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477 Luring Me To Attack the Black Dragon


Lin Qiye didnt react, but Chang Shi, Butcher, and the others gasped.

What the hell

There is a mountain of treasures, yet it was only a tenth of his wealth

Although the dragon race was usually much richer than human cultivators of the same level, it was still a huge difference.

However, how could he, an Embodier Realm cultivator, possess such wealth

Lin Qiye looked deeply at the White Dragon.

The White Dragons heart began to tremble, and his expression stiffened.

“You want to use me to help you deal with that Black Dragon Driving the tiger to swallow the wolf.

Thats a good method.”

Lin Qiye smiled at the White Dragon.

“No, I dont dare to.

My Lord, please be wise! This lowly ones treasure was truly taken by that Black Dragon.

If you dont believe me, you can take everything here from me without any complaints!”

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White Dragons forehead broke out in a cold sweat.

He did not expect Lin Qiye to see through his plan and expose him.

“Hmph.” Lin Qiye looked at the White Dragon sarcastically.

“How could a guy already half a step into the Immortal Realm be so spineless”

Hearing this, everyone present was shocked.

Butcher and Chang Shi looked at the White Dragon in disbelief.

The White Dragon was so shocked that his voice started to tremble.

He tried his best to squeeze out a smile and said, “My Lord, are you joking How can I be…”

“You dont need to argue.

Although my current cultivation level isnt that great, Im still good at judging people,” Lin Qiye mocked.

Only existences above the Immortal Realm could make him feel that he could not see through them.

The fat monk he had met in Tata Village was one of them.

He could see a trace of an immortal aura hidden in the White Dragon.

It was a sign that he had touched the threshold of the Immortal Realm, an opportunity to create a God Realm.

Lin Qiye had reached that realm before, so he naturally knew it well.

The White Dragons expression of respect gradually faded away when he saw Lin Qiyes confidence.

At this moment, any disguise would be in vain because the guy in front of him had seen through him.

“How did you know”

The White Dragons expression turned hideous.

He really couldnt understand.

Butcher, Chang Shi, and Hou Tu were stunned when they heard his silent agreement.

They didnt expect the White Dragon to be an expert at the Half-immortal Realm.

And this wasnt the most shocking matter.

What shocked them the most was that the White Dragon was fearful of Lin Qiye.

What was the meaning of this

Could it be that their Lord had become so powerful that even Half-immortal Realm experts were afraid of him

That was not the case.

Lin Qiyes current strength was equivalent to that of an Embodier Realm cultivator.

As for his mental power, he was only at the peak of Embodier Realm.

The reason why the White Dragon was so afraid of him was that he specialized in mental power.

He crushed the White Dragon in this aspect.

On the other hand, he was once an Immortal Realm expert, so he could easily see through anyone below that level.

The White Dragon had lost the will to scheme because Lin Qiye had revealed his hidden background.

Lin Qiye floated in the air.

Although he did not show his power, the White Dragon already felt immense pressure.

He didnt answer the White Dragons question but looked at him coldly and said, “I hate being schemed against.”

His voice was as cold as the freezing wind from the bitter abyss.

The White Dragon was shocked.

It turned around and tried to escape.

However, Lin Qiye was already prepared.

The moment he moved, the entire cave was sealed with his mental power.

As long as there was a soul, it would be impossible to break out of the mental barrier before it was broken.

Regretfully, Lin Qiyes mental power was so strong that he wouldnt flinch if the White Dragon were to attack him.

“My Lord, please spare me! Im willing to offer all my treasures to you!”

The White Dragons attack was ineffective, so he quickly knelt and begged for mercy.

However, Lin Qiye remained unmoved.

He controlled his mental power and gradually pressed it against the White Dragon.

“If you had surrendered from the start, I might have accepted you.

But now… you can go in peace.”

With the White Dragon as the center, his mental power formed a sealed domain, enveloping and shrinking.

Seeing that his begging was futile, the White Dragon let out an angry roar, “Damned guy! Even if I die, I wont let you have an easy time! Just wait.

One day, youll definitely become that guys prey!”

He glared at Lin Qiye with hatred.

His body suddenly began to expand, and he transformed into his dragon form.

However, Lin Qiye had already sealed the space with his mental power.

Before he could reveal his true form, the sealed space was completely filled.


The White Dragon suddenly exploded.

The powerful shockwave shattered Lin Qiyes mental power that had sealed the space.

Lin Qiyes expression changed slightly.

In the next second, the force of the backlash crashed into his consciousness.


“My Lord!”

Seeing Lin Qiye spit out a transparent liquid that glowed with fluorescent light, Butcher, Chang Shi, and the others were all shocked.

It was the first time they had seen Lin Qiye injured.

“Im fine.” Lin Qiye waved his hand, his face slightly pale.

He didnt expect the White Dragon to choose to self-destruct.

More importantly, when he self-destructed, Lin Qiyes mental power locked down the space.

The energy that couldnt be fully released was almost all crashing on his mental power.

He was unable to bear it.

Fortunately, it was a physical impact, so the damage caused to him was limited.

If he had used his physical body to withstand the explosion, even a mid-stage Incarnation Realm cultivator would have died on the spot.

Lin Qiye absorbed the soul fluid he had spat out and recovered most of the damage he had suffered.

It was the benefit of the power of faith.

Under normal circumstances, the damaged part of the soul would dissipate immediately.

It could only be gradually recovered through cultivation or some soul-repairing treasures.

However, his soul had been baptized by the power of faith for a long time and was deeply strengthened.

Even if it were damaged, it would not dissipate immediately.

Instead, it would turn into pure soul energy and scatter.

As long as Lin Qiye could absorb it within a certain period, the damage received could be quickly compensated for.

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