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[The moment you saw this mission, you hesitated.

[It wasnt that you couldnt kill those good people.

It was that you were thinking about what this mission was for.

[If you looked at the first two missions, they tested the intelligence and observation ability of the recruits.

[Then, the last mission was undoubtedly a test of execution.

[And if you seemed to be afraid of killing all of them, wouldnt the army think that you were disregarding the human races safety by not following their order

[In any case, this mission obviously had a big pit…

[However, after hesitating for a moment, you still chose to obey and follow the missions instructions, killing all the good people.

“Ding! The assessment has ended.”

[As the system notification sounded, you returned to the drill ground and looked around.

[You found a large group of staff members recording everyone on the screens.


[You were not the first to come out, but the third.

[You looked at the other two peoples expressions and found that there was nothing unusual.

You did not think too much and waited for the assessment to end.

[Ten minutes later, all the people who participated in the assessment had teleported back.

[All of them had serious expressions on their faces.

[The seven assessment reports were sorted out, and Reid just arrived at this time.

[He stretched out his hand and took the seven report forms.

After a simple glance, he opened his mouth and read.

“Zhang San, assessment score, C rank, eliminated…

“Li Si, assessment score, C rank, eliminated…

“Hundred Flowers, assessment score, B rank, eliminated…”

[Five out of seven people had been eliminated by Reid.

“Ke Shen, assessment score, A rank, passed…

“Zhao Hao, assessment score, A rank, passed…”

[Only you and Ke Shen had passed the test.

[Just as Reid was about to speak, a figure suddenly stepped forward and said with some unwillingness, “Instructor, Im not convinced.


[The person who spoke was none other than the female wandering human, Hundred Flowers.

[Reids brows instantly furrowed, but he didnt get angry.

Instead, he directly asked, “What are you not convinced about You can just say it.”

[Hundred Flowers said with a serious face, “I also completed all the missions according to the requirements.

Why did I only get a B grade”

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[Reid smiled coldly and said, “Your performance in the assessment was really good.

After receiving the first mission, you could guess the next chain mission.

You killed all the humans of the three tribes.

“These missions assessed your execution and judgment.

Overall, you didnt have any problems.

“However, as a soldier of the Cosmic Human Army, when you killed your own race, you didnt show any mercy.

You even knew that they were all normal people, yet you didnt hesitate.

Such a person isnt worth nurturing.

“Even though this is just a normal test, one can still see a persons character…”

[You immediately understood that this tests purpose was to screen out those who were selfish and didnt care about their race.

Even if such a person became stronger, they wouldnt contribute much to the race.

[At the final step, as a soldier, it was his duty to obey the mission.

Hence, he had to show a trace of hesitation and finally be forced to complete the mission.

Only then could he be considered to have passed the test perfectly.

[It just so happened that you were in such a state, which was why you received a grade A evaluation.

[Everyone understood at once, but it was too late.

Only you and Ke Shen had passed the second test.

“Zhao Hao, Ke Shen, you two stay here.

The rest of you, form a group and go to the team next door.”

[The recruits followed Reids order, turned around, and left the drill ground, even if they were unwilling.

“The two of you can choose any intermediate Sageking weapon.

Two days later, you will undergo the third assessment.

If you pass the assessment, you will have completed the individual combat assessment,” Reid said before turning around and disappearing from the drill ground.

[You looked at Ke Shen, who happened to be looking at you as well.

The two of you nodded to each other before returning to your respective dorms.

[After returning to your dorms, you hurriedly entered the Virtualverse.

[As expected, you already had the right to purchase an intermediate Sageking weapon in your personal column.

[You searched for a while and found a practical intermediate Sageking Weapon.

Item: Black Dragon Scale Armor

Level: Sageking/Intermediate

Price: 1,500 Yuan.

Description: A Sageking scale armor made from Black Dragon scales.

Its defense is shocking and can withstand all attacks from those below the 3rd Firmament of the Sageking realm.

[You bought this scale armor without any hesitation.

At that moment, you are armed from head to toe.

Although you are still a 1st Firmament Sageking, you now had the strength to fight against a 5th Firmament Sageking.

[After everything was settled, you started to focus on cultivating the void bull force in the dormitory.

[The Void Bull Force was a cultivation technique that you picked out from the thousands of Sageking body-refining cultivation techniques.

It only had two simple functions, but it was very abnormal.

[One was to temper ones body.

The Void Bulls were a large race in the universe, and they all had strong bodies.

Basically, it was difficult to kill a Void Bull without crossing a major realm.

[The sacred king was a cultivation technique imitated by human experts.

Although it couldnt be completely as abnormal as the Void Bull, for those in the Sageking realm, it was the most powerful life-saving cultivation technique.

[Apart from the boost to the physical body, there was also an increase in strength.

The strength of a 1st Firmament Sageking realm was probably enough to blow up a low-level life star with a single punch.

[If one cultivated the Void Bull Force, the strength boost in the initial stage would be doubled.

The later the stage, the stronger the boost.

[The Void Bull Force was divided into nine levels.

Now that you had cultivated the first level, you planned to focus on cultivating Void Bull Force to reach a higher level in the following time.

[On the 107th day, you sat cross-legged in your dormitory and absorbed the boundless physical strength into your body.

You used your great Physical Dao manifestation to successfully draw out the Ancient Blue Planets great Physical Dao.

It was also the first time you saw an endless manifestation of a great Dao.

[Your Physical Dao manifestation was like a small stream meeting the sea.

You were very excited and connected your Dao manifestation to it.

Then, you unleashed your full power and crazily absorbed the power of the Physical Dao.

[You continuously circulated the Void Bull Force in your body to refine the physical strength that you absorbed into your body.

[Your physical body was strengthening at speed visible to the naked eye.

Soon, you reached the bottleneck of the 1st Firmament of the Sageking realm.]


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