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“Go to his house”

Yue Jiao didnt quite understand what her brother meant.

“Thats right.

Lets see what his house looks like first,” Yue Hai said

“If he lives in a big house or villa that is a few hundred square meters, then that would confirm his identity as a rich man.

Zhang Song is his good friend, so he will definitely help him in the future.

There is definitely no mistaking his trajectory if this is the case.

You have to hold him tightly in your hands.

You cant let him escape!”

Yue Hais words made Yue Jiaos eyes light up.

“Bro, youre right.

Lets go take a look then.”

“But theres a problem right in front of us.

How do we get to his house”

“Thats not a big problem.

Just leave it to me.”

Yue Jiao, who was originally sleepy, suddenly perked up after hearing Yue Hais suggestion.

Her eyes lit up, looking forward to the end of their drinking session.

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Twenty minutes later, there were a dozen bottles on the floor.

Lin Yi stopped drinking when he saw that Zhang Song was almost done.

He was going to stay in Zhonghai for a few days anyway, so he had plenty of opportunities to drink.

“Boss, thank you for your hospitality today.

Ill be going back to the hotel later, so you should rest early too.” Zhang Song said.

“Why are you going back to the hotel Youre already in Zhonghai, so you can stay at my place tonight.” Lin Yi replied.

“Its okay.

Im here for business.

The company will reimburse me,” Zhang Song said with a smile.

“Zhang song, did you drink too much” Yue Jiao asked.

“Not much.

Its just right.”

“What I mean is, we should go to stay at Brother Lins place tonight.

After I get back, Ill look for some invoices so you can claim the reimbursement.

Wont you be able to save all the money for the hotel if we were to do that”

“I dont think thats a good idea.

Boss still has a girlfriend.

Lets not disturb him.”

Zhang Songs mind was still in the past.

He didnt know that Lin Yi and Liu Sisi had broken up.

“What girlfriend Its all ancient history.

We broke up.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Just come and stay.

Ill get someone to send us over and well have a second drink.”

“Boss, isnt it a bit of a hassle Im a little embarrassed.”

“I think youve had too much to drink.

Dont stand on ceremony with me.”

Zhang Song chuckled.

“Then I wont worry about it.”

Lin Yi smiled as he picked up his phone and found a designated driver.

Not long after, the designated driver arrived in front of Lin Yi on his scooter.

“Hello Sir, are you Lin Yi”

Lin Yi nodded and handed the car keys to the substitute driver.

“To the Jiuzhou Pavilion.”

He was dumbfounded!

With the exception of Zhang Song, the Yue siblings and the substitute drivers head buzzed when they heard the wordsJiuzhou Pavilion.

That was the number one luxury property in Zhonghai, the cheapest unit cost close to one billion.

None of them thought that Lin Yi would live in such a place.

It was too awesome.

Yue Hai pulled on Yue Jiaos arm and said excitedly,

“Jiaojiao, he lives in Jiuzhou Pavilion.

His identity as a rich man is all but confirmed.

We have to find a way to get in no matter what.”

“Dont worry, just leave it to me,” Yue Jiao said.

The driver took the car keys shakily.

He was a little nervous.

Hed been driving for over a year, but this was his first time driving such a nice car.

Lin Yi helped Zhang Song into the car when he saw that he wasnt in good condition.

Just like when theyd arrived, Yue Hai sat in the passenger seat shamelessly, while Zhang Song and Yue Jiao sat in the back.

Lin Yi stood outside the car, looking at the siblings as if they were idiots.

“My car has four seats, and youre all sitting inside.

Where should I sit as the owner”

The siblings only realized what Lin Yi was talking about now.

The Bentley Continental wasnt a five-seater, and there was only room for four people in the back because there was an armrest in the middle of the back row.

The car was full now, and there really wasnt any room for him.

“This… …”

Yue Hai looked at the car awkwardly.

The designated driver couldnt leave, and Zhang Song was Lin Yis best friend, so he couldnt get out of the car.

His sister, on the other hand, was Zhang Songs girlfriend, and it wasnt right if she were to leave.

Thus, it looked like he was the only extra person in the car.

“Look at this mess.

Im so sorry.” Yue Hai laughed awkwardly as he opened the door and got out of the car.

Lin Yi frowned slightly when he saw Yue Jiao still sitting in the back seat like a mountain.

“Zhang Song is staying at my place tonight.

Are you going to follow him”

“I didnt want to follow him either, but Im a little worried about Zhang Songs condition,” Yue Jiao said.

“Weve been living together every day since we got together.

Im afraid that he wont be able to sleep after he leaves me, so Im going with him.”

Yue Jiao pulled on Zhang Songs arm.

“Darling, do you want me to come with you”

Zhang Song was already a little confused, and he was even more lost now.


“Alright, alright, lets stop talking.

Lets just go.”

Lin Yi gave in for the sake of his bros dignity.

“Well, since theres no more space in the car, Ill squeeze into the trunk and go with you guys.”

Lin Yi left him behind and he was about to miss this chance to climb up the social ladder, so Yue Hai came up with a way to get into the trunk.

“The trunk of the car is holding the drivers folding motorcycle.

If you go in, where will the driver put the motorcycle” Lin Yi asked.

“Youre right…”

“Besides, what are you doing there Does this have anything to do with you”

“Look at you.

Youre Zhang Songs best friend, and Im his brother-in-law.

Were so close, and we didnt drink to our hearts content just now.

Lets drink some more when we get to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

We have to get drunk today.”

Yue Hai looked at Zhang Song.

“Brother-in-law, dont you think so”

Zhang Song also frowned.

He didnt think it was a big problem for Yue Jiao to go with him.

However, at this time, the brother was also insisting that he join them.

What was going on

So annoying.

“Dear, my brother will be your brother from now on.

Hes been very good to me since I was young.

Do you really have the heart to leave him behind If thats the case, how can we get along as a family” Yue Jiao said.

“Thats true, but this is my bosss house, not mine.

I dont have the right to make too many decisions.”

“Brother-in-law, if you say that, then somethings not right.

You have a backer now.

Dont you want us, your relatives, to have one too”

“Alright, stop wasting time.” Lin Yi didnt want to put Zhang Song in a difficult position.

“If you want to come, then just come with me.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Thank you, Bro.

I Wont stand on ceremony with you.” Yue Haimei said with a smile.

“You guys go ahead.

Ill get a cab later and just follow behind.”

Lin Yi sat in the passenger seat and shook his head helplessly.

Although he didnt have the right to intervene in their affairs, Yue Jiao and her family werent good people.

He had to have a good chat with this coward when he had the time.

Lin Yis car stopped at the Jiuzhou Pavilion about thirty minutes later.

Yue Hai had arrived early.

However, because he was in a taxi and outsiders werent allowed to enter the Jiuzhou Pavilion, he had to get out and wait.

Yue Hai smiled when he saw Lin Yis car.

“You guys are pretty fast.

I didnt wait long, so you didnt have to rush.”

He thought that Lin Yi would greet him.

He didnt expect the elevator to open on its own before the Bentley drove straight in, ignoring him.

“Brother, wait for me.

There are several villas here.

I dont know which one is yours,” Yue Hai shouted as he chased.


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