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The little fatty immediately began to do a horse stance.

He took a deep breath and then adjusted his direction, aiming at the location with the most supernatural beings.

“Growl…” A huge roar came out of the little fattys mouth.

Even though Zhao Haos physique was extraordinary, he could feel a piercing pain in his eardrums.

A visible sound wave shook the river and blasted into the group of supernatural beings.





A series of explosions came out.

Dozens of level-one and level-two supernatural beings were blasted apart by the sound wave.

The group of supernatural beings had gathered closely, but now a gap in between them was blasted open by the little fattys Roar.


Without anyones command, all the members of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad flew out and charged toward the tens of thousands of supernatural beings.


Some of them grew wings on their backs and soared into the sky, while others stood on their magic swords, looking elegant and graceful.

In a short while, only Zhao Hao and the little fatty with a cap were left on the bank of the river.

Zhao Hao felt that he should do something as well.

He walked over to the little fatty and asked, “Uh, arent you going to fight”

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As he said this, Zhao Hao looked at the battlefield ahead.

Every member of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad began to display their might.

Although some seemed sorry for being slapped by high-level supernatural beings into the Dragon-Defying River, Zhao Hao had to admit that they were all very brave since not a single one of them retreated.

“Hmph, Im not like you.

Watch carefully.” The little fatty did not show Zhao Hao a good look.

He knew that this man in front of him had not joined their supernatural squad but had signed a confidentiality agreement.

After saying that, the little fatty took off his cap right away.

Only then did Zhao Hao realize that this fatty was actually bald.


“Vajra Body.” With a loud shout, the little fattys body completely turned golden, as if a layer of gold plated all over his body.

Just as he was about to charge into the crowd of supernatural beings, he suddenly turned his head to look at Zhao Hao and directly grabbed his shoulder with one hand.

“Oh, right.

Dont just watch.

Ive seen the video of you fighting the ghost plane.

Hurry up and get to work.”

After saying that, the little fatty exerted more strength with his arm.

Zhao Hao directly flew toward the crowd of supernatural beings like a cannonball.

“F*ck, d*mn baldy, I dont know how to swim…”


However, by the time Zhao Hao said that it was already too late.

At this moment, he was already about to fly to the center of the group of supernatural things.

Looking around, Zhao Hao found that there was no river water at the center of the vortex.

Instead, the ground appeared through the vortex.

Therefore, just as he was about to fall into the water, Zhao Hao sprung up like a carp, and he arrived at the center of the vortex.

Before Zhao Hao had time to react, groups of ghost soldiers suddenly pounced on Zhao Hao and pressed him under their bodies, instantly forming a mountain of ghosts.



Zhao Hao would love to kill the Baldy, but he had no time to settle the score with him as the ghosts closest to him were already opening their mouths and his body.

Although Zhao Haos physique was very strong and these ghosts could not break through his defense at all, Zhao Hao could not stand being bitten by a bunch of ghosts all over his body.

However, Zhao Hao did not know any cultivation techniques at all right now.

On the ghost plane, he did not think about his defense at all.

He just swung his fists with all his might and killed the ghosts with his fists.

However, various ghosts were pressing Zhao Hao now, as if a huge mountain was pressing down on him.

He couldnt move at all, nor could he swing his fists.

It was impossible to wait for reinforcements.

Zhao Hao had already seen that all the superpowered persons in the army were either directly thrown into the river or brutally killed by high-level supernatural beings.

Even the little fatty, whose body was glowing with golden light, was being pestered by three high-level supernatural beings.

The long knives slashed at the little fattys body, causing sparks to fly.

“What should I do What should I do” This was the first time Zhao Hao was in a crisis since he had obtained the Cultivation Simulator, and he seemed to be in a bit of a panic.

Suddenly, Zhao Haos vision became blurry.

His spiritual altar instantly became clear, and a book that was emitting a green light appeared in Zhao Haos mind.

It was “Tao Te Ching”.

It came with the Red Cultivation Talent that Zhao Hao had obtained earlier, the “Descendant of Taoist Trinity”.

As Bai Bing had hurriedly dragged him over, he had forgotten to look at it.

Zhao Hao began to slowly turn the pages of the Tao Te Ching and absorbed all the information.

A few seconds later, Zhao Hao had completely mastered the cultivation method of the Tao Te Ching.

Zhao Haos eyes instantly regained their vigor.

“Ive picked it up so fast I remember when I learned the Bloody River Scripture…”

Initially, he had some doubts, but Zhao Hao suddenly thought of the Heaven Spiritual Roots that came with the talent “Descendant of Taoist Trinity” and he realized that his comprehension ability had probably reached an incredible level.

With the cultivation method, he had a way to deal with the current crisis.

He began to think.

This Tao Te Ching of his was very different from the widely circulated one.

It also included many spells and divine abilities.

It could be said to be a complete collection of Taoist Cultivation Methods.

Very quickly, Zhao Hao thought of a spell “The Lofty and Sublime Book of the Limitless Salvation of Mankind”, “Salvation of Mankind Scripture” in short.

By chanting this spell, one could exorcise tens of thousands of ghosts at night.

“The life of mankind is bleak.

The path to immortality is boundless.

The realm of ghosts is full of guilty pleasures.

A human has to walk a safe path to survive.

An Immortal has to cherish lives and help others in better ways.

A ghost has to think about how to earn a good ending.

Cultivators are usually blessed with good fortune, and ghosts are usually cursed with evil.

So, those with high morals are naturally quiet and peaceful.

They have a beautiful and not a sorrowful soul.”

The moment he thought of this spell, Zhao Hao opened his mouth and began to chant.

Mysterious Taoist patterns flew out of Zhao Haos mouth, and the ghosts that were pressing on his body were instantly sent flying by a beam of green light.

The Taoist patterns turned into chains that spread from Zhao Haos body and kept flying in all directions.

Regardless of their levels, those supernatural beings were immobilized by the chains when the chains hit them as if they were bound under a spell.

In just the time of a few breaths, the tens of thousands of supernatural beings who were about to wipe out the Supernatural Special Forces Squad were all captured by the chains.

The creepy aura around their bodies was completely sealed, making them look like ordinary ghosts.

All the superpowered people who were fighting turned their eyes to the place where the chains gathered.

Zhao Hao had stopped chanting the scripture.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hao was pulling the chains in his hands.

“Amitabha, what the h*ll Is he a pro who pretended to be a noob” The little fatty was stunned.

He remembered that he was the one who threw Zhao Hao into the group of supernatural beings.


Although he had known that Zhao Hao had a strong physique and would definitely not be injured, now that Zhao Hao had become a pro, his actions were no different from courting death.

Looking at the tens of thousands of bound ghosts, little fatty felt that he should run away.


Then, another explosion came out from the sky above the Dragon-Defying River, and three figures fell from the sky.


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