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483 Rules and Incense

“You better watch your mouth.

Chang Shis cultivation is stronger than yours now!”

Some demons felt they were looked down on because Lin Qiye did not show up.

In front of Chang Shi, other than his good friends, most demons were not as polite as before.

As the leader of the demons, Lin Qiye should at least show his face at the first meeting so that everyone could admire him.

However, he didnt even show his face and only sent Chang Shi to assign tasks to everyone.

He didnt take them seriously.

In the sky, Chang Shi and the others were calm.

They had expected this to happen.

“Brother Butcher, it looks like youll have to come forward.”

Chang Shi looked at Butcher with a smile.

He and Hou Tu werent able to completely suppress those demons, but this time, Butcher was with them.

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Butcher smiled faintly and stepped forward in the air.

An invisible spiritual power spread out instantly, enveloping an area of nearly 10,000 meters.

All the demons were trapped in it.

The pressure of his mental power and the mid-stage Embodier Realm aura instantly suppressed the nearly 100,000 demons.

Some demons with lower cultivation levels even knelt on the spot with their legs trembling.

Butchers sharp gaze swept across the group.

“Theres something I have to remind everyone.

Its your fortune to be under His Lordship.

Hes not begging you to join.”

Every demon he glared at felt a chill down its spine, and their breathing stopped, especially the few mountain lords in the Nascent Soul Realm.

They had been the loudest earlier, so when Butcher spoke, he deliberately looked at them.

“Ive long heard that Lord Holy Infant has a general who is unparalleled in strength.

I didnt expect him to be so strong!”

A Nascent Soul Realm demon who had not participated in the crusade against the snake demon was shocked.

Even such a powerful existence was only one of the Holy Infants subordinates.

How ridiculous was he

The demons didnt dare to complain anymore, and they all became obedient when they looked at Butcher.

It was the deterrence of absolute strength.

Seeing that no one dared to make a fuss, Chang Shi stepped forward again with a smile.

“Everyone, as I said earlier, we will inform you of some of the missions, rewards, and penalties.

If you wish to withdraw now, there is still time.”

After that, Chang Shi waited quietly.

The demons below looked at each other, but none mentioned leaving.


Next, Ill talk about the missions you can do in the future and the corresponding rewards.”

Chang Shi glanced at the group of demons.

They were silent as they listened.

“Our Lords good fortune is for one side.

Whether its a human or a demon, he will grace everyone.

“The people offer offerings to the Lord, and what you need to do is to bring help to the people in the area under the Lords jurisdiction.

The first task is to build houses for the people.”

The demons had already understood the matter of helping the humans before they came.

Therefore, when they heard this, they didnt have much of a reaction.

They waited for the next part to see the benefits of helping the people.

Chang Shi didnt beat around the bush and said, “As for your reward, you can set up a memorial tablet in their house and enjoy the incense offerings from that family!

“The familys incense offerings will belong to whoever builds the house!”


The moment his words fell, there was an uproar.

Could they also get incense offerings

In the knowledge of all demons, the legendary Holy Infant was so powerful because he had received the faith and worship of a large number of people.

The endless stream of incense offerings was the source of his strength.

Therefore, when they heard that they could get a share of it, all of them couldnt help but rub their fists and palms.

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