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“Brother Ye, I can feel your murderous intent!”

Chen Fan patted Lin Qiyes arm.

“Although Li You and the other elites of the Jianghu faction are detestable, we dont have the strength to fight them now.

We need time to grow and take revenge.

“When the time comes, we will fight back together! I cannot stand the humiliation of having my brother attacked like this.”

Chen Fan gritted his teeth and tried to suppress his anger.

He knew that he was too weak!

However, he was determined to change his fate after this incident.

He could not stand by and watch his brother killed helplessly!

It was such a cowardly feeling.

Lin Qiye could feel the anger on Chen Fans face.

He stared at the finger bone on his right index finger and pinched it silently.

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Soon, Lin Qiyes face was devoid of any emotion.

He looked calm and composed.

“I have to say that the Jianghu faction is indeed decisive.

However, their only chance to kill me has been used up!

“This attack is not without its benefits.

At least it encouraged you.”

Then, Lin Qiye made a joke.

Chen Fan was speechless.

Brother Ye was as calm and collected as ever.

It was a horrifying incident, but Lin Qiyes words had turned into motivation.

Other than admiration, Chen Fan didnt know what else to say.

“Go back and get some rest.

I am going to simulate my third world tomorrow! You should get ready as well.”

Lin Qiye patted Chen Fans shoulder, and the two hurried back to their villa.

They arrived at the villa area, which was much safer.

After all, the villa was located in the middle of the floating island.

It was surrounded by practitioners and had Jiang Qingxue guarding it.

It would be difficult for Li You and the others to perform the same trick twice.

Of course, they still had to be vigilant!

However, the most important thing was to increase their strength.

All difficulties could be solved with strength!

If he obtained a gold-tier cultivation method, he could cultivate to the Nascent Soul Realm!

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If he went to the galaxy world to devour heavenly lightning or lightning-type treasures, he could awaken the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body to 10%!

If he were to cultivate the main worlds version of the Dao Repository Technique and refine his Innate Divine Body, even the Platinum Practitioner Li You would not be able to kill Lin Qiye.

With this in mind, Lin Qiye took out a wisp of innate Qi and stored it in his body.

Then, he used the Dao Repository Technique to nourish it.

The Innate Divine Body was just as special as the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.

He could not use movement points to improve it quickly.

It had to be done slowly.

Lin Qiye took an hour to warm up.

When the second wisp of innate Qi appeared in his body, it was already late at night.

Lin Qiye felt sleepy and fell asleep.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly.

Lin Qiye and Chen Fan greeted each other, then Lin Qiye shut his villas door and hid in the basement.

He sat cross-legged on the soul anchoring square.

After anchoring his soul, he was ready to start the third simulation.

[The Life Lantern Gem has sufficient energy.

You can travel the galaxy world at any time.]

[You currently possess: Silver-tier physique cardFirst-turn Dragon Elephant Body; silver-tier wisdom cardCosmic Clairvoyant; you have chosen to bring along the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pages of the Qi Refinement technique; Dao Repository Technique; and Death Warrior Reagent manufacturing principles into this world.]

[Your Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body has awakened 1%.

When your body matures to 14 years old, it will appear.]

[Your angel wings will appear at the Golden Core Realm.]

[Your silver-tier weapon, Extreme Flame Ring Saber, can be brought into this world.

However, you will need to reach half of your strength in the main world before you can remove the seal.]

[Do you wish to activate the simulation and enter a new life]

[Please note that your world and identity will be randomly generated each time you simulate.]

[Please note that you cannot bring your cultivation in the main world with you.

You will be born as a fragile baby, and there are countless possibilities of premature death.]

[Please confirm whether to activate the simulation and enter your third life.]

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath of turbid air.


[Life Lantern Gem notification: two teams of Gold Practitioners had used the Malicious Artifact Fragment to start a battle.

Do you want to join]

[You may die if you join the battle.

If you refuse, the difficulty will increase in your next life.]

[Please choose carefully!]

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows when he heard the sudden notification.


Did he enter a battle by mistake

He did not expect to encounter a battle right after reading the related knowledge points.

Moreover, it was a battle between two teams.

There are five people in a team.

In other words, ten people would fight and turn the world upside down.

Should he join

If he joined, he would have a chance to get rich from the spoils.

He would become rich in a day, but he might also die.

If he did not join, the difficulty of his next simulation would increase.

Based on Lin Qiyes previous two attempts, he would be in big trouble if the difficulty increased.

Just as Lin Qiye quickly weighed the pros and cons, another voice sounded.

“Main world notification: As you have the Heavenly Dao Mark, you can see the information of the practitioners.”

And so, the information appeared one after another.

The battle was between the Li City Jianghu faction and the Academic faction.

Of course, what made Lin Qiyes eyes even colder was that the five Gold Practitioners who attacked him were shockingly among them.

Among them, the ugly face of Fish Mouth was particularly eye-catching.

“What a coincidence! It seems that even God is hinting at me.

A gentleman doesnt take his revenge overnight!”


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