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489 Incarnation Realm

But now, with the support of the formation, a mere Incarnation Realm cultivator could achieve it easily.

“Its good I havent stopped comprehending the laws during this period.

I should be able to grasp all innate secret techniques now.”

The young man looked down at the empty field and scanned the surroundings with mental power.

After confirming there were no civilians, the energy in his body quickly established a link with the world.

He decided to try summoning the Thunder God Aspect.

It was explained in the manual given by the fat monk that the Thunder God Aspect was a type of Dharma Body.

As long as he fused it with the Outer Dao Dharma many times and slowly expanded his soul space, he could complete the transformation of the Outer Dao Dharma and become the Second Self.

In the vast wilderness, it was still calm a moment ago, but in the next second, a gale suddenly rose, and the world lost its color.

The earth began to tremble faintly, and tiny thunder particles began to gather rapidly from heaven and earth, from two different directions.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment the positive and negative ions came into contact, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

boxn ovel.


The violent power of thunder was gathering at an alarming speed.


Lightning bolts as thick as water buckets struck the ground, causing all living beings within hundreds of miles to prostrate and tremble.

“Whats going on Why cant the shaping be completed”

The young mans expression was a little strained, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

He controlled the energy the same way he used to condense the Thunder God Aspect.

But no matter how much energy he gathered, he could not form a Dharma Body.

It was as if he had lost the core that controlled the energy, causing the energy to be unable to condense and constantly scurry about in this world.


The veins on the young mans neck popped out.

With the help of the formation, he suppressed the power of thunder in this world with all his strength and tried to condense it.

At the same time, Lin Qiye, who was hundreds of meters away, suddenly felt a strong suction force.

He tried his best to resist, but the force was so strong that it seemed to pull his soul out.

Thats right.

Even though he was already a soul, he still felt as if something was about to be extracted from his soul.

“F*ck, whats going on”

Lin Qiye felt a chill down his spine.

He could feel that in an unknown dimension, an energy beyond his knowledge was forcefully stripping something from his soul body.

He couldnt resist, and he didnt know how to.

Gradually, Lin Qiyes vision began to turn black, and his consciousness began to blur.

“Damn it!”

The teenager sensed Lin Qiyes change.

Although he was not affected, he could not stop to help Lin Qiye because he used too much force.

The power of lightning gathered more, covering an area of hundreds of miles, forming a sea of lightning.

Even with the suppression of the formation, the young man was starting to lose control.

He tried to disperse the condensed energy, only to find that the violent lightning suddenly became docile.

Of course, this meekness was only to him.

The lightning was like a torrent, constantly gathering in front of the young man.

Soon, a giant of light thousands of meters tall appeared in the wilderness.

The giants body was surging with lightning.

His face was blurry, and he was still absorbing the energy from the sea of lightning.

Slowly, the sea of lightning became smaller and smaller, and the giants face became clearer, gradually revealing Lin Qiyes appearance.

The sea of lightning continued to shrink, and a thick layer of armor appeared on the giants body.

Even though it was entirely made of energy, the heavy pressure was exposed to the outside without any reservation.

The pressure changed the color of the sky and earth.

Dark clouds covered the earth, and lightning dragons were rolling and galloping in the sea of clouds.

Even if one was thousands of miles away, one could sense an extremely terrifying existence in that area.

In Tata Village, thousands of demons rushed into the sky and stared at the darkness in the distance with wide eyes.

“Whats going on Why did this happen”

“Could it be that a rare treasure has appeared”

“No, theres something frightening under the black clouds! I can feel this pressure.

Even my soul is trembling!”

The commoners were still fine as they could not feel the oppression from the distance.

However, the higher the cultivation of the demons, the more they could feel the horror under the black clouds.

Butcher, Chang Shi, and the others stood high in the sky.

The shock in their hearts was no less than the demons.

“A peerless expert has arrived!”

Butcher stared at the darkness at the end of the horizon.

The fear in his eyes could not be concealed.

“This power has completely exceeded the limits of my perception!”

Lonemoons voice trembled slightly.

Although she didnt say it explicitly, Chang Shi and the others all understood that an existence even she, an Embodier Realm cultivator, couldnt sense was definitely stronger than the Incarnation Realm!

“I-Immortal Realm Is there an Immortal Realm being here”

Chang Shi and Hou Tu couldnt help but swallow.

Although they had imagined the power of an Immortal Realm existence, they only realized how huge the gap was when they felt the powerful energy pressure.

“What do we do The Lord is still in seclusion.

We are unable to deal with that person!”

Hou Tu was slightly anxious.

They didnt know if the expert had any ill intentions.

“The experts aura is so powerful.

Our Lord should have sensed it before us.”

“But hes not taking any action now.

The Lord should be at an important juncture and cant come out.”

“Oh no, if that guy takes this opportunity to attack our Lord, wouldnt we be in trouble”

Butcher and the others felt their hearts tighten.

If anything happened to Lin Qiye, it would be a devastating blow to them.

“I dont care anymore.

Ill gather my men immediately and prepare for battle.”

Lonemoon, on the other hand, was decisive.

She stopped thinking so much and immediately summoned a group of demons to prepare to resist the possible attack.

For a time, communication talismans flew all over the sky.

The demons stationed in various villages all received requests for help.

In the face of an unknown threat, all the demons did not hesitate much and quickly headed for Tata Village.

A few months passed.

In their hearts, they had long been convinced of the Holy Infant.

Now, Lord Holy Infant was in seclusion, but an unknown expert had appeared in his territory.

No matter the other partys intentions, they had to make their stand clear and protect the Lord, who had bestowed them with grace.

The southern region of the Holy King City became lively.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiye had just regained consciousness and woken up from the darkness.

“What the hell Where am I”

He was still a little dizzy, but there was another clear thought in his mind.

“F*ck! How did I become the Thunder God Aspect”

The young man appeared in Lin Qiyes line of sight.

He was looking at Lin Qiye in disbelief.


Lin Qiye shook his head and gradually regained consciousness.

He glanced at the young man, then couldnt help but look down at his palms.

He saw two mountain-like palms and a body thousands of meters tall.

“F*ck!” Lin Qiye couldnt help but curse.

His voice was long and thunderous, causing the world to tremble.

“My soul has fused with the Thunder God Dharma What the hell is going on”

The youngster and Lin Qiyes eyes widened in disbelief.

In the past, when he summoned the Thunder God Aspect, he could move separately, and it only took up a trace of Lin Qiyes consciousness.

If Lin Qiye focused on the enemy, the Thunder God Aspects ability to fight on its own would be sharply reduced.

It did not possess the ability to think and fight on its own.

Everything was affected by Lin Qiye.

However, Lin Qiye realized now that he had completely merged with the Thunder God Aspect.

It wasnt his clone formed by the Outer Dao Dharma that had merged with it, but the source of his soul.

“Wait, my souls origin is here.

What about my soul body”

Lin Qiyes expression changed slightly.

He suddenly recalled the unknown suction force from before.

“What the hell That power just now… Could it be from summoning the Thunder God Aspect Do I need to extract my souls origin from my soul body when I form it”

The young mans eyes were filled with shock.

He had already sensed that his soul body had not disappeared but was left in the Holy Infant City God Temple in Tata Village.

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