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471 White Dragon

Chang Shi laughed as he reported.

Lin Qiye chuckled.

The guy who sent the message was probably not doing well at Little Yunze, so he wanted to take this opportunity to please him and see if he could come back.

“Is the information reliable” Lin Qiye asked.

“It shouldnt be wrong.

Weve also asked our good friends to investigate.

A few years ago, a White Dragon did live in Little Yunze, and I heard that it would give birth to a Dragon Stone every 300 years, a top-tier treasure to accelerate the ripening of medicinal herbs.

“My Lord, the informant said he wants to work for you…”

“Alright, since he has done a good job, let him be in charge of the security around Tata Village.

However, dont forget to give a warning.

If he dares to disobey…”

Lin Qiyes eyes glinted as he spoke.

“Understood!” Chang Shi said.

They wouldnt put a weakling who fled in an important position, but it wasnt a problem to hire him as a guard.

“Its been hard for me to leave recently.

Inform Butcher and ask him to go with you to Little Yunze.

Lets see if we can negotiate with the White Dragon and trade a Dragon Stone.”

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Lin Qiye didnt need to go in person to retrieve the Dragon Stone.

He planned to study cultivating an Outer Dao Dharma and creating a Second Self.

“Yes.” Chang Shi respectfully accepted the order.

He immediately found Butcher and went to Little Yunze together.

The two chatted along the way, and their relationship was obviously much closer than before.

“Brother, thank you for the bloodline power from before,” Chang Shi said solemnly.

Butcher smiled faintly.

“Were all on the same side.

Theres no need to be so polite.”

Chang Shi also laughed.

Because of one battle, everyones relationship became harmonious.

Moreover, he had also obtained a trace of the divine dragons bloodline and completed a transformation.

Now that his cultivation level was at the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, he only needed to deepen his cultivation law comprehension by one more step before advancing to the Embodier Realm.

As the two chatted, they began to talk about Lin Qiye.

They admired him greatly.

Not only was Lin Qiyes talent abnormal, but it was also unfathomable.

Even his ability to train his subordinates was top-notch.

Currently, the strongest subordinates by his side were Butcher at the middle stage Embodier Realm; Luo Xiaobei at the early stage Embodier Realm; Chang Shi at the peak of Nascent Soul Realm; Lonemoon at the late stage Nascent Soul Realm; Hou Tu and Gui Nian at the middle stage.

Among them, Butchers strength was the strongest, and everyone was convinced by him.

His law comprehension was extremely strong, and if it were not for the study of mental power techniques, he would have been able to break through to the late stage by now.

Luo Xiaobei and Chang Shi were talented.

One had received help from Lin Qiye, while the other had undergone a bloodline transformation.

Both of them had great potential.

As for Lonemoon, she was the most talented one among Chang Shi and the others.

Even though she had been slacking in her cultivation recently, she was still close to breaking through.

Hou Tu and Gui Nians talent was slightly weaker.

However, under Lin Qiyes guidance, the speed of their advancement was still alarming.

After a nights travel, Chang Shi and Butcher had already stepped into the White Dragons territory.

“I wonder what realm this White Dragon is at.

Were here to trade, so dont be impolite later,” Butcher warned.

“Dont worry, Brother Butcher.

Incarnation Realm cultivators dont exist in this area.

With your abilities, what are you afraid of”

Chang Shi smiled in a relaxed manner.

Although Butchers current cultivation level was only at the mid-stage of the Embodier Realm, he could fight a late-stage expert in a confrontation.

If he went all out, he could even be invincible to all opponents under the Incarnation Realm.

Furthermore, they were not here to steal but to trade.

In Chang Shis eyes, Lin Qiyes treasure was definitely worth more than the Dragon Stone.

Only a fool would be unwilling to exchange.

“Be careful.

Dont mess up the Lords task.”

Butcher was much more cautious.

Chang Shi didnt say anything more.

He also understood the importance of this mission.

The two were walking when Butcher suddenly stopped.

