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Of course, Lin Qiye didnt really have enlightenment.

Enlightenment was rare to come by.

He just had a plan.

After all, one of his goals was to pick out the most destructive martial arts technique in this battle.

Then, he would use the Deduction of Genesis to perfect it and turn it into his killer move.

Now, it seemed like the Wind and Thunder Purple Sword Art perfectly matched his Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.

It was worth spending 100,000 movement points to perfect it!

Although the consumption was quite high, it was definitely not a loss.

Thus, Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis in his heart.

[This deduction requires 100,000 movement points.

After that, you will have 620,000 movement points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: Due to your perfect compatibility with this sword art, you have obtained platinum-tier swordsmanship – the Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill.]


[When this sword skill was cultivated to Perfection, its lethality would be doubled.

The lethality of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi nurtured in the body would also be doubled.]

[At the same time, their lethality would increase with the awakening of the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.]


Platinum-tier Its worth it!”

When Lin Qiye saw the quality of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi, his spirits lifted.

The corners of his mouth immediately curled up into a snickering smile.

What a great investment!

Its lethality in all aspects was doubled.

As long as he used it unexpectedly, Lin Qiye really had the chance to kill someone of a higher level!

He smiled and immediately mobilized the lightning in his body to brew a new ball of Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

An hour later, a ball of enhanced Wind and Thunder Sword Qi with twice the lethality was successfully born!

Lin Qiye exhaled deeply and stood up in high spirits.

Regarding Lin Qiyes enlightenment, the old emperor was rather curious.

“How was it”

“The improvement was remarkable! I can teach you.

Although you dont have my Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, you can still improve your technique quite a bit.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye wrote down the nurturing method in detail and handed it over to the old emperor.

The old emperor studied it for a while.

His eyes became brighter and brighter.

In the end, he even took a deep breath.

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“What a mind-blowing perfection! If I succeed in nurturing this, I could possibly kill the Wolf Tribes Heavenly Lords easily.

I dont have to trade my life anymore!”

The old emperor slammed the table and exclaimed.

Obviously, he realized that theWind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill was extraordinary.

Regarding this, Lin Qiye smiled calmly.

He silently experienced the lethality of the enhanced version of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi, and his confidence rose.

He wished that he could immediately kill a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator who had lit up Four Gates of Heaven to add to the fun!

However, there were no enemies around.

He couldnt kill his teammates.

Therefore, Lin Qiye could only suppress the itch in his heart.

“Actually, the platinum-tier sword skill has leveled me up more than onefold.

“More importantly, it can continue to increase! If I can devour this worlds Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool…

“Then, I could increase the destructive power of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

I can also light up the Gate of Injury.

I can kill two birds with one stone.”

At this thought, Lin Qiyes expression was serious as he looked at the old emperor and said what he thought.

“Father, I need to go to the outside world to train and kill to advance further.”

Hearing these words, the smile on the old emperors face disappeared in an instant, and he fell into silence.

“Do you want to train in the world

“Sigh… Youre only seven years old.

You can still enjoy yourself for a few years, but Father understands your character.

Father wont stop you from growing.

“However, you have to promise Father that if you encounter danger, you must run! Youre a genius.

If you cant beat them, you can train hard for some time, then go back and take revenge.

Its not worth fighting to the death!

“Also, I will let Old Cao accompany you on your journey.

When your life is in danger, Old Cao will sacrifice his life to protect you.”

The old emperors voice had just sounded, and the loyal Eunuch Cao knelt on one knee towards Lin Qiye.

“Your Majesty, Your Highness, I, Cao Xiao, am willing to go through fire and water for the Qin Dynasty imperial family!”

Without a doubt, both the old emperor and Eunuch Cao placed great hope on Lin Qiye.

They could not wait to protect Lin Qiye with their lives.

In this regard, Lin Qiye nodded his head carefully.

“I wont take any risks.

I must live well!”

Lin Qiyes gaze was firm.

He was confident in his trump card.

He still had Angels wings that were not exposed!

Thinking back, When he was at the peak of Golden Core Realm, he could rely on his wings to escape from the Gold Practitioners hands.

Now, he had lit up Three Gates of Heaven.

If he only wanted to escape, even someone who had lit up the Five Gates of Heaven could not catch up with him!

The old emperors worried heart was at ease after seeing the determination to live in Lin Qiyes eyes.

He raised his arm and patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

“Good kid, you must come back safe and sound without a scratch!”

“Dont be hungry or tired outside.

Be careful of people with evil intentions…”

The old emperor nagged on and on.

At this moment, he was not the high and mighty emperor, but an old man worried about his son.

He kept rambling on.

Lin Qiye patiently listened to the old emperors reminders.

Two days later, Lin Qiye was ready.

He began his journey to the world.

Before he left, the old emperor was worried that Consort Ning would not have Little Seventeen by her side, so he found two young palace maids for her company.

When he saw the young palace maids, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

He spent 2,000 movement points and made some deductions.

One of the round-faced and thick-browed maids was indeed the maid who took care of him in the original version of his life.

In the original version of his life, no one wanted her because she was too young.

She was thrown to the seventeenth prince.

This time, the old emperor picked her to be Consort Nings companion because she was young.

Fate was indeed incredible.

Lin Qiye patted the head of the young maid.

“Father, teach this maid cultivation if you have nothing to do.

Also, teach her some methods and principles of governing a kingdom.

I want her to help me with national affairs in the future.”

Hearing Lin Qiyes words, the old emperor was stunned.

Then, he nodded.

“I will teach her well.

You have to go on your journey.

Be careful and come back early…”

Before he left, the old emperor wanted to say something to him, but once he opened his mouth, he felt hesitant.

He could only keep a straight face, turn his back, and wave his hands repeatedly, chasing Lin Qiye and Old Cao away.

As for Consort Ning, she had hugged Lin Qiye and cried many times last night.

However, Little Seventeen had to grow up eventually.

She could only let him fly.

After Lin Qiye and Eunuch Cao had left the palace for a while, the old emperor became reluctant to part with him again.

He took Consort Ning and chased them for two hundred miles.

However, they didnt see any sign of Lin Qiye.

The old emperor and Consort Ning could only look into the distance with a lonely gaze and then return to the palace.

“I hope our child can return safely!”

Consort Nings eyes were red and swollen, and she kept wiping her tears.

The old emperor sighed, “He was still so tiny a few years ago!”

“Why did he have to go out to train all of a sudden” The old emperor muttered to himself.

On the other side.

Lin Qiye and Eunuch Cao stood on a small hill.

“Your Highness, where are we going to train The six great sects or the Wolf Tribes territory”

“I suggest that we go to the Wolf Tribes territory after we make a breakthrough.”.

“After all, the new generation of the Wolf Tribes Heavenly Lords had already succeeded the throne.

The Young Lord, who was known as their prodigy, had also lit up the Five Gates of Heaven.

If he made a move, we would be in great danger.”

Eunuch Cao suggested.

Lin Qiye did not answer.

He roughly activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce the exact location of the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool.”


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