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“Got it.

Ill definitely come to your place for dinner when I dont have anything to eat.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Its been a long time since Ive tasted your cooking.”

Wang Ying would occasionally bring Lin Yi lunch when she was at work, and her cooking was pretty good.

“Alright then.

Come over if you want to eat.”


They chatted for a while before Lin Yi went to bed and soon fell asleep.

Victorious Return Villa Building A.

In Zhong Hai, the most luxurious villa was none other than Jiuzhou Pavilion.

However, many people knew that Jiuzhou Pavilion was famous for its luxury, but it did not have a good price-performance ratio, so it was not the first choice for the rich.

The difference was that before Jiuzhou Pavilion appeared, Victorious Return Villa was the number one estate in Zhong Hai.

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It was the first choice for many wealthy people looking to buy property.

Qin Hans home was also here.

The villa was brightly lit.

A middle-aged man sat on the sofa, holding a financial daily newspaper in his hand.

Beside him was a cup of ginseng tea while he wore a pair of rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Although he did not say a word, his aura was very strong.

This person was Qin Hans father, Qin Zhengqing.

At this moment, the sound of brakes was heard from outside the door.

A McLaren P1 stopped at the door before Qin Han got out of the car.

“Dad, why did you ask me to come back Whats the matter”

Seeing that his son had returned, Qin Zhengqing put down the newspaper in his hand and said,

“I heard that you fired Cui Binlong and broke both of his hands.”

“You know about what happened at the company Then I wont say anything else.” Qin Han smiled and leaned against the sofa.

He chuckled and said,

“He offended my friend.

I taught him a lesson which I hope he learned well.”

“Dont you know that Cui Binlong is related to us His mother called me today.” Qin Zhengqing said in a low voice.

“Dad, you should be satisfied.” Qin Han said.

“If it wasnt for his family, I would have beaten him to death today.”

Qin Zhengqing straightened his expression and said in a low voice, “In Zhong Hai, who is worthy of such good treatment from you”

“You mean Lin Yi Hes my good friend.”

“Is he from the Lin family of Bona Group He isnt Old Lins son right” Qin Zhengqing said.

“Bona Group isnt bad, but its still a bit lacking,” Qin Han said.

“Actually, I dont know what his family is like, but to them, our status is absolutely average,” Qin Han said.

“I cant compare to them.”

“You cant even compare with them”Qin Zhengqing was interested.

“Who are they Why are they so powerful”

“I already said I dont know, but they are definitely a big family.

Theres no doubt about that.”

“How can you tell”

“He went to a car exhibition and bought 150 million cars.

Can you believe that”


“Moreover, the Zhonghai International Race Track is also owned by them, and they bought it all without any third-party investment.

Can you believe that”

“He lives in Jiuzhou Pavilion and even bought all nine villas.

Can you believe that A normal person wouldnt do such a thing.”

Qin Zhengqings expression became serious.

“Are you serious Forget about sports cars.

The last two industries together are worth at least ten billion.”

“Thats right.

Moreover, hes a second-generation rich man.

Thats whats so terrifying.” Qin Han said, “When were you going to give me ten billion cash to spend”

Qin Zhengqing turned serious as well.

Spending 10 billion in cash was not something an ordinary family could afford to do.

At the very least, he did not have the ability to do this.

However, who was this Lin Yi

Could he be from the Lin family of Yanjing

That was not possible.

“Alright, lets not talk about Cui Binlong.” Qin Zhengqing took a sip of tea.

“Youre not young anymore.

Dont play outside every day.

Do something important.”

“Why do you say Im not doing anything serious Youve seen the results of Sino-Han capital.

The market cap is about to exceed ten billion.”

“Thats not what Im talking about,” Qin Zhengqing said.

“Im talking about your partner.”

“Im anxious too.

I havent met anyone suitable yet,” Qin Han said with a smile.

“I knew you would say that.

Ive found someone for you.

Shes very good in all aspects.”

Qin Han got up from the sofa in a panic.

“What does she look like Dont get me involved in some family marriage.

I have no interest in such things.”

“Its not a marriage.”

Qin Zhengqing said with a smile.

Then, he handed the phone to Qin Han.

There was a photo of a woman on it.

“This is her photo.

Take a look.”

“Where did you find this woman Shes too beautiful.”

“Looks like you agree.”

