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They returned to their base by the teleportation array.

It was already sunset.

Lin Qiye originally wanted to let the Death Warriors rest for a night, but they were unwilling.

“King Lin, we cant waste any more time.

There are still two million elites of the Divine Tiger Clan left.

They have already noticed something is wrong and will gather together before fighting us.

“The time for the decisive battle will arrive in two months at most.

At that time, we will only have a million Golden Core Death Warriors, but the Divine Tiger Clan has two million elites.

Can we win

“It doesnt matter if we die in battle.

We dont want our wives and children in the Angel Planet to feel despair again.

“King Lin, take us to kill the elites of the Divine Tiger Clan! We can stay up all night and march without eating or resting!

“As long as we can protect our wives and children, our loved ones, and our compatriots, we are willing to die!”

More than 500,000 Death Warriors knelt on the ground and petitioned.

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Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Your worries are not without reason.

However, I already have a plan in mind.

“Forget it! Since you all still want to fight, Ill grant your wish!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye floated outside the military camp.

He spent 20,000 movement points to build a teleportation array near the southern borders.

Thus, 520,000 Golden Core Death Warriors descended on the south.

The Berserk Beast Imperial City in the southern borders did not expect that 520,000 troops would attack the city in an instant.

They were caught unprepared.

The Tiger King of the Berserk Beast Imperial City rushed to meet the battle.

However, regardless of whether it was the Tiger King or the Golden Core cultivators, all died under the iron hooves of the Death Warriors.

The war was over!

The Life Lantern Gem notification sounded again.

“At the age of 11, you overthrew the Berserk Beast Imperial City of the Divine Tiger Clan and obtained 100,000 movement points.

Now, you have a total of 360,900 movement points.”

360,900 movement points!

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

The Divine Tiger Universe had contributed much to him!

However, this war also caused the number of Death Warriors to be reduced by 120,000.

Lin Qiye only had 400,000 Death Warriors left.

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He had to create more soldiers again.

After ten days, Lin Qiye created another 100,000, replenishing his troops to 500,000 Death Warriors.

Lin Qiye did not hesitate and immediately rushed towards the second city on the southern borders.

He brutally slaughtered the second city!

[At the age of 11, you wiped out the Divine Tiger Clans Empress Imperial City and obtained 100,000 movement points.

Now, you have a total of 460,900 movement points.]

460,900 movement points!

Thats like achieving eight S grades!

Besides, only 1.4 million elites were left in the Divine Tiger Clan.

Although Lin Qiye only had 370,000 Death Warriors left under his commands, there is still time to create more.

After all, it would take another two months for the Sacred City to mobilize its forces and march to the north.

And so, for the next month, Lin Qiye didnt start any war.

Instead, he waited for the scientists to make more Death Warrior Reagents.

A month later, the number of Death Warriors reached 670,000.

At this point, the Sacred City was rumbling with anger.

The Sacred Lord looked at the war reports from the southern and northern borders.

Its eyes widened, and a vein bulged on its forehead.

“Whats going on Did the Xia Universe intrude on our homes

“We have already followed the instructions of our ancestors and fled for 200,000 years, yet they are still unwilling to let us go”

The Sacred Lords face was full of grievance and anger.

In the imperial court, the generals and strategists were deep in thought.

“Sacred Lord, it cant be those lunatics from Xia Universe.

If they discover the location of our universe, they will directly attack the Sacred City.

“But the enemy this time is in the border region, gradually eating away at our elites.

It is not Xia Universes style.

“I humbly guess the enemy should have 500,000 Golden Core elites on the southern border and 500,000 more on the northern border.

They want to swallow our clan step by step!

“We should quickly gather the remaining elites and pounce towards the northern border! First, we chop off their arm.

That way, victory is within our grasp!”

Hearing that the enemy was not those lunatics from Xia Universe, the Sacred Lords eyes flashed with ruthless battle intent.


“Immediately send 1.4 million troops! I will personally lead the attack on the northern borders! We must let them know how terrifying our Divine Tiger Clan is!

“How dare they come to the Divine Tiger Clans ancestral land to provoke us Even if they are far away, we must kill them!”

The Sacred Lord domineeringly declared war.

Hence, the Golden Core elites from the Divine Tiger Clans remaining imperial cities gathered at the Sacred City!

The Sacred Lord spent three days worshiping the Tiger God.

After that, it led an army of a million Divine Tigers toward the northern border with the other three Tiger Kings.

Although things sounded like they were moving quickly, it actually took 40 days for the 1.4 million elites to gather in the Sacred City.

It took three days to worship the Tiger God.

It took another 21 days for them to march toward the northern border.

A total of 64 days.

It allowed Lin Qiye to create 1,010,000 Death Warriors.

At this moment, a million Death Warriors were ready for the final battle!

The outcome of the final battle will determine the survival of the two races!

Lin Qiyes army of a million Death Warriors was at a disadvantage in this battle.

However, Lin Qiye could not lose!

If he lost, his SS grade would be hopeless.

He could not bring back the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, the Dao Repository Technique, and the two transfection reagents to the main world.

The loss was so huge that Lin Qiye would regret it for the rest of his life.

Hence, in Lin Qiyes heart, he could not help but feel nervous!


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