul stage and became a Great Cultivator.

You inspected the people in the village, but you still could not identify the respective stage of their Cultivation Base.

The sky was covered with dark clouds.

You already sensed that there would be heavenly thunder if you still did not leave the village.

You charged all the way into the mountain.

Within a day, you killed all the evil ghosts and the dismembered body parts of the male corpse and destroyed all the Evil God temples.

You finally went up to the top of the mountain, killed the Oink God, and obtained the Breath Concealing Technique.]

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[On the 33rd day, you concealed your aura and killed an Elder of the Noble Aspiration Sect.

The Lord of the Heavenly River City saw that you were a Nascent-Soul-stage cultivator, so he did not intervene.

You did not want to join a sect anymore.

Instead, you wanted to be a Rogue Cultivator.

Therefore, you left the Heavenly River City and began to explore the cultivation world.]


[On the 37th day, you came to a big city that was full of cultivators, namely the Extreme Abyss City.

It was the home city of a major sect, the Extreme Abyss Sect.

Here, you rented a Cave Estate and began to cultivate in peace.]

[On the 45th day, you broke through to the late stage of the Nascent Soul stage, and you used up all your spirit stones, so you planned to go out and get some spirit stones.]

[On the 46th day, with your Cultivation Base being at the late stage of the Nascent Soul stage, you broke into more than ten small cultivation sects in a row and obtained a large number of spirit stones.

People started calling you “Spirit Stone Robber”.]

[On the 47th day, you returned to Extreme Abyss City.

You planned to practice closed-door cultivation to break through to the Demigod stage before doing other things.

You stumbled upon the news that an auction would be held in three days.

You decided to go and see it as you had never seen an auction before.]


[On the 50th day, the auction started in Extreme Abyss City.

You attended the auction, and a Spirit Fox靈狐 was dragged out.

Its entire body was covered in mud, except that its eyes were clean and clear.

On a whim, you spent 500 high-grade spirit stones to buy it.

In the middle of the night, the Spirit Fox that you had bought with a large sum transformed into a human and fed you a Heaven Mending Pill by force.

After that, it disappeared, and you entered the Demigod stage.]


[On the 51st day, you left Extreme Abyss City and strolled along a river.

You accidentally dropped the storage bag hanging on your waist into the river.

Suddenly, the surface of the river glowed with colorful lights.

Through the colorful lights in the river, a fairy with a lotus flower on her head appeared and said to you, “Did you drop a storage bag” You replied, “Yes.

If you picked it up, give it back to me.” However, the fairy said, “Did you drop this gold storage bag, this silver storage bag, or this ordinary storage bag” You replied, “They are all mine.” The fairy said angrily, “What a greedy man.” After saying that, she went back into the river.

You were furious, so you used a few explosive spells on the river.

The fairy came out to fight you.

You won and got the fairy, which was the River God, as your pet.]


[On the 52nd day, you heard from the River God that there was a mystic realm hidden in the mountains not far away.

You could enter it through a waterway.

You thought of what had happened in the mystic realm previously.

There were still more than ten days before its real opening, so you decided to go there to take a look first.]

[On the 53rd day, you came to the entrance of the mystic realm through the water passage and found that there was a big formation blocking your way.

The River God wanted to kill you with a trap, but you saw through it.

You killed the River God and entered the mystic realm successfully with what you had learned about formations from Tao Te Ching.

Instead of searching for treasures in the outer area of the mystic realm, you chose to walk right into the depths of the mystic realm.

Deep in the mystic realm, there was a stone tablet.

Only then did you know that this mystic realm was called the Qiankun Mystic Realm.

It was the legacy land left behind by Elder Qiankun乾坤老人 who had transcended the tribulation and ascended to Heaven.]

[On the 54th day, you passed the three tests left behind by Elder Qiankun with your superb skills.

You obtained a Tribulation-Transcending-stage Fire Seed, the secret skill “Qiankun Great Shift”, and a large number of spirit stones.

You left the mystic realm and returned to the Cave Estate in Extreme Abyss City to continue your closed-door cultivation.]


[On the 55th day, you stopped paying attention to the outside world and began to concentrate on processing what you had gained and improving your cultivation.]

[On the 59th day, you reached the middle stage of the Demigod stage.]

[On the 78th day, you reached the late stage of the Demigod stage.]

[On the 89th day, you reached the peak of the Demigod stage.]

[On the 100th day, you refined the Tribulation-Transcending-stage Fire Seed and use it for a breakthrough.

Over ten thousand thunders struck down, as you successfully advanced to the Moral Enlightenment stage.

However, the Thunder Tribulation destroyed more than half of Extreme Abyss City.

The Grand Elder of the Extreme Abyss Sect personally attacked and killed you with one punch.

You died.”


[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[This Cultivation Simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 100 days.

System Cooldown Time: 100 minutes.]

Zhao Hao looked at the information on the light screen in front of him and fell into deep thoughts.

After the Demigod stage was the Moral Enlightenment stage, after the Moral Enlightenment stage was the Synthesis stage, and after the Synthesis stage was the Tribulation Transcending stage.

There was a Tribulation-Transcending-stage Fire Seed in the mystic realm, which could greatly increase the cultivation speed.

Therefore, he definitely had to go and get it in every future simulation.

He opened the notepad on his phone and started taking notes.

“There was a Spirit Fox at the auction in Extreme Abyss City.

If I successfully bid for it, I could obtain a Heaven Mending Pill afterward.

In the river next to Extreme Abyss City, there was a River God.

Through the River God, I could find a waterway and enter the Qiankun Mystic Realm.” Zhao Hao took notes of the information one by one.

“The next time I break through to the Moral Enlightenment stage, I must find a place where there are no people.

Also, Grand Elder of the Extreme Abyss Sect, how dare you kill me Ill settle the score with you sooner or later.”


After sorting out all the information, Zhao Hao felt a bit tired.

He looked around, but the old Taoist priest had not returned yet.

So, he just lay on the wooden bed and fell asleep…


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