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“Yuan Yuan, did you order this car”

Ma Rui was confused.

Did she not just order a Didi When did she order a Pagani

What was going on

Tao Yuan was also confused, but she still said,

“Yes, I ordered it.

It should be better than your Audi A6.”

“Yes, it is better than my Audi…”

The crowd started laughing.

“This kid was bragging just now, saying that his Audi is better than whatever car she ordered.

Thats a slap in the face, isnt it”

Ma Rui was extremely embarrassed, but he could not refute.

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The guys car was enough to buy dozens of A6s.

He did not even have the chance to reply.

Tao Yuan took her luggage and got into Lin Yis car, completely ignoring Ma Rui.

Looking at Lin Yi up close, Tao Yuans eyes were full of stars.

This guy was really handsome!

“Little Bro, youre already driving a sports car, so why are you still driving for Didi” Tao Yuan asked in a very ladylike manner, completely opposite to her attitude towards Ma Rui.

“Living on my own, experiencing life.”

“Little Bro, youre really good.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Lin Yi didnt have as many thoughts as Tao Yuan did.

Hed be grateful if she would just give him a five-star rating.

The University of Finance wasnt too far from Huayi, and they arrived at their destination in less than twenty minutes.

Tao Yuan held her phone in her hands as she struggled with her thoughts for a while before mustering up her courage.

“Little Bro, can I add you on WeChat”

“Add you on WeChat Why”

Tao Yuans face turned slightly red as she said indiscernibly.

“Do you believe in love at first sight”

“Love at first sight” Lin Yi pursed his lips.

“The fare is only 30 yuan or so.

You dont have to go that far to play the love card, do you”

“No, no, thats not what I meant.”

Tao Yuan got out of the car shyly and paid the fare of 32 yuan.

It didnt take long for Lin Yi to receive Tao Yuans fare and her five-star review.

He looked at his watch and realized that it was almost six oclock.

He was not hungry, so he decided to take a few more orders.

Whenever he was hungry, he would call it a day.

Over the next hour or so, Lin Yi received three orders.

All of them were male passengers, but he only received one five-star review.

Lin Yi, however, was satisfied.

The mission had reached 13/20, and he was close to completing it.

By then, it was past seven in the evening, and he felt a little hungry.

However, he did not go to the Peninsula Hotel.

Instead, he ate something on the side of the road and went home.


Just as he drove back to the Jiuzhou Pavilion, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a WeChat message from Wenhui Song.

“Lin Yi, Im going to work tomorrow.

Can you come pick me up” Wenhui asked

Lin Yi was a little stunned when he saw the message.

Something bad happened during the day, and she was still sending him a WeChat message

“Did you get the money Ill go pick it up tomorrow.”Lin Yi said

“What money” Wenhui asked.

There was an emoji at the back.

“Your brother scratched my car.

Its two million yuan for repairs.” Lin Yi said

Song Wenhui, “Lin Yi, I like funny people like you.

Wenwu is your brother-in-law, why would a family joke like that”

Lin Yi, “Whos your family Are you still living in your dreams”

Song Wenhui, “Ah, I know youre still upset about what happened during the day, but that was just to test you.

Now that youve passed our familys test, were already boyfriend and girlfriend.

“I have to go to work tomorrow.

Come pick me up and take me to work.”

Lin Yi, “Wake up, its not dark yet.”

“Alright, stop joking.

If you didnt like me, you wouldnt have come to the blind date, right So from the moment you arrived at the teahouse, our relationship was already set.”

“Stop Dreaming, two million in compensation.

If you are even a penny short, youll have to wait for the court summons.”

Lin Yi blocked Song Wenhui after replying.

Lin Yi shook his head.

These low-end gold diggers had no bottom line at all.

He went home and took a comfortable shower.

Lin Yi watched the live stream for a while, then went to play a few rounds of video games to kill time before closing his phone and lying down.

The next morning, when Lin Yi opened his eyes, it was already past seven.

There were two new WeChat messages on his phone.

Xia Xinyu, “Yi Bro Are You There”

Xia Xinyu, “Im going out today.

Can I call you for a car”

Seeing Xia Xinyus message, Lin Yi remembered that it was the female streamer who had accompanied him shopping that day.

This kind of business had to be done.

A five-star review was all but his.

Lin Yi, “What Time”

Xia Xinyu replied very quickly, almost instantly.

Xia Xinyu, “We can leave at nine, but do come to our neighborhood half an hour earlier.

If its not convenient, I can come find you.”

Lin Yi: “No need, 8:30, see you then.”

Xia Xinyu: “Yes, yes, thank you, Bro Yi.”

Lin Yi did not understand.

You guys had to pay for the trip, so why were you thanking him.

He looked at the time and realized that it was only past seven oclock.

Lin Yi was not in a hurry, so he got up slowly and washed up.

Then, he went to the Peninsula Hotel for breakfast before heading toward the Tianyi house where Xia Xinyu was staying.

Lin Yi saw Xia Xinyu waiting at the door a few dozen meters away from the Tianyi House.

He noticed that the girl was dressed much more mature than she was a few days ago.

She was wearing a cool beige dress with a necklace around her neck.

It was the finishing touch.

There was also white packet in her hand.

Lin Yi did not know what it was.

When she saw Lin Yis car approaching, Xia Xinyu got into the passenger seat, attracting many envious gazes.

“Yi Bro, dont worry, Ill order now.”

Knowing that Lin Yi was here to experience life, Xia Xinyu took the initiative to order after getting into the car.

She did not dare to delay.

Soon, Xia Xinyus order was displayed on her phone.

Lin Yi was stunned for a moment when he saw the destination.

“Youre going to the Zhong Hai International Racetrack”

“Yes, yes.”

Xia Xinyu nodded.

“The authorities have organized an event.

They invited three streamers to go in for a live outdoor broadcast.

I finally got a chance to go in.”

Lin Yi smiled.

The live broadcast was already in his territory.

However, Zhou Haitao was still smart.

The Red Sea had not yet receded, so it was a good decision for them to have some live broadcasts.

“Im leaving.

Sit tight.”


Xia Xinyu picked up the white bag beside her.

“Yi Bro, its too hot.

I brought you some fruit in case youre thirsty.

Have a taste.”

“Youre quite sweet.” Lin Yi said.

“Put it aside for now.

Im driving, so I cant eat it.”

“Its okay, Ill feed you.”

Xia Xinyu used a small fork to pierce a watermelon and brought it to Lin Yis mouth.

Lin Yi didnt stand on ceremonies and ate it in one bite.

“So sweet.”

“Hehe, as long as Yi bro likes it.”

Driving a luxury car with a beautiful girl feeding him watermelons.

This was the life!


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