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Seeing the expression on Lin Yis face, Li Chuhan hesitated for a moment.

‘What did he mean by that

“Alright, you guys wait!”

The middle-aged woman shouted at the other middle-aged woman beside her.

“Big Sis, you stay here for a while.

Im going to call his father.

We have to deal with this seriously!”

“Hurry up and get my brother here,” the tanned middle-aged woman said.

“Doctors nowadays are becoming more and more immoral.

We cant let them off so easily!”

“We have to get them to give us an explanation.

They said that was the one who stitched the wound, but in the end, it turned out to be a new doctor.

We have to deal with this seriously!”

Seeing the middle-aged woman leave, the medical staff and patients in the emergency department turned their attention to Lin Yi and Li Chuhan.

Usually, the attending doctor would be in charge of the more difficult tasks when dealing with such patients, and assistants would be in charge of the most simple tasks like suturing the skin.

This was normal and there were normally no issues with it, but no one would have thought that this woman would make such a big mess.

As expected, people with status like them were the hardest to deal with.

“Director Li, Lin Bro, what do we do now” Qiao Xin asked worriedly.

“I saw your video just now.

It should be on your phone, right”

“Yeah, yeah, I wanted to record it as evidence, but I dont know if itll be useful.”

“Send me a copy of the video.”


Lin Yi walked to a corner after receiving Qiao Xins video and forwarded it to Liang Ruoxu.

“This person seems to be the director of the construction committee.

She came to the hospital to cause trouble.

You should take care of her.”

A few minutes later, Liang Ruoxu replied with an OK sign.

Although he didnt say anything else, it was enough for Lin Yi.

Someone as resolute and decisive as Liang Ruoxu would definitely take care of this matter.

Seeing Lin Yi walking over from afar, Li Chuhan was suspicious.

Did he go to take care of this matter

However, did he really have the ability to deal with it

“Isnt there nothing else Lets go back to the office.

What are we standing here for”

Seeing Lin Yis nonchalant look, Qiao Xin was a little confused.

Things had already gotten to this point, so how could Brother Lin still be talking and laughing

“You guys go back first, I need to take a call.”

After saying that, Zhou Ziqiang took his phone and walked to the stairwell.

“Uncle, you were looking for me.”

“Whats going on Its your first day here, why did something happen in the emergency department”

“Its all because of that Lin Yi guy.

He didnt have any skills, but he started suturing the patient.

In the end, the patients family wasnt satisfied and wanted to complain.”

“Suturing the skin shouldnt be difficult, right”

“Its not difficult for me, but his skills are limited, so naturally, he cant do it well,” Zhou Ziqiang said.

“And he even spoke ill of the patients family.

A lot of people in the emergency department saw it.

If this matter is blown up, it will definitely affect the hospitals reputation.

A person like him doesnt deserve to stay in Huashan Hospital.”

“I know.

You guys wait for me in the emergency department.

Dont go anywhere.

Director Zhao and I are going over now.”

“Director Zhaos coming too”

“Hes the vice director in charge of administration.

Something this big has happened, so hell have to deal with it.”

“Thats great.

Ill go back to my office and wait for you guys.”

After hanging up, Zhou Ziqiang returned to his office with a faint smile on his face.

Zhao Jianwei wasnt only the vice director of Huashan Hospital, he was also a teacher in medical school.

His temper there was notoriously bad.

Lin Yi had caused such a huge mess.

With his temper, he definitely wouldnt let him stick around.

He probably wouldnt even need to work the night shift tonight before he would be kicked out.

Thinking of this, Zhou Ziqiangs smile grew wider.

Luckily, he didnt sew it up himself just now.

Otherwise, things might have really gone wrong.

At that moment, everyone in the office had different expressions on their faces.

Li Chuhan was the type of person who had more skills than experience.

With her skill level, as long as there was no major medical accident, the hospital wouldnt dare to say anything.

Otherwise, it would be a loss of Huashan Hospital.

Qiao Xins face was filled with worry.

She didnt know what the final outcome would be.

A few minutes later, the office door was pushed open and two middle-aged men walked in from outside.

One of them was Cao Jiawang.

He was wearing a white coat and a pair of slippers.

The other man was dressed in casual clothes.

He was thin and had a serious expression on his face.

This man was the vice president of Huashan Hospital, Zhao Jianwei.

He held a lot of power here.

“Director Zhao.”

Seeing the middle-aged man, Li Chuhan stood up to greet him and introduce him to Lin Yi and the others.

“Director Li, Whats going on I heard from my subordinates that someone wants to complain about you.”

“The patients family is making trouble for no reason.

Theres nothing we can do about it,” Li Chuhan said calmly.

She did not take this matter to heart.

“Director Li, I dont want to criticize you, but if it were an ordinary patient, it would definitely not be a problem for you to handle it this way.

However, you also know the identity of the other party.

How could you hand such a big matter over to a new doctor to handle”

“In my eyes, any patient is the same.

Forget a simple suture, even when I perform a heart operation, I would still hand it over to my assistant to handle,” Li Chuhan said calmly.

“Moreover, I have already looked at the sutured wound.

The results meet my requirements, so I dont think theres anything wrong with this matter.

Its the family members of the patient who are making trouble without reason.

I hope that Director Zhao can take this matter seriously.”

“I understand the situation, but Ive already said that the patients family isnt an ordinary family.

Theyll call us with complaints very soon, and they might even blow up this matter further.

This will have a huge impact on our hospitals reputation, so we have to deal with this matter seriously.”

“Director Zhao, mitigate the damage, I think we should fire him,” Cao Jiawang said.

Lin Yi glanced at Cao Jiawang, but didnt say anything.

He was probably afraid of taking responsibility, so he was willing to cut this man off.

ZHao Jianwei nodded.

“Ill think about it.”

If it were just a new doctor, Zhao Jianwei wouldnt hesitate and fire him for sure.

However, this matter involved Li Chuhan, so it wasnt so easy to handle.

Directly firing Lin Yi was equivalent to slapping Li Chuhan in the face.

However, the director had spent a lot of money to recruit her, so he had to take care of her.

“Director Zhao, everything is clear now.

Theres nothing to think about, right Hes just a new doctor.

Just fire him.”

Just as Zhao Jianwei was hesitating, the office door was pushed open.

The middle-aged woman came rushing in.

“Director Li, I know I was wrong.

Please give me a chance.

If I dont have this job, I will be finished.

Please forgive me!”


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