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487 The Occurrence of a Miracle

With the help of the demons, the villagers were able to raise and tame livestock.

All production was rapidly increasing.

There was plenty of food and a wide variety.

The delivery service also drastically increased the convenience of the residents lives.

The people lived and worked in peace, and the demons became more energetic with the boost of incense.

The southern region of the Holy King City looked like a paradise.

Two months later, in the Holy Infant City God Temple.

“Soon, just a little bit more…”

Lin Qiye floated in the inner space of the baby statue in the center of the temple.

To speed up the condensation of the Outer Dao Dharma, he had been stationed here for the past two months, guiding the power of faith to construct the Dharma Body.

In the darkness, the sound of an egg cracking could be heard.

Immediately after, beams of light shot out from the depths and shone on Lin Qiyes translucent soul.

“Its done!”

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Lin Qiyes eyes lit up as he dashed toward the source of the light.


His soul passed through the light source and reached the depths.

It was chaotic inside, and he could only see a faint light spot.

“Thats the soul space”

Lin Qiye was speechless as he looked at the speck of light which was not even the size of a speck of dust.

Although he knew that the soul space of the Outer Dao Dharma was small, he did not expect it to be of this extent.

He tried to shrink his soul to enter it.

However, no matter how much he compressed his soul, the soul space would shrink along with it.

Even if Lin Qiye had already shrunk to his limit, that soul space was still only the size of dust in his eyes.

“It seems like I have to find a way to merge my Second Self if I want to expand this soul space.

“Let me take a look at this Outer Dao Dharma first.”

Lin Qiye arrived at the temple in a flash.

The baby statue didnt seem to have changed much, but he could feel that its life force was overpowering.

At this moment, it was not only the power of faith, but even the spiritual energy was constantly surging into the statue.

Lin Qiye looked at the statue and mumbled with a strange expression, “This feeling ..”

He looked at the statue, and it seemed to be looking back at him.

The two looked at each other.

Lin Qiye felt an indescribable strangeness in his heart.

It was like walking on the street and suddenly seeing himself walking towards him.

Not only did they look similar, but their thoughts were also identical, yet they seemed independent.



The soul and the statue greeted each other and then stared at each other in a daze.

A moment later, the statues voice appeared in Lin Qiyes mind.

“Im still weak right now.

I need your help to form a body of flesh and blood.”


Lin Qiye looked at the statue, still not used to it.

He could feel the thoughts of the statue, or rather, they were not the thoughts of the statue, but his own thoughts.

It was just that this thought appeared on the statue.

They had no secrets from each other, but their thoughts were independent.

It was indescribably strange.


Lin Qiye wanted to ask something, but he felt like a fool.

It was as if he was talking to a mirror.

“What, youre frightened by this” The statue suddenly teased.

His tone was the same as Lin Qiyes when he teased others.

“F*ck!” Lin Qiye cursed.

Was he being teased by himself


Ill help you create a body of flesh and blood first.”

Addressing his thoughts asyou was an extremely embarrassing thing.

However, Lin Qiye gradually adapted to it and quickly accepted the existence of his Outer Dao Dharma.

The two shared the same thoughts, and they could know what each other was thinking immediately.

According to the records in the manual left behind by the fat monk, Lin Qiye immediately set out to create a physical body for the Outer Dao Dharma.

“Its a pity that this method of forming a physical body is only suitable for the Outer Dao Dharma…”

Lin Qiye mumbled as he set up some arrays around the statue.

“My situation is different from yours.

Of course, the way I build my body is different,” The statue looked at Lin Qiye, who was busy at the side and spoke calmly.

Lin Qiye understood.

The Outer Dao Dharma did not have a soul, and because it was born in a special way, it did not need complicated materials to build a physical body.

As long as there was enough power of faith, one could create a body that was no different from normal life.

“This power of faith is truly miraculous.

It can be said to be omnipotent.”

The more Lin Qiye understood the power of faith, the more he felt its power.

“Remember to guide the spiritual energy over when you guide the power of faith.

After Ive shaped my physical body, I can use the spiritual energy to break through without any bottlenecks.”

The statue reminded Lin Qiye when it saw that he had finished setting up the array.


How could I not know about this”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Did I get a clone, or am I suffering from schizophrenia”

“Strictly speaking, youve obtained a clone with thoughts.

We share the same soul, but we can think independently.”

“Shut up.

Do I need you to explain it”

Lin Qiye felt like an idiot the moment he finished scolding it.

“Is it okay to quarrel with yourself”

He shook his head and began to concentrate on operating the array to help the statue absorb the power of faith.

Previously, the southern region of the Holy King City had been transformed into a large formation to gather spiritual energy and power of faith.

The spiritual energy in any part of the formation was ten times denser than before.

As the core of the array, the Holy Infant City God Temple had a hundred times the density of spirit energy in the outside world!

Lin Qiye had set up an even more intricate array at the core.

The density of the spiritual energy in the temple had almost reached three hundredfold!

“Absorb it quickly.

I cant sustain the energy consumption of this formation for long.”


Lin Qiye and the statue looked at each other and solemnly immersed themselves in their respective states.

In the sky above the temple, the cloudless sky suddenly began to gather with purple light.

Gradually, more and more rays of light gathered, and they began to form purple clouds.

All kinds of radiances flashed, making this part of the world seem like it was about to transform and ascend.

“Heavens! Is there another miracle”

The villagers knelt and piously kowtowed in the direction of the City God Temple.

“What kind of power is this Could it be that Lord Holy Infant is about to ascend”

Some demons recalled the rumors of Ascension, and their eyes widened in disbelief.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

More purple auspicious clouds appeared and quickly turned into an energy waterfall that poured down.

The villagers worshiping in the temple saw the energy waterfall pouring onto the statue.

One by one, they trembled and prostrated on the ground, not daring to show any disrespect.


The golden layer on the statues surface began to crack.

Then, the stone inside also turned into dust and dissipated.

The holy light illuminated the entire City God Temple.

The next second, the purple and auspicious cloud dispersed, and an endless spiritual energy vortex suddenly covered the sky above Tata Village.

Hundreds of spiritual energy springs began to spew spiritual energy that had turned into liquid and gathered towards the temple.

Witnessing all this, the commoners kowtowed devoutly, and the demons knelt in fear.

A spiritual spring!

The legendary rare spiritual spring, at this moment, appeared above their heads!

The demons eyes turned red.

However, none of them dared to take any action.

They all knew that the spiritual spring was controlled by the unfathomable superpower, the Holy Infant.

If anyone dared to covet his possession, they would be courting death!

The reverence in their hearts suppressed the greed.

At this moment, all that was left was their fanatical admiration for Lin Qiye and bone-deep respect.

“His Lordship was able to create a spiritual spring out of thin air!”

Chang Shi and the others were also dumbfounded.

They no longer dared to guess what Lin Qiyes upper limit was.

In the past, they had only regarded Lin Qiye as an Immortal.

Now, Lin Qiye was a supreme existence in their hearts.

Even if an Immortal descended, they would not be so shocked.

But they didnt know that thespiritual spring was merely a vortex formed naturally after Lin Qiye gathered spirit energy through an array and reached a certain concentration.

The spiritual energy vortex could only exist for a short period, and the purity of the spiritual energy it gathered was far less than that of a real spiritual spring.

In this world, only the peak forces could maintain a spiritual spring.

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