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484 The Lords Mission

Lin Qiyes plan for the future was related to the demons helping the humans build their houses.

The new houses did not require any payment from the people.

However, during the construction process, some things had to be carried out according to Lin Qiyes requirements.

He wanted to link up all the residential houses in the Holy King City district.

It was not literally connecting all the houses.

Instead, the residential areas were used to build the base of a large array.

“The Lords methods are truly heaven-defying.

Im afraid only he could think of such a heaven-defying array!”

Butcher thought to himself as he looked at the excited demons below.

Lin Qiyes array would be connected to the Holy King City.

The formation did not have any offensive or defensive capabilities.

Its only use was to gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, as well as better collect the power of faith.

As long as one was within the range of the formation, any living being would be baptized by spiritual energy at all times.

They did not even need to deliberately cultivate to allow a person with no talent to reach the Ninth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Of course, this was the maximum benefit the formation brought to mortals.

If they wanted to reach a higher realm, they had to take the initiative to cultivate.

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However, this method was already heaven-defying.

If one could reach the Ninth Level of the Qi Refinement Realm without cultivating, one could naturally improve rapidly if they actively cultivated.

The demons did not know about Lin Qiyes plan, but the attraction of the incense was enough to make them follow his orders obediently.

“Chang Shi, will Lord Holy Infant really let us enjoy the incense Why do I feel that this is not reliable”

A red-haired demon on good terms with Chang Shi secretly asked him.

Upon hearing this, Chang Shi smiled at him.

He didnt hide it but looked directly at the group and said, “Im sure everyone doubted my words.

However, I can tell you responsibly that the contents and rewards of those missions were personally decided by our Lord.

“Of course, as you all know, the villagers around here all believe in our Lord.

Thus, even if we were to offer you incense, we would not give you all of it.

“Youll only get a portion.

As for how much you get, that will depend on the impression you leave in the peoples hearts.”

The meaning behind his words was obvious.

Chang Shi was hinting to the demons to treat the villagers better.

After all, only by treating the villagers well would they offer incense with sincerity.

“This mission is too difficult.

All the villagers in the Holy Infants territory are well-off.

How can there be so many people who need to build houses”

Some demons asked what they were thinking.

“You dont have to worry about this.

All the villagers houses, including Tata Village, will be rebuilt.

What you need to pay attention to is that every households reconstruction project must be done in strict accordance with the Lords requirements.

If there is any failure to meet the requirements, the qualification to receive incense will be canceled.”

Chang Shi explained the situation in detail and clearly stated Lin Qiyes request.

“Thats great! When can we start”

After confirming there were enough houses for them to build, many demons began to get restless.

Currently, Lin Qiye has already influenced dozens of villages.

His impact on Holy King City was also gradually expanding.

Although there were many demons in their group, it was not a problem for each of them to be given a family.

And if they worked quickly, they might be able to get two, three, or even more households.

“If youre ready, you can start work at any time.

However, I repeat, if anyone dares to violate the rules set by His Lordship, even if an Immortal comes, they will not be able to help you escape punishment!”

Chang Shi warned with a stern expression.

The demons were shocked.

Even an Immortal couldnt help them

Didnt that mean the Lords strength was at least at the Immortal Realm

“Dont worry.

Well definitely follow the rules and not mess around!” The demons promised.

Some had indeed had crooked ideas, but now, all of them put away their little thoughts.

On this day, the news that one could earn incense offerings by helping the villagers build houses by joining Lin Qiye spread like wildfire.

Some hesitant demons were envious, and some made sarcastic remarks out of jealousy.

However, at the same time as they received this news, another piece of news made all the demons hearts beat faster.

“I didnt expect that Holy Infant Temple Master to be suspected of being an Immortal Realm existence.”

“This is going to be troublesome.

We rejected his recruitment.

Theres no way we could survive in this land in the future.”

“Sigh, I shouldnt have listened to you guys.

Whats so bad about joining the Holy Infant Look at those guys.

Such a good thing happened to them the moment they went over.”

“Whats the point of saying that now Lets go.

We cant stay in the Holy King Citys territory any longer.”

The demons who did not want to be bound by Lin Qiye began to move out.

Those who had yet to be recruited were waiting quietly on their mountains to see if the Holy Infant would recruit them again.

Lin Qiye did not interfere in any of this.

He didnt force or stop those willing to leave, but he didnt immediately take in those who stayed.

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