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473 Devouring the White Dragon

“Ill explain it to you later.

Quickly send a message to Hou Tu for me! Itll be too late if we wait any longer!”

Chang Shi urged anxiously.

Seeing how flustered he was, the sharp-nosed demon did not dare to be negligent and quickly led him to an array deep in the cave.

“Dont be anxious.

This array is full of energy.

You can send any message you want.”

This long-distance communication array usually required a lot of energy.

A simple message was enough to bankrupt a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator!

Therefore, if it wasnt especially important information, even the mountain lords wouldnt be willing to use it.

Chang Shi didnt put on airs with him.

He went directly to the array, quickly explained the situation, and then sent the recorded message.

At this moment, Hou Tu was patrolling the streets when he suddenly noticed the magic treasure on his waist that was used to receive messages lit up.

He picked it up in confusion and opened the message.

“Hou Tu, immediately inform the Lord that we are in danger! Please come and rescue us!”

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Chang Shis anxious voice came from the magic treasure.

Hou Tus expression fell as he quickly ran towards the City God Temple with his message-receiving magic treasure.

More messages came along the way, all sent by Chang Shi.

Every one of them was describing the severity of the matter.

In just a moment, the series of distress messages reached Lin Qiyes hands.

“The White Dragon rose in revolt and attacked Butcher”

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Someone dares to touch my men Immediately lead the way.

I want to see what ability he has.”


Hou Tus blood was boiling as he quickly led the way.

He was rather regretful that he missed the scene of Lin Qiye subduing Butcher before.

This time, he finally had the chance to see him in action.

Lin Qiye fully unleashed his mental power with the help of some flying-type treasures.

It wrapped around Hou Tu and flew through the air.

It was extremely fast and only took a few minutes to arrive at the mountain where Chang Shi had sent the message.

“My Lord, Chang Shi should be here!”

Hou Tu was shocked.

Even when they arrived at their destination, he still couldnt react in time.

He was in disbelief.

Lin Qiye scanned the area with his mental power and instantly locked onto Chang Shis position.


He brought Hou Tu and immediately appeared in front of Chang Shi.

“Where is Butcher now ”

“My Lord!” Chang Shi was startled and quickly stood up to bow.

He had thought it would be amazing if Lin Qiye could arrive in four hours.

He did not expect him to appear in just a few minutes.

“My Lord, when I escaped, he was fighting with the White Dragon.

He should still be in Little Yunze.

Ill take you there now!

Lin Qiye didnt waste any time.

He took Chang Shi and disappeared into the horizon at which he pointed.

They arrived in a flash and left even faster.

As for the mountain lord, the sharp-nosed demon, he was in a state of confusion throughout the process.

If it werent for the lingering auras of the few people in the air, he would almost suspect that he was hallucinating.

“Is he the legendary Holy Infant”

The sharp-nosed demon and his underlings stared blankly in the direction where Lin Qiye and the rest had disappeared.

It took them a long time to come back to their senses.

In the depths of Little Yunze, the sky was covered in dark clouds, and the realm was sealed by black mist.

The area within tens of thousands of meters was plunged into darkness.

At this moment, in the center of the darkness, there was a surge of lightning, and violent explosions were heard from time to time.

“Hmph! Your secret skill must have a huge limitation.

As long as I dont go out, you wont be able to escape!”

After the White Dragon carefully examined the black mist, it found that Butcher seemed to have fused with the black mist.

In his opinion, the price Butcher had to pay to use this attack must be overwhelming.

As long as he continued to drag this out with him, the first one to be exhausted to death would definitely be Butcher, who had weaker cultivation.

However, at this moment, Butcher was in a dilemma.

The White Dragon stayed in the black mist and didnt retreat.

Butcher didnt know how much vitality and energy was absorbed from the White Dragon.

However, he was not affected at all, as if nothing had happened.

But to Butcher, it had long reached a saturated level.

He even converted a large portion of it to attack the White Dragon.

However, they were all easily resolved.

“Do I really have to take him down with me”

Butchers expression was slightly pained.

His mind was constantly being attacked.

If he relaxed, he would definitely be devoured in an instant.

“What, you cant hold on anymore”

The White Dragons mocking voice rang out from the center of the black mist.

He could feel that the black mist was beginning to show signs of instability.

However, what he didnt know was that it wasnt that Butcher couldnt support the black mist domain, but he was on the verge of losing control.

“White Dragon, Ill say it one last time.

If you dont leave, well die together!”

Butchers consciousness was already starting to get chaotic.

His illusionary soul appeared directly in front of the White Dragon, and his expression began to twist uncontrollably.

The aura coming from his soul was also extremely unstable.

At times, it was so weak that it seemed annihilated, and at other times, it was so strong that it was about to explode.

Whats wrong with this guy

The White Dragons heart was beating wildly.

He didnt want to retreat, but his intuition told him that he had to escape immediately!

“Youre just bluffing.

I dont believe you can do anything to me!”

The White Dragons pride made it impossible for him to submit to a middle-stage Embodier Realm cultivator.

His true strength wasnt what he had just displayed.

However, his strength was reduced due to certain reasons.

It was less than one percent of his peak.

Otherwise, he could kill a nobody like Butcher with a flip of his hand.

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