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486 The Occurrence of a Miracle

In Lonemoons eyes, the missions were all unprofitable deals.

First, the residents had long since developed a strong faith in Lin Qiye.

Even if he built their houses, the amount of incense they could offer would be limited.

Under such circumstances, giving a portion to the demons was like giving them benefits for free.

“Brother Butcher is right.

How can we guess what the Lord is thinking I think wed better hurry up and carry out his mission.”

Chang Shi and Hou Tu were not as close as Lonemoon and Lin Qiye.

No matter what Lonemoon thought, the two immediately called Butcher and prepared to distribute new tasks.

Lonemoon had no choice but to follow.

It had been more than two months.

The demons were summoned again.

Lonemoon could not help but feel shocked at the sight of the mighty group.

“Im afraid there are nearly 100,000 demons here! Isnt it terrible to share the incense with so many demons”

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“Dont worry.

The residents of Holy King City only have faith in the Lord.

Those guys will only get a small portion of it,” Chang Shi explained with a smile.

“But there are so many demons.

How can we manage them all Wouldnt it be troublesome if someone were to steal the offerings for free”

Lonemoon frowned, feeling a headache from the management.

“Theres no need to worry about that.

Those fellows wont dare to act recklessly.

The commoners will help us monitor them.

Besides, who would give up the benefits at their fingertips and instead offend the Lord”

Chang Shi and the others laughed.

Lin Qiye did not force the demons to do anything difficult.

All they did was gently help the residents of the Holy King City, and they could reap unexpected benefits.

Who wouldnt be happy to live freely like this

Lonemoon didnt understand what they were saying, but she decided to stay and see what Lin Qiye had done to tame these demons.

In the sky, Chang Shi and the others stood in the air.

“Everyone! Ive gathered you all here today because I have a new mission to issue!”

“New mission Thats great!”

There was no need to boast about any benefits, and the demons were already excited.

All of them looked up at the few figures in the sky with bright faces.

“It is our honor to serve the Holy Infant!”

“What kind of mission is it Chang Shi, hurry up and tell us!”

Chang Shi laughed and said loudly, “This mission is a long-term one.

As long as you serve us well and finish the mission, we will have an endless supply of incense offerings in the future!”

“What Is there such a catch”

“What do you want us to do”

The demons couldnt hold back anymore.

The gains from helping the residents build their houses had already made them overjoyed.

Now, Chang Shi was telling them that they would have the opportunity to receive an endless stream of incense offerings.

With such a good deal, as long as they didnt have to throw their lives away, it was definitely worth it.

“The mission this time is simple.

Help the people with their daily trifles.

The details are briefly as follows…”

Chang Shi slowly began to introduce the scope of the mission.

The mission was as simple as he had said, without any life-threatening tendencies.

And for demons, those things were almost effortless.

For example, food and goods delivery.

It didnt matter if the residents were at home or working outside.

As long as there was a need, the demons in charge of helping could accept the mission requirements and quickly deliver the items to the residents.

Naturally, Lin Qiye implemented this type of convenient service without hesitation.

In addition, it was also to improve the residents quality of life.

He also set some unique missions according to the abilities of different demons.

For example, demons good at using the power of vitality could help farmers cultivate crops.

Demons good at controlling beasts could help build farms, domesticate animals, and so on.

All the tasks that could improve the quality of life and make people live more comfortably were listed.

Every task was a long-term mission that could be recycled.

As for the reward policy, it was simple.

Every family had a list of offerings.

There would be a detailed distribution plan for which demons would be responsible for helping.

Every time a family received help, they would record it and add it to the incense offerings.

“Its so easy to get an endless stream of incense offerings”

“Its Lord Holy Infants pity.

This is clearly a great opportunity for us!”

“Long live the Lord Holy Infant!”

The demons shouted excitedly.

Lonemoon, however, was stunned.

She did not expect these demons to respect Lin Qiye so much.

If what Chang Shi and the others said was true, and the incense that these demons received was just a drizzle, Lin Qiye did not seem to be making a loss by recruiting them.

Seeing the change in Lonemoons expression, Chang Shi smiled and said to her, “Although we dont know what the Lord wants to do, his plan is something we didnt even dare to think about before.

Recruiting these demons is only the first step of His Lordships plan.

Hell be able to recruit more members in the future.”

Lonemoon blinked her large eyes.

The 100,000 demons were only the first step of his plan.

Would they recruit more later

Could it be that Lin Qiye wanted to build an empire where demons and humans coexisted

Lonemoon couldnt understand Lin Qiyes thoughts, but in the following period, she witnessed with her own eyes the harmonious coexistence of humans and demons after the mission system was implemented.


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