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485 The Lords Mission

In the following month, nearly 100,000 demons expressed their goodwill to the residents of the Holy King City.

At first, when the demons with ugly faces appeared in front of the residents, many were so scared that their faces turned pale, and they knelt to beg for mercy.

It immediately caused the demons to be at a loss.

They also knelt in front of the residents and explained repeatedly.

Slowly, as soon as the news spread, all the residents knew that these demons had been purified by the Holy Infant and had come to help them renovate their houses.

The residents had all received the news from Chang Shi and the others that the Holy Infant would bless them and renovate their houses.

Everything was completely free!

Who wouldnt be happy with such good news

They werent moving away.

They were only expanding and renovating their houses.

No matter how nostalgic a person was, who would mind if they could get a free upgrade

Hence, with the help of many demons, new residential houses were built one after another.

Apart from the few rigid requirements that Lin Qiye had set for the formation, the design style was entirely up to the residents.

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The demons worked diligently.

No matter what requests the residents made, they would complete them seriously.

In one month, the reconstruction of more than 30 villages near Tata Village was done.

“My Lord, according to your request, the reconstruction of the villages and towns in the southern region of the Holy King City has been completed.

Should we expand the scale of our recruitment to other demons”

Chang Shi and the others reported to Lin Qiye.

“Theres no hurry.

When the effect is revealed, those guys will naturally come begging for it,” Lin Qiye said indifferently.

He had been studying the Outer Dao Dharma all this time.

Before he reconstructed his physical body, he did not dare to let his mental power break through to the Immortal Realm.

If he wanted to further improve his strength, he could only try to form an Outer Dao Dharma and check if it could be used as a substitute for his physical body.

The second month after recruiting the new demons, the incense in the villagers homes had also burned for a month.

There was no need for Lin Qiye to control it deliberately.

Traces of the power of faith were divided to the demons.

Although it was only a tiny trace, the demons mainly cultivated spiritual energy.

With the blessing and guidance of that power of faith, their bodies were baptized one by one, and their spiritual cavities gradually became transparent.

In addition, the transformed boundary was within the array designed by Lin Qiye.

The density of the spiritual energy was also much higher than the outside world.

The demons cultivation speed was at least five times faster than before.

“Is this the effect of the incense Its only been a month, and my realm has loosened!”

“Hahahaha! My cultivation speed was several times faster than before! Im a genius now!”

The demons who had received incense offerings were all ecstatic.

Even though the incense they received was only a tiny portion, it brought them significant benefits.

Of course, such benefits would not grow abnormally as the incense offerings increased.

The higher the offerings, the less of an improvement it would bring.

The reason why enjoying a wisp of incense could bring such a great benefit was because their dull spiritual cavities had changed.

It could only be upgraded once, and there wouldnt be a second time.

However, for the demons, this was enough.

Their cultivation speed had increased several times, and as long as they could maintain it, they would break through to the Nascent Soul Realm or even the Embodier Realm in the future.

The demons were filled with anticipation.

Some were even thinking about how to show off in front of Lin Qiye.

To get more rewards, they wanted to reach the level of Chang Shi and the others.

Another half a month passed.

In Lonemoons residence, a powerful aura suddenly burst out, absorbing more than half of the spiritual energy around the pagoda.

“Lonemoon has broken through!”

Chang Shi and Hou Tu rushed toward Lonemoons residence excitedly.

The other demons that stayed near Tata Village also went to join in the fun.

“What a terrifying aura.

Who is it Theres such a powerful existence in the outer residential area”

“Thats lonemoons courtyard.

She hasnt moved to Lord Holy Infants place yet.”

“I heard she has been in seclusion for the past two months.

She has finally broken through.”

“Oh my God, Lonemoon used to be the same as me, only in the late-stage Golden Core Realm.

How long has it been What realm has she reached”

Many demons present were only Golden Core Realm cultivators.

They could not tell Lonemoons current cultivation level.

At this moment, Lonemoon pushed the door open and walked out.

Chang Shi, Hou Tu, and Butcher all came forward to congratulate her.


“Not bad, Lonemoon.

You actually broke through to the Embodier Realm directly! ”

Chang Shi and Hou Tu were envious.

Before Lonemoon went into seclusion, she was only in the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, slightly weaker than Chang Shi.

However, she had stepped into the Embodier Realm directly after coming out of seclusion without relying on anyones help.

Her talent was indeed enviable.

Lonemoon looked at the few of them and smiled smugly.

“Hmph! Its just so-so.

You guys have to work hard too!”

“Damn, youre still putting on airs”

Chang Shi and Hou Tu laughed and scolded.

At this moment, Lonemoon noticed many unfamiliar faces gathered around her.

She couldnt help but look at Chang Shi and the others in confusion.

“Whats going on Where did those guys come from”

Tata Village was a forbidden area for demons.

Even those who wanted to join Lin Qiye had to go through them.

Anyone who dared to step into the territory of Tata Village would be killed by Butcher and the others.

However, at least dozens of demons gathered nearby, and Butcher and the others didnt take any action.

It was obvious that something had happened while she was in seclusion.

“Oh, those guys are all new here.

Theyre all working for the Lord now, so some are staying here to guard the place.”

Chang Shi explained.

“Youve missed out on many things while you were in seclusion.

Ill tell you the details later, “Hou Tu also said.

Lonemoon looked at the two of them, then looked around as if she was looking for something.

“What, are you looking at where Lord Holy Infant is” Chang Shi laughed and joked.

Lonemoon pursed her lips, tilted her head, and said, “Who would care about him”

Chang Shi and Hou Tu looked at each other and couldnt help but smile.

Then, they said, “The Lord is currently in seclusion.

He just gave us a new mission this morning, so we probably cant disturb him for a while.”

Hearing this, Lonemoons eyes flashed with disappointment.

After she broke through, the first thing she thought of was to show off to Lin Qiye.

However, she didnt expect that he would go into seclusion before she came out!

“Since youve come out of seclusion, you can come with us to complete this mission.

Well also tell you what happened during this period.”

The two could see Lonemoons disappointment, so they tactfully stopped talking about Lin Qiye.

“Mission What kind of mission”

Lonemoons attention was quickly drawn to the mission.

Chang Shi and Hou Tu roughly explained to her the arrangements that Lin Qiye had made.

They then informed her of the new mission.

“What is that guy thinking What does he want to do by gathering so many useless demons and giving them incense”

Since she revealed her relationship with Lin Qiye to everyone, Lonemoon had completely let herself go.

TheLord she had been referring to in the past had now becomethat fellow.

Chang Shi and the others smiled helplessly.

Lonemoon was probably the only one who would dare to be disrespectful to Lin Qiye.

“The Lords thoughts are not something we can guess.

We only need to follow his orders.

There is no need to think so much.”

Butcher was straightforward.

He would never guess Lin Qiyes thoughts.

Lonemoon, however, frowned in confusion.

Deep down, she cared about Lin Qiye.

Naturally, she did not want him to suffer any losses.

In her opinion, with Lin Qiyes current strength and the help of Butcher and the others, there was almost nothing he couldnt handle.

Now, he had recruited so many new subordinates for no reason and even distributed incense to them.

It was a waste of resources!

It was like a company.

Lin Qiye recruited a hundred people for a job that could be done by ten people.

How could she possibly understand

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