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“Whats the problem”

“Whats going on”

“This penniless monk doesnt see anything strange…”

[The three Sages were also a little confused by your words.

[The five Sages of the Ancient World, Confucius and the others, naturally looked at each and every one of them carefully.

Although Confucius couldnt guarantee that he could take down Elder Blackstone, he definitely had no problem dealing with him.

[As for the remaining four, even if they attacked together, they probably wouldnt be able to fight against Shakyamuni.

[Therefore, Confucius and the others felt a little regretful.

What was the point of saving them They could just directly invade and occupy the planet not long after.

[Although they could attack now, they still lacked a suitable reason.

After all, they were all Sage experts, so they still had to give face.

[You looked at the three Sages and said, “Lets not talk about that Elder Blackstone.

Hes very powerful, but he doesnt have many secrets.

On the contrary, theres something strange about two other Sages…

“That Jin Meng is the traitor.

He wants to kill all the other Sages and dominate the Physical Dao to reach a higher realm…”

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[Confucius and the others didnt reveal any surprised expressions after learning that Jin Meng was the traitor.

It was obvious that they had already predicted this.

[Then, you continued.

“Theres also Ju Zi.

Although hes a 1st Layer Sage, his secret is the greatest.

He has the inheritance of a Sageking on him.

However, he probably hasnt discovered it or has no way to access it.

[Upon learning that Ju Zi had a Sagekings inheritance, even Confucius and Lao Tzus originally calm faces revealed expressions of surprise.

The beads that Shakyamuni had been spinning were no longer spinning, and his eyes were shining as he looked at you.

“Young Benefactor, are you sure that its a Sagekings inheritance” Shakyamuni asked anxiously.

[Confucius and Lao Tzu also had the same expression.

[You nodded and said, “It isindeed a Sagekings inheritance, the realm above the Sage rank…”

[For a moment, the entire room fell into a strange silence.

[In the next moment, a beam of golden light shot out of the room.

Before you could react, the three Sages disappeared at the same time.

“Oh no! I underestimated the temptation of a Sagekings inheritance to the Sages…”

[You couldnt help but pat your head.

You were originally thinking about how to occupy this world.

[Now, it seemed that these three Sages would probably slaughter this world for the Sagekings inheritance, let alone do anything else.

[Helplessly, you could only wait quietly in the room.]

[The five Sages of the Ancient World were having a meeting.

The main purpose was to discuss how to solve the problem of the three alien Sages.

“Boss, why dont we just make a move Their side has only three Sages, while we have five.

Whos afraid of who How dare they covet our Ancient World Cant they look at their faces in the mirror” Jin Meng said to Elder Blackstone with great dissatisfaction.

[The demon races retreat had destroyed his 300-year-old plan.

He was extremely dissatisfied with the three alien Sages.

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“Jin Meng, you cannot say that.

After all, they have come all the way here to help.

If news of us attacking them spreads, how will the entire Ancient World be able to establish itself amongst the human race”

[Chu Yufeis attitude was gentle as he analyzed the pros and cons.

“I think that the temperaments of those Sages are quite good.

It is not a bad thing to let them enter our Ancient World…”

[Li Yunlong also spoke.

In his heart, the Ancient World was indeed a little weak.

It wouldnt be a bad thing if three powerful Sages joined.

“Master, I think those three people have no ulterior motives.

We should just be more careful…”

[After the banquet ended, Li Yunlong faintly felt a sense of danger.

However, he didnt know where it came from.

At this moment, the sense of danger didnt disappear.

Instead, it continued to increase.

“Hmph! You dont have to be afraid.

With the assistance of the Physical Dao, even two peak-rank Sages cant do anything to me in the Ancient World.

Although the three of them are strong, we can still deal with them.

Tomorrow, you can take out some precious resources and give them to them.

As for letting them stay, hmph! They shouldnt even think about it.”

[Elder Blackstone had two precious pearls coiled in his hand as he spoke with a murderous look in his eyes.

[Someone who could reach the 9th Layer of the Sage rank, especially a body refiner expert, was definitely not a kind person.

It was just that Elder Blackstone cared a lot about the Ancient World.

If someone really had their eyes on the Ancient World, Elder Blackstone would not agree.

[When Jin Meng saw this, he said with a loud laugh, “Hahaha! Theres no need for you to make a move on those people.

Even if I were to make a move, killing them would be as effortless as killing a chicken or a dog.”


This penniless monk would like to experience this benefactors great move.”

[Just as Jin Meng finished speaking, a golden light landed in front of the five Sages of the Ancient World.

It was none other than Shakyamuni.

[In an instant, the situation became extremely awkward.

[Jin Mengs face was flushed from holding back, and he did not know what to say for a moment.

[Following that, the figures of Lao Tzu and Confucius appeared in a flash.

The two of them first looked at Ju Zi at the corner, then looked at Jin Meng, who was above them.

They could not help but sigh.

[Confucius sighed and said, “I didnt expect this small Ancient World to produce two geniuses.

They are crouching dragons and phoenixes.”

[Lao Tzu, who was calm and composed, said to Elder Blackstone, who was above them, “Fellow Blackstone, we discovered that among the Sages of your Ancient World, one defected to the demon race.”

The five Sages of the Ancient World were furious.

“Impudent! How dare you frame us”

“Fellow Lao, dont spout nonsense.”

“A Sage of the Ancient World would never betray the human race.”

“Are you trying to sow discord between us and take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack”

[Apart from Elder Blackstone, who was still sitting calmly at the top, the other four Sages seemed to be about to make a move.

[This was especially so for Jin Meng.

If it werent for the fact that he really couldnt win, Jin Meng would have immediately attacked and killed the people in front of him.

[Elder Blackstone waved his hand, and the four Sages shut their mouths.

“How did you learn there was a human traitor among us”

[Obviously, Elder Blackstone wasnt surprised at all, as if he knew some things himself.

[Although Confucius and the others did not have any evidence, sometimes, with their realm and strength, what they said was evidence.

[Confucius said to Jin Meng, “Jin Meng, do you want to be the only Sage that benefits from this worlds Physical Dao to the point you colluded with the demon race for this Do you admit to this or not”

[Although it was just an ordinary question when it came out of Confucius mouth, it was imbued with the power of Confucianism.

“No… I…”

[In an instant, Jin Meng was unable to speak all the words he had prepared.

After struggling for a moment, he finally spoke angrily.

“Thats right! I colluded with the demon race to kill all the Sages…”]


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