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“Its fine, Ill definitely invite you out privately in the future.

Ill give you a chance to wear black silk and a short skirt.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Thank you for your kindness then, Director Lin.”

Lin Yi drove to the office after hanging up the phone.

He found he Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao both sitting in their newly renovated offices.

“Director Lin, you bought us delicious food!”

He Yuanyuan accepted the coffee and desserts Lin Yi brought.

“Lin, do you have a mission for us” Qi Xianzhao asked.

“Yes, and its a difficult mission.” Lin Yi said.

“Cisco Semiconductor Co., have you heard of it”

Qi Xianzhao was obviously not familiar with domestic companies.

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“Ive heard of it a little, but I dont know much about it.

It seems to be a company that specializes in semiconductor chips.

It specializes in wireless networks, fixed networks, digital media, and other chip businesses.

As for the rest, Im not too sure.”

“Thats enough.

I need the two of you to help me put on a show.”

“What show” He Yuanyuan asked curiously.

“Pretend to be a customer and help me negotiate a deal with Cisco.

I need a billion-dollar chip.”

“CEO Lin, wait,” He Yuanyuan said,

“I can understand negotiating a deal, but why do you need to pretend”

“Because Im not really buying their stuff.

I just want to act like I am.”

The two of them straightened their expressions.

They felt that this was not simple.

It felt like a game between capitalists.

“Boss Lin, did this company called Cisco offend you”

“Its more than that.

Theyre almost mocking me.”

“Then we definitely cant let them get away with it.”

“Ive already made the specific plans.

It depends on your acting skills.”

“Dont worry.

I was once awarded the title of best actress in my cohort.

My acting skills are definitely not a problem.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Then Im relieved.”

“But what identity are we going under We cant go under Lingyuns identity, right Itll expose us.”

“That wont happen.

Ill arrange a new identity for the two of you, and the plan will be watertight.”

“Lin, I dont think this will work.” Qi Xianzhao raised his question,

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“A project worth one billion isnt considered small.

If we talk about such a big project, the other party will definitely assess our companys qualifications and reputation.

Even if they sdfd to appear with the identity of the Lingyun Group, Im afraid its impossible.”

“Right, right, right.

Brother Qis words have reminded me,” He Yuanyuan said:

“If you randomly come up with a company, Im afraid youll be exposed too.

You have to be careful about this.”

“Didi should be fine, right”


He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao looked at each other and saw the surprise in each others eyes.

“Lin, the identity youre going to arrange for us is an executive of Didi”


Lin Yi nodded.

“With Didis size and reputation in the country, itll be more than enough for you to get a meeting to negotiate.”

“With Didis size, of course its enough, but why would they cooperate with us” He Yuanyuan asked.

“When they call Didi, our identities will be exposed.”

“I own 20% of Didis shares.

Do you think I can forge the identities of two senior executives”


He Yuanyuans expression was exaggerated, and she almost spat out the coffee in her cup.

“Youre a shareholder of Didi!”

Just how powerful was her boss!

He actually had shares in Didi!

The boss was too much!

“Whats the big deal” Lin Yi asked.

“In the future, Didi will be an important part of our data center.

Buying them will help us achieve my strategic goal.”

He Yuanyuan held her chin and said with self-pity, “I really wish you raised me.”

“Alright, stop fooling around.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Ill call Didis Tian Yan later and ask her to take care of this.

Ill also post a statement on the official website and have Old Qi talk to her.

Youll be his secretary.”

“Alright.” He Yuanyuan agreed.

“My current identity is still the CFO of Meituan, so my real identity has to be kept a secret.”

“Dont worry, Ive already considered this.

Just do it fearlessly.” Lin Yi looked at He Yuanyuan.

“You, on the other hand, quit your job at Meituan as soon as possible.

Theres no need to drag it out for too long.”

“Got it.”

He Yuanyuan smiled at Lin Yi.

“Director Lin, in reality, were both workers.

Its fine for us to act as high-level leaders, but I dont think my Cayenne is good enough for the persona.”

“Spit it out if you have something to say.”

“Im not trying to ask for too much.” He Yuanyuan puffed out her chest.

“I just want to borrow your Koenigsegg for a drive.

Ive never been in such a good car before.”

“Which senior manager drives a Koenigsegg Theyre all show-offs.”

“Then why did you buy a Koenigsegg”

“I bought it to show off.”

He Yuanyuan, “…”

Qi Xianzhao, “…”

The new boss was really a maverick!

“Then what should we do Its not appropriate for me to drive my Cayenne,” He Yuanyuan said.

“If we have no other choice, well have to drive Senior Sisters Maserati.”

“Theres no need for that.

I have a Phantom.

You guys can drive it.”

“Hehe, a Phantom is fine too.

Its a luxury car worth more than nine million.”

“You really know how to act cool.

A Phantom is fine too.

