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488 Incarnation Realm

The statue crumbled and turned into ashes.

Only a dazzling ball of light was left inside.

Looking at it closely, threads of scarlet flesh and blood were continuously condensing within the ball.

Bones, organs, blood vessels, muscles, and bones.

A naked young man over 170 centimeters tall was displayed in front of Lin Qiye without any disguise.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but smile as he looked at the young man who looked exactly like him in the main world.

The young man stretched his body and smiled at Lin Qiye.

An endless stream of spiritual energy wrapped the young man within.

The power of faith kept washing his new body.

His aura was rising rapidly.

Qi Refinement Realm, Foundation Establishment Realm, Golden Core Realm, Nascent Soul Realm…

There were no barriers along the way as if he was riding a rocket, skyrocketing at an alarming speed.

Finally, after a long time, the youths aura stopped at the peak of the Incarnation Realm.

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The spiritual energy was still flowing into the young mans body.

There was a faint trend of it bursting.

“This should be the limit.

The Incarnation Realm is only a mortal body, after all, and cant bear too much energy before the transformation is complete,” The young man muttered regretfully.

Lin Qiye nodded.

The Immortal Realm was a huge dividing border, and there was a qualitative difference between it and the Incarnation Realm.

An Immortal existence being could easily crush thousands of Incarnation Realm experts.

“But this time, my mental power seems to have made a breakthrough.”

Lin Qiye looked at the youngster.

With a thought, the young man closed his eyes, and his mental power spread from his body.

Ten miles, a hundred miles, a thousand miles!

His strong mental power covered a radius of a thousand miles before reaching its limit.

“The increase in mental power from the physical body is more than ten times”

The teenagers face was filled with shock.

Lin Qiye reacted the same, but he soon fell into deep thought.

“Thats not right.

Although the physical body can affect ones mental power to a certain extent, its already impressive to double it.

“My mental powers range was only a few dozen miles before, but its now over a thousand miles.

Unless Ive broken through to the Immortal Realm, its impossible to be so exaggerated.”

The young man and Lin Qiye looked at each other.

After the physical body was completed, their connection was even tighter and clearer.

They both knew they were the same person, but they still maintained the characteristic of being able to think independently.

“Is it because of the power of faith”

The young man floated in the air and pondered.

“No, perhaps it has something to do with the formation I set up.”

Lin Qiye calmed down and felt it.

He could vaguely sense the area covered by his mental power had a connection with the formation he had set up.

The energy-gathering array used the residents houses as the base and covered the entire southern region of Holy King City.

Its function was to accumulate energy and help with cultivation.

Now, it had inexplicably increased his mental power by a considerable amount.

Lin Qiye carefully felt it and found the reason for the strengthening of his mental power.

“In this great formation, my mental power can be directly strengthened by the power of faith and spiritual energy.

This energy-gathering array seems to have some ability to transform energy.

Could it be that something happened when it was set up”

When a formation was being set up, even the slightest change could render it ineffective.

There was only a tiny possibility that it would cause other changes to the formation.

According to Lin Qiyes guess, the energy-gathering array could transform the power of faith and spiritual energy to strengthen ones mental power.

It was very likely that something went wrong when the formation was set up, which led to the creation of a new formation.

“The energy within the formation can also be used at will.

Moreover, the huge reserves inside are already comparable to Immortal Realm experts.”

The young man was also quietly sensing everything within the array.

Suddenly, the two froze.

When they looked at each other, they were both surprised.

“Since I can fully control the energy in this formation, doesnt that mean that Im comparable to an Immortal Realm expert in this formation ”

Lin Qiyes heart was beating fast.

“No, its not just comparable! The energy provided by the formation is endless.

As long as the consumption doesnt exceed the speed at which spiritual energy and power of faith gather, Im invincible here!”

The young man was also excited.

The strength of an Immortal Realm expert lay in their God Realm.

A God Realm could provide a powerful defense for the soul, and at the same time, it could drastically increase energy storage and recovery ability.

Lin Qiye was currently unable to create a God Realm.

However, by relying on the energy-gathering formations built by the villages, they provided him with part of the God Realms power.

In the field of energy storage and recovery, the mutated energy-gathering formation was not inferior to the one brought by the God Realm.

It was even slightly stronger.

The two felt their blood boiling.

They couldnt help but want to test the limits of the energy they could control.

“Now that I have the Outer Dao Dharma, with the support of my flesh and blood, I can use my thunder-type innate secret techniques,” the young man muttered.

With a thought, lightning began to appear around him.

His comprehension of the laws was deeply preserved at the soul level, so he could quickly control the power of lightning the moment he obtained a physical body.

“Lightning Warp!”

The teenagers figure flashed, and lightning appeared under his feet.

He disappeared from Lin Qiyes sight in an instant.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but feel surprised.

Through the perception of the soul, he discovered that the teenager had already appeared hundreds of miles away!

Such an exaggerated teleportation distance was something Lin Qiye could only achieve during the period when he reached the Immortal Realm.

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