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All the girls present started laughing, not caring about their image.

“Aiya, what we mean is we want to go to yourUniversity career planning class, not what youre thinking.

Youre in a Shari, so you cant drive fast enough to escape us.”


“Just wait, my class will be back soon.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Really Thats great, well definitely support you.”

“But lets make it clear first, you have to line up.

Only four people can come at a time, otherwise my body wont be able to take it.”


After getting rid of the girls around him, Lin Yi walked toward the main building.

“Why is this guy back again”

Behind the crowd, a muscular boy said.

He was nearly two meters tall and weighed at least 200 pounds.

Standing there, he looked like a small mountain.

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Just as his name suggested, the boy who spoke was Fu Qingshan, the center of the basketball team of the university.

He was tall and strong, and his footsteps were agile.

He was a player that struck fear in all of Zhonghai City.


Isnt he just handsome Why are all the girls in the school surrounding him This is ridiculous.”

The guys name was Jiang Yajun, and he was the main point guard of the university team.

In the past, the boys on the basketball team were the most popular subject among the girls, but ever since this Lin Yi guy came to school, the popularity of the basketball team had plummeted.

The school forum was filled with his discussion posts, and there was no place for the basketball team anymore.

“Why are you talking to these girls Theyre all shallow people.”

The man who spoke was standing between Fu Qingshan and Jiang Yajun.

His name was Zheng Jiarui.

He was very tall and was over 190 cm.

He was the main forward of the university.

In terms of fame, he was even more popular than Fu Qingshan.

In addition to his extremely good looks, he was a star player in the university.

Thus, he was very popular with the girls.

However, after Lin Yi came to the school, his popularity had dropped drastically.

He was no longer the Prince Charming in the hearts of the girls.

“We dont mind.

Youre the one whos affected the most,” said Jiang Yajun.

“Let me tell you, its useless to be good-looking if you dont have any other strong points.

Everyone has mysterious fatigue.

It Wont be long before the girls wont bother with him anymore.

Dont worry,” said Zheng Jiarui.

“Besides, hes just a member of the school committee.

His monthly salary isnt even enough for me to buy a pair of sneakers.

The girls with a little bit of awareness wont bother with him, so you guys should remain calm.”

“Youre right.”

Zheng Jiarui patted their shoulders.

“Hurry up and go to the training hall.

The coach will be angry again soon.”

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At the entrance of the main building, Zhao Qi and his secretary, Zhou Genzhe, were waiting, ready to welcome Lin Yi.

When Lin Yi left, Zhao Qi was depressed for quite a while.

Now that he was back, the impact on the school wasnt as simple as some hot gossip.

“Principal Zhao, since Teacher Lin is back this time, what kind of position should we arrange for him” Zhou Genzhe asked,

“Do we still want him to go to the school committee”

“I dont think thats a problem.

Lets see what Teacher Lin has in mind first before we prepare a position.

“Its mainly because Teacher Lin is a person that we cant figure out.

Its fine if its an elective course, but what if he wants to teach the main course If he doesnt have some professional knowledge, he really wont be able to handle it.”

“I dont think so,” Zhao Qi said,

“Ive talked to him a few times.

Lin Yi is a person who knows his limits.

He wont do anything out of line.

But then again, even if he brings up something difficult, we have to try our best to satisfy him.

His contributions to the college arent something that can be explained in just a few words.”

“Thats true.”

The two exchanged a few words and looked into the distance.

They happened to see a person rushing over, but it wasnt Lin Yi.

“Hello, Principal Zhao.

I didnt expect you to be here.

Im flattered.”

Zhao Qi and Zhou Genzhe froze when they saw the person standing in front of them.

They didnt know who that person was.

“You are”

“Principal Zhao, let me introduce myself first.

My name is Meng Guangqiang.

Im a newly-hired inorganic chemistry teacher.

The HR department has already completed the procedures and said that I still need to report to you, so I came here.”

Meng Guangqiang said politely, “But there was a small incident on the way and it took some time, so I hope you dont mind.”

“I remember now.

The HR department told me about this yesterday.

If I remember correctly, your current title should be associate professor, right”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I was just promoted to associate professor last year.”

“Oh” Meng Guangqiang was overjoyed.

He had already completed the entry procedures and came here today to have a simple chat.

He didnt expect the president to personally come out to greet him.

It seemed like he valued him a lot.

If that was the case, it would be easier for him to negotiate his other conditions.

Just then, Lin Yi walked over from the side path and found Zhao Qi and Zhou Genzhe standing there.

Howeverm before Lin Yi could greet them, he heard a cry of surprise.

“Its you!”

Lin Yi was a little surprised to see the man speaking.

Wasnt this the Buick owner who had rear-ended him at the intersection

Zhao Qi was stunned at Meng Guangqiangs words.

“You two know each other”

“Principal Zhao, its like this.

He braked at the intersection, causing my car to rear-end him.

It took quite a bit of time, or else I wouldve arrived a long time ago.”

Lin Yi pointed at Meng Guangqiang and asked Zhao Qi,

“Whos this guy”

“You dont deserve to know who I am.

Let me tell you…”

“How dare you!”

Zhao Qi ordered, “Meng Guangqiang, just tell me if you dont want to work here anymore.

Ill send you to the HR department right now!”

Meng Guangqiang was stunned for a while.

“Principal Zhao, what are you talking about This matter is between us.

Why do you want to fire me”

“Do you know who the person standing in front of you is!”

“Isnt he just a penniless guy who drives a Shari Hes miles away from me.”

“Nonsense!” Zhao Qi snorted,

“Let me tell you, the person standing in front of you is the vice-principal of the university, Lin Yi! You said he was a penniless guy who drives a Shari, but who do you think you are!”

“What did you say, Principal Zhao Hes the vice-principal of the university”

Meng Guangqiangs eyes widened, and his eyeballs almost fell out!

How could this guy be named vice-principal at such a young age

“Principal Zhao, this is a misunderstanding,” Meng Guangqiang explained,

“Besides, youve personally come to welcome me, so you probably value me very much.

If the university loses me, itll be your loss too.”

“Im welcoming you” Zhao Qi looked at Meng Guangqiang as if he was looking at a fool.

“Your title is an associate professor, so what right do you have for me to come out personally to welcome you The reason Im standing here is to welcome Vice-Principal Lin.

It has nothing to do with you!”



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