He stared at the sky with a grim expression.

Immediately after, a violent pressure enveloped the two of them.

“Who dares to intrude into my Little Yunze!” An angry roar pierced through the clouds and reached their ears.

Chang Shis expression changed.

The aura above the clouds was stronger than Chi Jins after awakening.

Butchers expression was also grave.

However, he was not affected much by the pressure.

He looked at the clouds and said, “Dear friend, we have no ill intentions.

We only want to carry out a trade with you.”


Deep in the clouds, thunder rumbled.

A huge dragons head broke through the clouds and appeared above them.

“Hiss!” Chang Shi gasped.

The White Dragons head alone was dozens of meters!

The length of its entire body must be at least close to a thousand meters!

For a snake that had some relations with the dragon clan, the suppression of their bloodline when they encountered a dragon was the most uncomfortable feeling.


Get lost!”

The thunderous roar struck their hearts heavily.

Chang Shi and Butchers expressions fell.

They had come to trade, but the other party had asked them to get lost without even asking.

He was simply an unreasonable lunatic.

“Fellow friend, we just want to trade a Dragon Stone with you.

We can discuss anything you need.”

Butcher faced the White Dragons pressure head-on, not showing any weakness.

The White Dragon had also noticed this fellow, who was only at the mid-stage of the Embodier Realm but was not affected by him.

He couldnt help but be interested.

He looked at Butcher and was about to speak.

Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed something, and his eyes immediately turned to Chang Shi.

At first, there was a trace of suspicion in his eyes, which then turned into greed.

“Divine dragon bloodline! I cant believe that a bastard snake can awaken the bloodline of the divine dragon!

“It was truly a gift from the heavens! I didnt expect to still have such a fortuitous encounter in this difficult situation!”

The White Dragon didnt even try to hide his greed.

He laughed wildly as he looked at Butcher.

“Ill spare your life since youve brought me such a fortune.

Get lost.

I only want this little guy!”

Butcher frowned.

He didnt expect that after failing to trade for the Dragon Stone, the dragon would turn his target to Chang Shi.

Chang Shis face also darkened.

He knew that things were going to be troublesome.

Since the dragon had his eyes on the power of his bloodline, he couldnt let them go.

“Dont worry.

Im here.

Youll be fine.”

Butcher patted Chang Shis shoulder and stood in front of him, looking straight at the White Dragon.

“Sir, arent you lacking in hospitality We came here with friendly intentions, but you want to steal the bloodline of my brother.

Do you think were easy to bully”

The White Dragon stared at Butcher and couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“This is hilarious.

Who do you think you arere Im bullying you, so what”

His voice was so loud that the Little Yunze trembled slightly.

His violent aura rose again, and the pressure made Chang Shis face turn pale.

“This guy is really unreasonable!” He huffed.

“Hes probably already invincible among Embodier Realm cultivators.

I dont have the confidence to defeat him, so I can only stall him.

Quickly go back and ask for help.

Only Lord Holy Infant can suppress him!” Butcher said to Chang Shi with a grave expression.

“But you…”

“Theres no need to say anything more.

Go quickly.

The faster you bring the Lord, the safer I will be.”

Under Butchers urging, Chang Shi unwillingly retreated.

“Trying to escape” The White Dragon sneered and tore through the clouds to rush toward Chang Shi.

However, Butcher would not give him the chance.

Resentment gushed out of his body, triggering the power of evil and creating a large area of black mist.

In just an instant, it enveloped the White Dragons head.

The dragons vision was blocked, and it twisted its body in an attempt to break free.

However, the black mist followed him like a shadow, sticking to his body tightly and unable to be removed.

Furthermore, it spread at an alarming speed, directly spreading throughout his body.

“Roar!” The White Dragon roared.

He was furious.

The black mist did not cause him much harm, but being trapped within it, it was as if his eyes had been taken away, robbing him of his senses.

As time dragged on, the bloodline in his hands would escape.

How could he be willing to accept this

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