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“Lunar Goddess, you little b*tch, come out and see me!”

[The figures entire body was surging with Blood Qi, and his battle intent soared to the heavens.

He was none other than the War Sovereign of the Divine World.

[Upon sensing the surging battle intent and the familiar voice, the expression of the Lunar Goddess changed drastically.

[One had to know that in her Divine World, she had two enemies.

One was the Earth Goddess, who had killed her, and the other was the War Sovereign, whose dao partner had died in her hands.

[Yes, the Lunar Goddess had killed the War Sovereigns partner, the Light Sovereign, during the divine war.

“Fortunately, this silly fellow hasnt broken through after so many years.

Hes still a 5th Layer Thearch…”

[Lunar Goddess sensed for a while and found that the War Sovereigns cultivation was even weaker than hers.

She immediately became bold.

She raised her hand, and a long whip emitting cold air appeared in her hand.

[With a turn of her body, she appeared in front of the divine palace.

“Yo, I was wondering who had the guts to invade my divine kingdom.

So its Little Lights lover.

Do you want to avenge your lover” The Lunar Goddess words were laced with mockery.

[The War Sovereigns eyes narrowed slightly the moment he saw the Lunar Goddess.

After looking at her carefully for a while, he said in a cold voice, “I was wondering why the rumor that the Lunar Goddess had been resurrected suddenly spread throughout the Divine World.

Even the coordinates of the Lunar Divine Kingdom were revealed.

It must have been some main god who plotted against you and wanted me to be the one to stand out.”

[After the War Sovereign finished speaking, he sensed his surroundings and discovered that no other main god was hiding nearby.

[A few wills were watching over them high up in the sky.

The main gods were still very enthusiastic about this once-in-a-million-year show.

[After all, it was already surprising enough that the Lunar Goddess had been resurrected.

Now that the War Sovereign had found her lair, checking whether she was still dead or alive was too tempting.

[As for stopping him, what kind of joke was that The hatred for killing his wife was irreconcilable.

In addition, the Lunar Goddess was a woman who loved scheming.

Everyone had been tricked by her, so no one was willing to help her.

[After the Lunar Goddess listened to the War Sovereigns story, she immediately knew who it was.

That old woman, the Earth Goddess, was definitely behind this.

If she couldnt do it, she would let the War Sovereign know.


[If the Lunar Goddess hadnt recovered her cultivation, she would have been killed by the War Sovereign in a minute.


“Hmph! You didnt expect it, right Ive already recovered to the 7th Layer of the Thearch rank…”

[The Lunar Goddess snorted coldly.

Since she had already returned, she naturally had to let others see her strength.

Afterward, the Lunar Goddess didnt say anything.

She raised her long whip and started fighting the War Sovereign.]

[On the 16th day, you were very vexed.

It wasnt because of a matter of cultivation, but because of an accident.

Widow Zhang was sick…

[Yes, thats right.

Widow Zhang was sick.

A Mahayana cultivator was lying in front of the bed, unable to move at all.

There were also waves of cold and heat.

[You were very curious, so you used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to find out the reason.

“Disease Curse (Gold): After coming into contact with the Trinity Calamitus Physique, the curse will accidentally infect the person in contact.

This curse will cause the infected person to enter a serious state of illness, making it difficult for the infected person to move.

Every minute, the infected person will lose 1% of their life until they die.

If the curse is lifted, there will be a lot of benefits.



Kill the one with the Trinity Calamitus Physique.


Kill a Buddhist Sage and boil his sariras in soup.


Find the Sage Monarch medicinal pill, Huandan, which can remove all curses.


Dual-cultivate with the Trinity Calamitus Physique for three days.

The curse will be lifted by itself.”

[Looking at the solutions that appeared in front of you, you were a little dazed for a moment.

[This new Red talent of yours seemed to be something.

First, it infected the person that he came into contact with with one of the three calamities.

If it was removed, he could gain a lot of benefits.

This must be very unusual.

[Looking at the four solutions, he did not consider the first three.

He could not kill himself.

There was only one Buddhist Sage now, and he had to help him increase his cultivation.

How could he kill him

[As for that Sage Monarch medicinal pill, you logged into the Virtualverse and checked the price of the trading hall.

“Damn it! Its a total of 500 Yuan!”

[You gave up completely and decisively chose the fourth option, dual cultivation for three days.

[Just like that, you slowly got onto the bed.

Under Widow Zhangs angry and shocked gaze, you began your performance.]

[On the 18th day, you are still in dual cultivation.

What you didnt know was that the Lunar Goddess was on the verge of death.

[At the Divine World…

[Originally, a major battle between two main gods would last for dozens or even hundreds of days.

[After all, both sides were main gods, and they had plenty of trump cards.

No one dared to truly kill.

[That was especially since the level of the War Sovereign, and the Lunar Goddess were roughly on par.

[None of the sovereigns of the Divine World showed themselves.

They were all in their divine kingdoms, using their divine senses to watch the battle.

[They had assumed the battle would last for a very long time, but it had only been two days when an accident happened.

[The Lunar Goddess whip sent the War Sovereigns spear flying.

[The Lunar Goddess face was cold as she spoke very impolitely.

“Have you had enough Are you going to let them laugh at you Get the hell out of here.

I still have things to do…”

[The Lunar Goddess was very impolite.

In fact, she was almost annoyed to death.

She had just recovered her cultivation and had not had the time to stabilize herself before she was forced to fight the War Sovereign.

[Especially in her Lunar Divine Kingdom.

[After two days of fighting, the entire Lunar Divine Kingdom had suffered heavy losses.

More than half of her followers had died.

[If this continued, she was afraid that even if she won, the entire Lunar Divine Kingdom would be crippled.

[The War Sovereign wasnt having an easy time either.

The Lunar Goddess was much stronger than before.

[During the battle, the War Sovereign had been burning his power of faith to prevent himself from being at a disadvantage.

However, if they continued fighting, they would be at a disadvantage, helping the other gods who were watching the show.

[Although all the main gods would unite together to face the external enemies, internal strife was the characteristic of the Divine Dao.

[After all, everyone wanted to have more followers.

All the main gods knew that if there were no other main gods, one could dominate the Divine Dao alone and enter a higher realm.

[Thus, even now, the War Sovereign didnt want to fight.

[Upon seeing the War Sovereigns appearance, the Lunar Goddess let out a cold laugh, thinking to herself that once she stabilized her cultivation, she would definitely settle the score with these main gods.

[At that moment, an arm appeared behind the Lunar Goddess without anyone noticing.

[The arm pierced through her body, and the Lunar Goddess heart was ripped out by the arm.]


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