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Lin Qiyes face returned to its cold and stern state.

“By the way, Eunuch Cao, Ill give you a task.

Take the Qing Xuan Sects member list and investigate them one by one.

If you find any cultivators who have mistreated the common people, kill their family.”

Hearing this, Eunuch Caos heart palpitated as he subconsciously warned, “Your Highness, Im afraid that this will implicate millions of people!

“You havent even ascended to the throne yet, and youve already killed so many cultivators.

If it had affected your state of mind, your realm could not increase any further.

What should we do

“In addition, if we kill too many people, it will also affect your reputation.

I dont want the future generations to call you a tyrant.”

Eunuch Cao was indeed a loyal official of the Qin Dynasty.

He was truly worried about Lin Qiye.

He was afraid that Lin Qiyes mental state would be affected, and his reputation would be ruined.

He would become a tyrant in peoples hearts.

However, Lin Qiye did not care at all.

“If I say kill them all, I will kill them all.

Even if it implicates two million people, I will still kill them!”

“The six great sects have done terrible things.

The Qin Dynasty only has 6 billion people, and they alone can harm 2 billion!


“One-third of the people are living in dire straits.

Where is the face of the Qin Dynastys Imperial Family Where is our future

“I will destroy the six great sects.

So what if I have to bear the name of a tyrant I will bury thousands of corpses and rivers of blood, but I will kill them all!”

Lin Qiyes tone was firm and resolute, not allowing anyone to argue.

Following this, he looked at Eunuch Cao seriously with a deep gaze.

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“Eunuch Cao, Ill leave this matter to you.

All cultivators who commit evil must have their families killed.

Not a single one of them is to be left alive.

“As the future emperor of the Qin Dynasty, if I show mercy to those malignant tumors that ride on the peoples heads, Im being cruel to my people!”

Lin Qiye stood with his hands behind his back.

“Are you afraid of my bloodlust But did you see how kind and merciful I was to my people”

“Are cultivators human beings, but ordinary people not”

Eunuch Cao was speechless.

“But… A cultivator is more useful than a hundred ordinary people…”

In response to this, Lin Qiye smiled calmly.

“Thats just what you think.”

“Follow my orders! After youre done, immediately come to the Dragon Snake Sect.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes gaze burned, and confidence appeared in his face.

Seeing the seventeenth princes confidence, Eunuch Cao could only nod and obey.

However, he also had some misgivings.

He quickly reminded Lin Qiye, “Your Highness, the news of you destroying the Qing Xuan Sect will spread to the other sects in two days at the latest.

“They will definitely join forces to deal with you! They might even collude with the Wolf Tribe.

You must be careful!”

Hearing this, Lin Qiye frowned slightly.

“Two days Within two days, I can destroy the Dragon Snake Sect and Asura Hall as quickly as possible.

“Ill ask the old emperor to mobilize troops to destroy the remaining three sects.

“With the old emperors ruthlessness, he will act decisively when he has the opportunity to destroy the six great sects.

“The problem is the Wolf Tribe…

“If the six great sects collude with the Wolf Tribe, then the Wolf Lord will send his troops south, making it impossible for the old emperor to mobilize his troops.

“This was the Wolf Lords method of counterbalancing the Qin Dynasty – to make us suffer internal strife and use the six great sects to drag down the imperial family.

“I have to think of a way to stop the Wolf Lord.

“However, the current Wolf Lord is known as a prodigy of his generation and has lit up Six Gates of Heaven.

If the old emperor surrounded the six great sects, no one could defend the border…

“As for Eunuch Cao, his strength is a level lower than the old emperors.

He is unable to contend against the Wolf Lord.”

Hence, adifficult problem was placed in front of Lin Qiye.

However,Zhu Yuheng suddenly appeared in Lin Qiyes mind.

Although that woman was rather strange, she had lit up Six Gates of Heaven!

It was not difficult for her to fight against the Wolf Lord.

“I remember that she wanted to return me a favor.

Wouldnt it be just right for me to ask her about this”

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye found Zhu Yuheng, who was observing near the abyss.

“Sister, please do me a favor.

How about it”

Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows.

She did not like to owe favors.

Thus, without the slightest hesitation, she agreed.

“What favor Let me make it clear in advance that I do not like to fight weaklings.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with a faint smile.

“He is powerful.

At a young age, he has already lit up the Six Gates of Heaven.

He is known as a prodigy of his generation! He has an overwhelming talent!”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yuheng nodded slightly, and her interest was piqued.

“Who is he Where is he”

“He is the current Wolf Tribes Young Lord! He is about to lead an army to invade the Qin Dynastys northern border.

“I want you to help hold him off for a few days.

At the same time, I want you to bring a letter to my father, the Qin Dynastys emperor.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye took out a letter from his storage ring.

He quickly wrote down his plans and handed it to Zhu Yuheng.

The letter was displayed in front of Zhu Yuheng, but her eyes were filled with indifference.

She couldnt be bothered to read it and threw the letter into her storage ring.

“I hope you wont lie to me.

If I find out that you lied to me, Ill peel off a layer of your skin.”

Zhu Yuheng snorted and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qiye watched Zhu Yuheng leave as he smiled lightly.


“As someone on the same level, Zhu Yuheng is enough to hold off the Wolf Lord, and the old emperor could mobilize troops to destroy the six great sects with me.”


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