“Wait, dont worry.”

Qin Han mumbled as he looked at the photo on his phone.

“Shes pretty, but why does this photo look so familiar”

“Her name is Ji Qingyan.

Shes the CEO of Chaoyang Group.

Shes been on the financial news before.

You probably saw her there.”

“No, no, no, its not the financial news.”

Qin Han thought for a moment before taking out his phone.

He dug out his WeChat chat history with Lin Yi.

Lin Yi had sent him a photo with a woman before.

It seemed to be this same woman.

“Dad, do you think this is the same woman”

“I think so.”

“Then its over.

The man behind her is Lin Yi, my good friend.”

“What the hell is this” Qin Zhengqing said disinterestedly.

“Someone beat me to it.

Some friend he is.”

“Dad, its not good to gossip behind others backs.”

“Stop bull**ting me.

You only know how to visit nightclubs every day.

Look at her,” Qin Zhengqing scolded.

“If you can find me a daughter-in-law like her, Ill give you 10 billion as well.”

“No way.

Shes just a woman.

Do you have to be so serious” Qin Han curled his lips and said, “China has a population of 1.4 billion.

I dont believe that I cant find someone prettier than her.”

“There may be someone prettier than her, but that person definitely wont be as smart as her.”

“Then Ill find someone smarter than her!”

“There may be someone smarter than her, but that person definitely wont be as pretty as her.”


Qin Han was struck speechless.

“Alright, take your time with your tea.

I still have something to do.

Bye-bye.” Qin Han said

Lin Yi stretched lazily at around eight the next morning before getting up from bed.

He did not go to university because he was planning to register his company that day.

After washing up, he took the documents he had earlier prepared and drove to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

There were a lot of people in the Bureau of Industry and commerce.

When he got the receipt, he found that there were more than 100 people in front of him.

Luckily, there were more than ten windows open at the same time.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to stand the queue.

“Look, theres a little handsome guy over there.

Hes so handsome.”

A few female staff members whispered.

“Hes indeed quite handsome.

Look at his legs.

Theyre so long.

Hes like the long-legged oppa in the TV series.”

“Its been a long time since Ive seen such a handsome little brother doing business.

Xin Xin, do you want to chat him up or ask him for his WeChat or something”

“I dont think so.

There are so many people here.

Im so sorry.”

The girl called Xin Xin was called Feng Xin.

She had a well-proportioned figure and delicate facial features.

Coupled with her good-looking oval face, she stood out like a crane among chickens in the department hall.

“What are you afraid of Happiness is earned through hard work.

Youre already 28 years old.

You cant delay any longer.”

“Thats right, thats right.

When I was dating my husband, I was the one who chased after him.

He was still the schools top student back then, but wasnt he eventually taken down through persuasion and hard work”

“But Im still a little embarrassed.” Feng Xin said with a red face.

Even so, it was clear that she was interested in the idea.

It was just that she was too easily embarrassed.

“Whats there to be afraid of If you take the initiative, there might be a story between the two of you.”


“Of course its true.”

“Then Ill go and try.” Feng Xin made up her mind.

“Dont hesitate.

Dont you see that many women are staring at him If you go a little later, he might end up being taken by another woman.”

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you guys talking about Can you teach Xin good things”

The person who spoke was a young man in his thirties.

He was holding a teacup in his hand and had just returned from getting water.

The mans name was Ma Yi.

He was a clerk in the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and was Feng Xins admirer.

“Were looking for a suitable partner for Xin.

We just found a suitable candidate.”

Ma Yi followed their gazes and frowned when he saw Lin Yi sitting on the bench.

He felt threatened.

He was actually so handsome.

“You guys are too shallow.

Whats the use of being handsome Look at his age, hes obviously a part-time worker.

With the housing prices in Zhong Hai, he might not be able to afford a house even if he worked hard his whole life.

Wouldnt it be harmful if you asked Xin to get involved with him”

Feng Xins two colleagues stopped talking.

Ma Yis words did make sense.

“Im telling you, if you want to find a boyfriend, you have to find a Zhong Hai local.

At the very least, he needs to have a house and a car, which can guarantee the most basic living conditions.

What else can you get apart from suffering when you engage with a gigolo like that”

“Who says you have to suffer What if hes starting a business” Feng Xin said.

She might not actually end up talking to Lin Yi, but she did not like the way Ma Yi looked down on outsiders.

