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“Director… Director Li, my skills might not be sufficient.

I cant suture such a wound for the time being.”

Li Chuhans hands were tucked in the pockets of her coat, and her beautiful brows were furrowed.

Although the wound looked scary, it was not severe.

At most, it would only require four layers of suturing.

It was such a simple wound, and yet, he did not have the ability to treat it.

Had he spent all his years of training learning from a dog

“Can the two of you do it” Li Chuhan turned back to look at Lin Yi and Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin looked at Lin Yi.

This was the first time she was faced with such a situation, and she couldnt make up her mind.

“Let me do it,” Lin Yi said.

“Its not a big deal.”


The middle-aged woman yelled.

“No one else is qualified to operate on my son!”

“Then let your son die.

Im not the one who caused the wound anyway.”

Li Chuhan and Qiao Xin were stunned.

What a hot-tempered person!

“Hey, hey, hey! What kind of person are you What kind of doctor are you Im going to file a complaint!”

“Okay, okay, stop arguing.

This is a hospital, not a place for you to make a scene.”

Li Chuhan took out her badge.

“Im the shift director of the emergency department.

If you agree, Ill suture the wound.

If you dont agree, you can transfer to another hospital right now.

The director cant personally come down .”


The middle-aged woman hesitated for a moment and finally said, “Then you can do it.

But let me say this first.

If you cant suture the wound properly, Ill definitely ask you for an explanation!”

“If you dont trust me, you can leave now,” Li Chuhan said.

“Ive seen more dead people than youve seen living people.

Your son can be one of them.”

Lin Yi looked at Li Chuhan.

This woman was a ruthless character!

The middle-aged woman was stunned by Li Chuhan.

She knew that her sons condition couldnt be delayed, and he didnt have time to go to other hospitals.

“Then you do it.”

“Push him to the operating room.

The three of you follow me in.”

A few minutes later, the patient was pushed onto the operating table.

Zhou Ziqiang volunteered.

“Director Li, Ill be your assistant.

As your favorite student, Ill definitely be able to cooperate well with you.”

Li Chuhan looked up at Zhou Ziqiang.

“You dont even have the confidence to perform such a simple suture, and you still have the nerve to say that youre my favorite student”


“Go watch from the side.”

Li Chuhan ignored Zhou Ziqiang and looked at Lin Yi and Qiao Xin.

“The two of you will be my assistants.”

“Got it, Director Li.”

Although he didnt graduate from medical school, Lin Yis level was comparable to that of Zhou Ziqiang and Qiao Xin because of the sages wisdom.

In fact, he was even a little better than them.

It wouldnt be a problem for him to seal this wound.

The suturing process went smoothly.

It was hard to think of any problems arising with Li Chuhan personally handling the surgery.

“The muscle and fat are all sewn up.

Theres also the subcutaneous layer and the skin.

You two can try it.

It shouldnt be a problem, right”

“Okay.” Lin Yi said.

“Lin Bro, Ill be your assistant.

Ill watch you do it this time.

Ill try it next time,” Qiao Xin said.

Although suturing the flesh wasnt difficult, Qiao Xin still had to get used to it.

“No problem.”

Seeing the two of them suturing the patient, Zhou Ziqiang was furious.

“F*ck, Ill kick you out of the hospital sooner or later!”

Lin Yi and Qiao Xin started suturing the fatty layer and skin.

Because he hadnt slept all night, Li Chuhan sat to the side and rubbed her temples, trying to wake herself up.

In less than half an hour, the suturing process was over.

“Brother Lin, your suturing technique is too good!”

Qiao Xin exclaimed when she saw the wound Lin Yi had stitched up.

“Luckily I let you do it just now.

If it were me, I definitely wouldnt be able to achieve such an effect.”

Li Chuhan shook her head helplessly, got up, and walked over, cursing in her heart.

“Why are all these girls making such a big deal out of it Dont tell me these guys can do whatever they want just because theyre good-looking.

What kind of logic is this… it seems like theyre pretty good…”

Li Chuhans eyes were filled with surprise as she looked at the wound Lin Yi had stitched up.

From the way the wound was treated, it would take at least ten years of clinical experience to be able to sew it up so well.

She wouldnt have been able to do it if she was in Lin Yis shoes.

The reason she said that was because suturing the skin wasnt that difficult.

As long as she put in more effort, he could easily reach the peak of this technique.

It was just like how a kindergarten teacher who graduated from a junior college would be more effective than a university professor in teaching children.

“Its really not bad.

Work harder in the future and dont be arrogant.”

“Got it, Director Li.”

Li Chuhan nodded and made up her mind.

She would have to talk to Lin Yi later.

Zhou Ziqiang pursed his lips nonchalantly.

Was it that good

I think its just so-so!

“Alright, the stitches are done.

Lets push him out.”


Seeing her son being pushed out, the middle-aged woman went up to take a look and started cursing.

“What kind of suture is this It will definitely leave a huge scar.

My son isnt married yet.

How will he be able to find a girlfriend in the future!”

“Its normal to have scars.

With such a big wound, how can there be no scars at all” Li Chuhan said.

“After a few months, when the wound is completely healed, it will look much better.

It wont be as glaring as it is now.”

“I think youre lying!” The middle-aged woman pointed at Li Chuhans nose and said.

“Youre just trying to show off because your skills arent good enough.

The rest of my sons life will be ruined by your hands!”

“Stop **ing pointing,” Lin Yi said.

“Im the one who stitched your sons belly.

Tell me if you need anything.”


The middle-aged woman was even more excited when she found out the truth.

She turned to Li Chuhan and said.

“How can you be a doctor You clearly said that you would sew him up when you entered the operating theater, but you gave it to your assistant.

Werent you lying!”

“I sewed up the muscles and fats, and he did the subcutaneous and skin layers.

And I can tell you clearly that his sutures arent bad.

Even if I were to do it, I would only be able to sew it up as well as he did.”

“What did you say Youre a director, but youre on the same level as your assistant.

How dare you say that!” The middle-aged woman said loudly.

“And you, dont you know your own skill level You dont have any self-awareness, yet you still dare to sew your son.

How dare you! Believe it or not, I can make the two of you get laid off with just a call!”

“Youre just a lousy director, and yet youre so arrogant You claim that you can get us laid off just like that”

“Do you think I was wasting my time in Zhonghai” The middle-aged woman said.

“Im telling you, you should be glad that Im here today.

If my husband were the one here and saw what you did to my son, the whole hospital would be thrown into chaos!”

Lin Yi shrugged with a playful expression.

“Then lets see who gets laid off first.”


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