Youre almost as good as Jianlin.”

Lin Yi took out his spare key and handed it to He Yuanyuan.

“This is my spare key.

You guys can go to the garage to get the car.

Ill prepare a driver for you guys afterwards.

Itll be perfect.”

“Lin, where do you stay”

“Jiuzhou Pavilion.”

“No way.

Jiuzhou Pavilion is the number one luxury real estate in Zhonghai.

Any one of the units is worth more than a billion.” He Yuanyuan exclaimed.

“Its just a house worth more than a billion.

Is there a need to make such a fuss”

“Boss, you are even better at acting cool.

Its just a house worth more than a billion.”

“Is this still called acting cool”

“If this isnt acting cool, then what is”

“I bought all nine units.”

He Yuanyuan, “…”

She was speechless.

“Lin, I dont think were from the same world.

Lets call it a day and let us digest this for a while.”

“Why are we leaving Theres something more important we havent talked about yet.”

“What is it” The two asked curiously.

“Old Qi is more stable and has the air of a leader, but his acting skills may be a little bad.

I have to teach him a set of posturing methods, or else you wont be able to fool Ciscos people,” Lin Yi commented.

“Apart from that, I have to set up a persona for the two of you.

That way itll be even more perfect.”

“Lin, I might be a little bad in this area.

Im afraid I wont be able to learn it well,” Qi Xianzhao said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“There are only the three of us in the company now, and there arent any large projects ongoing either.

This will be your performance assessment, and itll be counted as part of your KPIs,” Lin Yi said.

“If you cant do it well, youll lose money.

Dont forget this.”


In the next hour, Lin Yi taught his new protege a lot of pretentious tricks and techniques, and Qi Xianzhao was stunned.

No wonder Lin was able to become the boss.

If he went out to attract investors, he would be able to fool them.

After giving out his orders, Lin Yi returned to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

He found Zhang song holding the soda and enjoying himself.

Later, Lin Yi had a barbecue and chatted until midnight before he went back to sleep in a daze.

The next morning, Zhang Song woke up early because he had work to do.

Lin Yi didnt sleep in either because he had too many bad reviews and had to go to training today.

He still had two tasks to complete.

He couldnt shut himself down.

Meituan and Didi had a slightly different operating model.

Didis headquarters was in Yang City, and it operated as a multi-location company.

Meituan, on the other hand, had set up a branch in Zhonghai, and its headquarters was in Yanjing.

The Yanjing center was in charge of the eastern region, and the Zhonghai branch was in charge of the southern business.

There was no overlap between the two.

Lin Yi parked his car and walked towards the Meituan building.

During this process, Lin Yi noticed that there were many people like him, walking into the building one after another.

Some were errand boys, and some were delivery riders.

As expected, these people were similar to him.

They were probably here for training because they received too many bad reviews.

However, he was the only one who was a little independent.

Everyone else was wearing Meituans uniform, but he wasnt.

When he reached the building, Lin Yi saw that there were about 30 people waiting there.

“Hey hey hey, move!” A female receptionist stood up and pointed at the people present.

“The sofa isnt for you to sit on.

You should know your place.”

“The sofa is here, so isnt it for people to sit on” A tanned middle-aged man said.

“We are all employees of Meituan.

Why cant we sit on it”

“Stop fooling around.

You are just external horsemen.

Who said that you are employees of Meituan” The female receptionist said.

“People like me who have a badge are the official employees of Meituan.

Who are you You have yet to figure out your identity.”

“F*cking pretentious,” the middle-aged man said.

“You are just a receptionist standing guard.

How dare you look down on others”

“Who are you calling a guard at the front desk!”

The female front desk clerk was furious.

She walked out of the front desk in her high heels and pointed at the middle-aged mans nose.

“Im not talking about you.

Why are you getting angry”

Seeing the female front desk clerk get angry, the middle-aged man became a little timid and lowered his voice.

After being a rider for so long, he also knew that his status was indeed inferior to others.

“Im telling you, behave yourselves.

If you dont want to do this, then leave.

Theres plenty of people waiting for this job,” the receptionist said disdainfully.

“How dare you act so atrociously here Dont you know what kind of place this is!”

“Pretty girl, dont talk so much.

You have to forgive and forget.”

Lin Yi couldnt stand it anymore, so he stood up and said something nice.

The receptionist stopped talking when she saw Lin Yi.

This little brother was so handsome!

Moreover, he was wearing a name tag.

It was obvious that he was rich.

She was too hot-tempered and it was too embarrassing.

“Im sorry, I didnt mean it.” The receptionist apologized.

“You looked like you were about to eat someone, and youre saying that you didnt mean it”

Lin Yi was speechless.

She was really good at lying through her teeth.

“Ill apologize to them now.

I hope I wont affect your impression of our company.”

Lin Yi smiled.

Did she misunderstand his identity



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