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“Director… Director Li, are you going with them to the emergency department”

Li Chuhan nodded.

“Ill follow them for a week to familiarize them with the procedures here.

When you eventually start your shift at the emergency department, Brother Liu will take you.”


Zhou Ziqiang was a little regretful.

What the hell was this

Li Chuhan was taking care of them as the director.

If he didnt follow her, how could he show off to her in the future

“Director Li, I just thought about it,” Zhou Ziqiang said.

“Among the three of us, I have the most experience.

Why dont the three of us work together When youre busy, I can show them the ropes.”

Deputy Director Liu Yongshengs expression changed slightly, but he quickly covered it up with a smile.

“Director Li, you can take the three of them with you,” Liu Yongsheng said with a smile.

“When you arent free to supervise them, Ill go and help.”

“Alright then.”

Li Chuhan looked at the three of them and said, “Although I added an additional person, the rules are still the same as before.

After Im done with them, you guys will be responsible for the emergency treatment.”

“Got it, got it…”

Li Chuhan didnt say much.

After assigning the tasks, she said to Lin Yi and the others

“You guys follow me to do my rounds around the wards first, then well go to the emergency department.”


After walking around the wards one by one, Lin Yi realized that dirty diseases were no longer exclusive to the elderly.

There were also many young patients under the age of forty who were sick.

Fortunately, they were young and strong, and their recovery wouldnt take long.

“Director Li, is the handsome guy behind you a new doctor” A young woman around thirty years old asked.

“Yes, hes a houseman in our department.”

“Hello, Im Zhou Ziqiang.

Ill be a cardiologist from now on.

If you…”

“Im not asking about you, Im asking about the tall doctor.”


Zhou Ziqiang took a step back in embarrassment, unwilling to let Lin Yi outshine him.

“Im Lin Yi, a cardiologist houseman,” Lin Yi introduced himself.

“Doctor Lin, Director Li said that Ill be discharged today, but I still feel a little uncomfortable.

Give me two more sets of glucose, and Ill stay here for another two days.”

“Little Bro, my heart suddenly feels a little uncomfortable.

Come take a look at it for me.”

“Director Li, can the beds in your cardiology department be booked for a year”

“All of you should act more proper.

Why are you guys so excited just because he is better looking” Li Chuhan said helplessly.

“How is he just better looking Hes simply too good-looking.”

“Quickly stop your evil thoughts.

According to the hospitals regulations, he was transferred to the emergency department and will not be on duty in this department for the time being.”

“Why didnt you say so earlier”

“Sister Sun, why are you getting up Didnt you say that you wanted to stay in bed for a few more days”

“Im heading to the emergency department to register myself.

Im afraid that I wont be able to get a spot later.”

“Sis Sun, wait a minute.

This is my ID card.

Help me register for the emergency department as well.

Ill be out of this ward tomorrow and head to the emergency department as well.”

Lin Yi, “…”

“Were done with the ward rounds.

Lets go to the emergency department first,” Li Chuhan said as she led the three out of the ward and headed towards the emergency department.

“Lin Yi, dont join for anymore ward rounds.” Li Chuhan said

“Whats wrong Isnt that one of my responsibilities”

“Im afraid that their hearts wont be able to take it, and theyll have to undergo surgery again.”

Lin Yi, “”

This was quite the reason.

On the way to the emergency department, Li Chuhan gave a brief introduction of the emergency department.

With her introduction, Lin Yi gained a basic understanding of cardiology and emergency departments.

Although there was a clear division of labor in the emergency department, there was not much difference when it came to actual work.

A houseman like Lin Yi had to do a little bit of everything.

Even so, it was all basic stuff, and even non-professional doctors could handle it easily.

If there were serious cases, the nurse guide would assign them to the appropriate departments.

From the looks of it, the emergency department didnt seem to have anything important they would need to deal with, and they just needed to do a relatively good job.

From Li Chuhans words, their job was to ensure the efficiency of the emergency department.

Otherwise, it the whole purpose behind having an emergency department in the first place would be lost.

When they arrived at the Emergency Center, Li Chuhan briefly introduced the three of them to the other doctors and nurses.

From here, they could be considered to be familiar with each other.

“You guys can stay here.

I stayed up all night last night so Ill go rest first.

If theres anything you cant handle, come and call me.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Director Li, you go ahead.

Leave it to me.

Im sure I can handle everything,” Zhou Ziqiang said.

Li Chuhan nodded calmly and prepared to leave.

However, at that moment, an urgent shout broke the silence.

“Make way, make way!”

They turned around and saw two middle-aged women following the emergency doctor.

They were pushing a young man whose abdomen was covered in blood as they rushed in.

“Wheres your director Get him to operate on my son.”

Li Chuhan looked back and said to Lin Yi, “Go take a look.”

The three of them jogged over.

Lin Yi opened his shirt and saw a 20-centimeter-long wound.

The flesh was split open, and it was a shocking sight.

“How did this happen Did you get into a fight with him”

“Arent you a doctor Why are you asking me” The middle-aged woman shouted.

“Get your director here and get him to operate on my son.”

“Please have some common sense.

This is a knife wound.

Theres no need for surgery.

Just suture it,” Lin Yi said.

“Even if its just a suture, get your director here.

You cant take responsibility for delaying my nephews treatment!”

“We can handle such a small thing.

Theres no need to alarm someone at the directors level.”

“You” The middle-aged woman said disdainfully.

“How old are you You dont have any experience at all.

What qualifications do you have to treat my son”

“Theres really no need to alarm the director.

Although theyre new here, our Huashan Hospital has a strict recruitment system.

Their standards are completely passable.

Its no problem for them to deal with this kind of incident,”

“Auntie, I have an MD in clinical medicine from Fudan University.

I have the confidence to handle a patient like your son well.”

Zhou Ziqiang said confidently.

He wanted to use this opportunity to show off in front of Li Chuhan.

He had come into contact with such patients before, so it was not difficult for him to deal with them.

“So what if you have an MD Let me tell you, I am the director of the housing construction committee.

If anything happens to him, you will bear full responsibility!”


After learning the identity of the middle-aged woman, Zhou Ziqiang gave up.

If it was an ordinary citizen, even if there was a complication with the suturing, they wouldnt dare to look for him.

Moreover, even if they did look for him, a few words of deception would be able to push them back.

However, the woman in front of him was different.

She was a high-ranking official!

If there was an accident during the process, he would have to shoulder the responsibility!

“Can you do it” Li Chuhan asked.


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