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[Even though you missed the Earth Goddess, you didnt go and find her.

Since it was her choice, you would naturally support her fully.

[The spaceship slowly landed on Skywater planet.

Your eyes were shining as you opened the Virtualverse and entered the trading hall.

[With the experience from the last simulation, you didnt sell the goods cheaply this time.

Instead, you placed a higher price.

[First, you sold the inheritance left behind by those few people and the Star-class spaceship, earning a total of 100,000 Yuan.

[After that, it was the Grade 6 Crimson Flame life star.

Although the official recovery price of a Grade 6 life star was 100,000 Yuan, one could sell it for a higher price.

You put it up for 130,000 Yuan and waited for a few minutes.

As expected, it was still sold.

[Finally, there were the final three Sparks.

The worst, the Glazed Spark, was sold for 1,600,000 Yuan.

The Purple Spirit Spark was sold for 2,200,000 Yuan.

As for the most precious Medicinal Spark, you put it up for 10,000,000 Yuan at the beginning, but no one bought it for a long time.

Then, you kept lowering the price.

When it was reduced to 7,000,000 Yuan, someone bought it.

[You couldnt help but sigh.

‘Alchemists are rich…

[You had already sold all the items you had obtained from the first bucket of gold.

Looking at your account balance, you had a total of 11,000,000 Yuan.

[Such a shocking amount of wealth was already enough for an ordinary Sageking to cultivate to the Supreme realm.

[A faint smile appeared on your face as you opened the mission list of the Virtualverse and posted one.

“SS-level Mission: Kill Ge Tianji (Not exceeding the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor realm).

The mission is unlimited.

Reward: 10,000,000 Yuan

Publisher: Zhao Hao.”

The moment this mission was posted, it attracted the attention of all the Sage Emperors in the Virtualverse.

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The reward of 1,000 Yuan was something that even many Supreme beings were tempted by, much less Sage Emperors.

One had to know that 5,000,000 Yuan was enough to exchange for the protection of a Supreme being.

10,000,000 Yuan was enough to ask a Supreme being to help kill a few people.

For a time, the entire human race, regardless of the galaxy, was frantically searching for Ge Tianji.

Since the Virtualverse had recorded all the human experts, there were some capable people who found Ge Tianjis specific information.

Name: Ge Tianji

Cultivation level: Sage Emperor/1st Order

Race: Human (or Demon)

Introduction: Ge Tianji was originally a human prodigy with the Nona-Reincarnation Physique.

But because he cultivated the Nona-Death Heavenly Demon Technique in his 8th reincarnation, he massacred half the population of a human galaxy and joined the Demon race.

After much effort, he was killed.

He has reincarnated eight times, and now it is his ninth life.

He recently appeared in the Demon-Hunting galaxy, on the Demon-Hunting planet.

[When this piece of news was announced, thousands of Sage Emperors instantly teleported to the Demon-Hunting planet.

The Sage Emperor, who was originally on the Demon-Hunting planet, immediately began to crazily investigate, trying to find Ge Tianji.

[Supreme Demon Hunter was a 9th Dome Supreme being, so he didnt really care about the 10,000,000 Yuan reward.

However, he wouldnt allow a human traitor to appear in his own galaxy and do the Demon races bidding.

[Therefore, Supreme Demon Hunter personally took action.

The grand formation was activated and enveloped the entire Demon-Hunting galaxy.

No one could escape.

[After many layers of investigation, Supreme Demon Hunter even fluctuated space-time.

Finally, he came to the conclusion that Ge Tianji had gone to the Demon race after you issued the mission.

[All the Sage Emperors felt that it was a pity.

They only needed to kill a 1st Order Sage Emperor to earn 10,000,000 Yuan.

It was a very profitable business.

[It was a pity that Ge Tianji had gone to the Demon race.

With the strength of Sage Emperors like them, it could be said that they could go anywhere in the human territory.

However, if they went to the Demon race, it wouldnt be so simple.

If they were careless, they might even lose their lives.

[Of course, there were still a few 9th Order Sage Emperors who sneaked into the Demon race, wanting to hunt Ge Tianji.

[When you received the news that Ge Tianji had returned to the Demon race, you also felt regretful.

In the end, you let this old fellow escape.

“I wonder what the scene will be like when I meet you again…”

[After a long time, you sighed and exited the Virtualverse.]

[On the 171st day, you purchased some Sage Monarch medicine and pills and successfully reached the 9th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

“You left the Skywater planet and headed to the Ancient Burial galaxy.

[You didnt go to see Confucius and the others but to find the next great Dao manager.

[Kong Xinyue had already consumed the Rising Dragon Medicine and reached the 1st Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[The Wealthy Mercenary Groups leader, Su Ye, was the manager that you wanted to find.

Just based on the fact that he had the system, one could determine that this persons future was limitless.

[The Wealthy Mercenary Group was currently on a mission in the Ancient Burial galaxy.

Although the simulation this time did not show the Supreme human emperors attacking the Ghost race, the frequent actions of the Ghost race had also aroused the human sides vigilance.

[Many mercenary groups had received some missions targeting the Ghost race.

[On the Ancient Burial star, in a Star-class spaceship…

[You slowly arrived before this Star-class spaceship that was worth millions of Yuan.

This was the headquarters of the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

[With your 9th Chasm Sage Monarch cultivation, it was obviously unrealistic to force Su Ye to accept your great Dao and become your manager.

[Although Su Yes cultivation had reached the 5th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm, he was rich.

[There were several Sage Emperors in the entire mercenary group.

[Therefore, it was definitely impossible to force him.

[Fortunately, you had a very good reason to enter the Wealthy Mercenary Group.

Facing the two 9th Firmament Sageking guards who were looking at you cautiously at the door, you said very calmly, “Im here to look for my little disciple.”

“Your disciple Is she from our mercenary group Whats her name”

[One of the guards asked you vigilantly while the other was already calling his superior.

“Her name is Kong Xinyue.

You should all know her…”

[Kong Xinyue was a standard little loli that would definitely attract a lot of attention.

You believed that even the guards would definitely know Kong Xinyue.

[As expected, after hearing that you were Kong Xinyues master, the two guards were obviously much more polite.

Not only was Kong Xinyue violent, but she was also the leaders favorite.

Since you were her master, the two guards naturally didnt dare to offend you.

[Soon, you heard the sound of footsteps.

[Following that, the Star-class spaceships cabin door opened.

A figure instantly dashed out and directly jumped into your arms, sobbing.

“Masteeer! You finally came to find me! This disciple missed you so much!”

[Big teardrops fell onto your clothes, and you felt sad looking at her trembling body.

[She had been directly teleported to an unknown world with no family.

‘This little girl is very pitiful.


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