It was as if he was superior simply because he was a Zhong Hai local.

It was so pompous.

“Little Xin, do you think its that easy to start a business There are at least 800 people who come here every day to file for bankruptcy.

Young people these days are so impetuous.

They want to start a business when they have some money, but they all go bankrupt in a few months,” Ma Yi said.

“Just last week, I met one.

When he was getting his business license, I was the one who went through the formalities with him.

Guess what In less than a week, he went bankrupt.”

“Tch, how do you know that he will definitely go bankrupt” Feng Xin said.

“Sigh, listen to my advice.

99% of young people like them who start a business will die without achieving success.

Therefore, its better to have power over their fate.

When it comes to us, just one sentence can decide the life and death of those rich people.”

“If everyone has the same idea as you, the country will be finished.”

Feng Xin and the other two female colleagues turned their heads away after retorting.

They did not want to continue chatting with Ma Yi.

Ma Yi was also busy with work, so he went to work with his cup in hand.

At the same time, Lin Yi sat on the bench and checked his documents again.

He was relieved when he found that everything was complete.

“Hello, young man.”

Lin Yi raised his head when he heard someone talking.

He was shocked and broke out in cold sweat.

The person who spoke was a middle-aged woman in her forties.

The foundation on her face was like a layer of white flour.

It was scary to look at.

“You… Why are you looking for me”

“Young man, Im a straightforward person.

I wont beat around the bush with you.” The middle-aged woman said.

“Can I be friends with you Im worth over a hundred million.”

“Young Lady, do I look like an undertaker Do you know Lin Zhengying”

The middle-aged womans expression changed.

“What do you mean Do you think Im ugly”


The middle-aged woman, “…”

“Dont be unappreciative.

With my wealth, I can find any kind of man.

Im giving you a chance, so dont waste it.”

“Go on, then.

This is the world for the living, not a place where you should hang around.”

Lin Yi had goosebumps all over his body when he saw the middle-aged woman in front of him.

If he got into bed with her, it would be what the older generation called a ghost pressing down on the bed.

“You!” The middle-aged woman shouted.

“Stop it, stop it.

This is a public place.”

Feng Xin ran over and stopped the middle-aged woman just as she was about to speak.

The middle-aged woman calmed herself down when she saw the staff arrive.

She snorted coldly and turned to leave.

“Luckily you came in time, or I would have been scared to death by her.”

Feng Xin was amused by Lin Yi.

“Sir, youre so funny.”

“Huh” Lin Yi paused.

Was this considered funny

Lin Yi still did not understand women well enough.

As long as you were handsome and had some money, even a fart would be funny.

“Of course,” Feng Xin said with a smile, but she quickly returned to normal due to her position.

“Sir, are you here to do business”

Lin Yi nodded.

“I want to register a company.”

Feng Xin was secretly happy.

It was just as she had imagined, this young man was an entrepreneur.

“If you want to register a company, you need to fill in the form in advance.”

Feng Xin took two forms and handed them to Lin Yi.

“Please fill in these two forms first.

Itll save you a lot of time when you get to the counter.”

“Thank you very much.”

“You go ahead.

If theres anything you dont understand, you can look for me at the front desk.” Feng Xin said, a little embarrassed.

“If you find it troublesome, you can add me on WeChat too.

Itll be easier to discuss any problems this way.”

Lin Yi smiled.

This was a new way of hitting on someone.

“I wont add you on WeChat for now.

Ill just look for you if theres anything I dont understand.”

“Okay.” Feng Xin said in disappointment.

Ma Yi narrowed his eyes as he saw the two whispering to each other.

There was a hint of anger in his eyes.

Lin Yi started filling in the form after Feng Xin left.

The information required was simple, except for the name of the company.

Lin Yi hesitated for a while before finally writing down the wordsLingyun Group in a serious manner.

Looking around, the sky was vast.

A leaf could freely dance in the wind, openly displaying its ambition.

To achieve the ambition of Lingyun.

Lin Yis number appeared on the screen about half an hour after he filled up the form.

Lin Yi handed in the completed form and prepared to go through the necessary procedures.

“Hello, I want to register a company.”

Ma Yi Glanced at Lin Yis form and threw it back.

He said rudely,

“The form isnt right.

Take it back and fill it up again.

Next number.”


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