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472 Devouring the White Dragon


“Damned insect!” The White Dragon roared madly.

The Little Yunze began to shake.

The energy in the air became violent, and lightning flashed above the clouds.

“Die! Go to hell!”

Boom! Boom!

Huge bolts of lightning struck down.

The White Dragon couldnt see, nor could he sense.

However, he was able to grasp his position.

The lightning struck the black mist on his body.

Each strike destroyed a large area, and soon, his white scales were revealed.

“Not good!”

Butchers expression changed slightly.

Although he was now able to resist the erosion of evil Qi, he was still close to an evil spirit.

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What he feared the most was the power of the Yang and lightning.

His strength was inferior to the White Dragon, and now he was restrained.

For a moment, he could only dodge in a panic, not daring to let the lightning hit him.


Another lightning bolt struck the White Dragons face.

The black mist dissipated, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes.

Without the restrictions, he instantly locked onto Butcher.

As he locked onto Butcher, he was also looking for traces of Chang Shi.

Unfortunately, Chang Shi fled fast.

At this moment, he had already escaped out of his detection range.

“That damned guy! Damn you!”

The White Dragon twisted its huge body nearly a thousand meters long, covering the entire area.

He charged at Butcher with his lightning domain.

The air exploded wherever he passed.

The rumbling sounds were endless, and the thunder and lightning poured like a storm.

Butcher didnt dare to be careless.

He also opened up his black mist domain in an attempt to resist.

Unfortunately, the difference in strength between them was too great, and he was restrained.

In the blink of an eye, the black mist around him began to dissipate rapidly.

It was the power of restraint.

Even when he first met Lin Qiye, Butcher had not been suppressed so badly.

“Damn it.

My power is no threat to him at all.

This guy can probably fight with a strong warrior of the Incarnation Realm!”

In just a few moves, Butcher was defeated.

He could only passively dodge the White Dragons attacks.

Any counterattack was futile.

He was unable to cause any effective damage to the White Dragon.

“Do you really want to fight me to the death” Butcher shouted at the White Dragon as he fled.

He didnt want to rashly use his last resort because once he did, it would almost mean falling into corruption or death.

“Risk my life Is a reptile like you worthy of me fighting with my life”

The White Dragon mocked.

It made Butcher a little sullen.

At this moment, he could somewhat understand how it felt when he chased the crimson python.

However, he did not roar in rage like the crimson python.

Instead, he made a prompt decision and was about to use the strongest move that had once killed tens of thousands of demons.

He couldnt escape anyway, nor could he defeat the White Dragon.

If he continued to drag this out, he would be the one to die.

It would be better to gamble and fight for that slim chance of survival.

“Alright, since thats the case, Ill let you see my strongest secret – Devour!” Butcher shouted.

After he decided to use this move, he did not hesitate much and turned his soul into the void.

The area within a 10000-meter radius was covered by the black mist without any warning.

“Hmph, again.

Do you think the same move will work on me”

The White Dragons eyes were filled with contempt.

However, he could not help but reveal a shocked expression soon.

This time, the black mist seemed endless and extremely difficult to deal with.

No matter how much energy he used to summon the lightning, the black mist did not dissipate.

Or rather, Butchers rate of replenishing the black mist was too fast, making it impossible for the White Dragon to break through the black mists threshold of recovery.

“How could this be What the hell is this thing”

The White Dragon was shocked.

He discovered that not only was the black mist difficult to consume, but it was also slowly devouring his energy when it touched his body.

Even his life force was being eaten up.

“Once I use this move, I cant control it.

Unless you escape from my black mist or get completely devoured, theres no way to stop it!”

Butchers voice echoed in the White Dragons ears.

Once he used this secret art, he could only stop after devouring all the lives in the black mist.

Although there were other ways to end it, they all required external forces, and he couldnt do it himself.

The reason why he said this to the White Dragon was to scare him and make him retreat.

This way, he could stop the harm caused by using the secret art and also escape from the threat of the White Dragon.

“Are you trying to intimidate me with this”

The White Dragon turned his head and looked around.

He couldnt see where Butcher was, nor could he tell the direction.

However, because Butchers move had fused his soul into the black mist, he could sense that Butcher was inside.

As for the black mist, although the White Dragon could feel that it was devouring his life force and energy, it was not at a high rate.

Furthermore, he could easily break through the black mists blockade with his strength if he wanted to.

He was no longer in a hurry.

The two sides were in a stalemate.

At the same time, in a big mountain hundreds of miles away from Tata Village, Chang Shi rushed into the cave abode, panting.

“Old Jiao! Hurry up! Help me send a message!”

Chang Shi ran all the way here to his friends territory, which was the closest to him.

Little Yunze was too far away from Tata Village.

It would be too late to go back and ask for help.

He could only use his friends communication channel to send the news back quickly.

“Chang Shi What are you doing here”

A sharp-nosed demon with scale armor ran out from the depths of the cave.

Seeing that the one who broke into his cave was Chang Shi, he couldnt help but be a little surprised.

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