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He used even more strength and grabbed the Dragon Suppression Spike on the white dragons lower jaw.

The dense spiritual energy in his body gushed out!

Tiny lightning dragons circled Lin Qiyes arm.

The terrifying white lightning power clashed with the evil black energy.

It was hard to tell who was stronger!

“Interesting… Do you think I cant destroy you”

Lin Qiye focused his eyes, and the Thousand-year Dragon Body appeared behind him.

The boundless energy of Qi and blood poured into Lin Qiyes arm.

Soon after, Lin Qiye pulled fiercely.


The Dragon Suppression Spike let out mournful cries as it wriggled and struggled in Lin Qiyes hand.

It twisted its smooth and slender body, and thick, sticky mucus fell with a patter.


On its slender body, over a hundred pairs of densely packed eyes suddenly opened, staring fixedly at Lin Qiye with a venomous gaze.

At the same time, the tail of the Dragon Suppression Spike pierced rapidly towards Lin Qiyes face.

“What are you looking at” Lin Qiye spat.

His lightning dragons rushed out and knocked away the Dragon Suppression Spike.

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Then, wisps of innate Qi spurted out.

Upon sensing the aura of the innate Qi, the Dragon Suppression Spike turned pale with fright.

Its slender body, the evil black aura, the smelly suppression, and its vicious eyes all showed fear and trembling emotions.

It wanted to escape.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye found its weakness.

The pure innate Qi pounced on the Dragon Suppression Spike.

When the evil Dragon Suppression Spike encountered the innate Qi, it was like snow encountering boiling water!

At a speed visible to the naked eye, it decayed.

Thus, the first Dragon Suppression Spike vanished into thin air, and the black energy in the air was purified.

Two hundred meters above the abyss, Zhu Yuheng, who was about to leave, looked down and saw the shocking scene.

Her phoenix eyes couldnt help but flicker slightly.

She stopped flying up andfell into the Abyss again.


Zhu Yuheng landed heavily on the ground.

The altar trembled.

Lin Qiye was speechless.”…Auntie, didnt you leave”

Zhu Yuheng ignored him.

She stared at the innate Qi flowing in Lin Qiyes palm.

Her eyebrows slightly raised out of surprise.

“It can restrain the Dragon Suppression Spike Thats innate Qi that only babies get when they are born Why does he have countless innate Qi”

Zhu Yuheng immediately calmed down after being slightly surprised.

However, she still raised her judgment of Lin Qiye in her heart.

“I have to say that he has some tricks up his sleeve.

“However, he just happened to be able to counter the Dragon Suppression Spike.

His realm isnt high enough, so Im still better.”

Zhu Yuhengs expression was cold and stern.

After praising Lin Qiye, her omnipresent desire to win surged out.

Of course, she was indeed stronger than Lin Qiye in terms of strength.

However, it was no longer merely a competition of strength at this moment.

Zhu Yuheng had suffered a setback on the Dragon Suppression Spike, but Lin Qiye could turn it into ashes.

Zhu Yuhengs omnipresent desire to win made her feel a little uncomfortable.

She stared unblinkingly at Lin Qiye as if she wanted to study this man properly.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“…Auntie, arent you leaving”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yuheng snorted coldly.

“Hmph, Im afraid that youll let go of the Dragon Suppression Spike and cause a disaster.

Thats why I need to keep an eye on you.”

Lin Qiye could do nothing against her.

However, Zhu Yuhengs killing intent disappeared.

He couldnt be bothered with her anymore.

Lin Qiye shook his head, and his gaze fell on the Dragon Suppression Spike again.

He thought to himself, “My innate Qi is indeed a top-tier treasure.

Not only can I condense the Innate Divine Body, but it can also speed up my bodys maturation.

It can even counter mysterious evil things like the Dragon Suppression Spike.

“I just dont know where this evil thing came from.

It can even live on the Golden Dragon of Fortunes body.”

Lin Qiye was quite curious about the origin of the Dragon Suppression Spike.

He silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“This deduction will consume 300,000 movement points.

After consumption, there will be 340,000 points remaining.”

“It consumes 300,000 movement points”

A hint of surprise appeared in the depths of Lin Qiyes eyes.

“Looks like the Dragon Suppression Spike has quite a background! It wants 300,000 of my movement points!”

Lin Qiye could not help but be speechless.

He only had a total of 640,000 movement points.

It was not worth it to spend half of his savings for a mere Dragon Suppression Spike.

After all, according to his intuition, the Dragon Suppression Spike was only a temporary encounter.

Even if he deduced the cause and effect, it was not worth it.

He would think about it in the future when he needed it urgently!

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not persist in deducing the Dragon Suppression Spikes origin.

Instead, he moved to the Golden Dragon of Fortunes other parts.

He pulled out the Dragon Suppression Spikes one by one.

Each spike would wriggle its slender body with resentment, wanting to fight with Lin Qiye.

Unfortunately, his innate Qi was the Dragon Suppression Spikes natural enemy.

What was even more ridiculous was that Lin Qiye had more than 100,000 wisps of innate Qi in his body!

How could the seven Dragon Suppression Spikes fight him

His overwhelming amount of innate Qi was like a tidal wave, burning the Dragon Suppression Spikes to ashes!

As such, under Zhu Yuhengs gaze, Lin Qiye only used a few minutes to pull out all seven Dragon Suppression Spikes and destroy them!

Even Zhu Yuheng was surprised at such heaven-defying efficiency.

Her beautiful phoenix eyes moved back and forth between Lin Qiye and the Golden Dragon of Fortune.

At that moment, the Qin Dynasty human races Golden Dragon of Fortune had finally gotten its first breath in 20,000 years.

The heaven and earth spiritual energy seeped into its body, allowing its aura to recover.

Unfortunately, its recovery speed was too slow.

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