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468 The Immortal Self

At this moment, the fat monk was no longer the kind and indifferent person he was.

He looked at the statue with an unconcealed longing.

“Ive already said that the Outer Dao Dharma is closely related to the Dharma Body.

This is where its strength lies.

“The clone can merge with the Dharma Body and transform into a Second Self!”

Fusion Transformation A Second Self

Lin Qiye was a little confused.

“I dont understand what youre saying.

Whats the difference between a Second Self and a clone”

In his opinion, since the clone could cultivate, how different would it be from the main body

The fat monk explained, “Of course, there is.

The Outer Dao Dharma is connected to your soul during its conception.

It cant give birth to an independent soul.

It can only be regarded as a puppet that follows your will and cultivates.

“Moreover, because its soul has been suppressed at the beginning of its development, its soul space is infinitely narrow and couldnt even bear the weakest soul.

“This will lead to the fact that if you die, it will also perish.

boxn ovel.


“But the Second Self is different.

Although you still cant give birth to an independent soul, its soul space is the same as your original body!

“Even if you die, your soul can instantly cross the dimension and transfer to your Second Self.

“As long as one of the two bodies survives, no one will be able to kill you!

“You can also reconstruct the dead body by collecting materials.

“You are him, and he is you.

The two of you exist at the same time, but both can think independently.

Its just that youll still be following your will!”

The fat monk said a bunch of things in one breath.

Lin Qiye was shocked.

The Second Self could cross dimensions to accept his soul

Didnt that mean in the future, even if he encountered an opponent who could crush him, he wouldnt have to worry about being killed

In addition, both his body and the Second Self were capable of independent thought.

This way, wouldnt he double the speed of his cultivation comprehension

One had to know that the comprehension of cultivation laws directly existed in ones thoughts and soul.

As long as they had the same thoughts and souls, no matter how many bodies there were, Lin Qiye could obtain the same level of comprehension.

“Its too strong!”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

However, he was immediately puzzled.

“But you said this requires the fusion of the Outer Dao Dharma and the Dharma Body.

Isnt the Dharma Body a one-time-use product summoned by a secret art How can there be such an outrageous change when it fuses with the Outer Dao Dharma”

The fat monk continued to explain when he saw Lin Qiyes confusion.

“What youve seen is only the surface.

Even though the Dharma Body is only a product of a secret art, its source is your soul consciousness.

When you merge with the Dharma Body, your soul will also fuse with the Outer Dao Dharma, slowly opening up a soul space that is the same as your original body.

“However, this process cant be achieved overnight.

It needs to go through fusion time and time again before it can reach the level of perfection.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“I see.

But cant we use other methods to open up a soul space for the Outer Dao Dharma”

The fat monk shook his head.

“Of course not.

Only a Dharma Body that is compatible with you in all aspects can perfectly transfer your soul to an Outer Dao Dharma.

If you used any other method, you would have destroyed the soul space of the Outer Dao Dharma.

At that time, let alone creating a Second Self, its value will be no different from that of a corpse.”

Lin Qiye was shocked and became cautious.

He didnt want to lose such a rare opportunity because of his carelessness.

“Master, how long will it take for my Outer Dao Dharma to mature Also, what should I do when I fuse the Dharma Body” Lin Qiye asked, full of anticipation.

The fat monk took another glance at the baby statue and took out a manual to pass to Lin Qiye.

“Everything you want to know is here.

This poor monks mission has been completed, so Ill take my leave first.”

He looked at Lin Qiye with a complicated expression.

There was envy and anticipation.

After his words fell, he disappeared from the temple without giving Lin Qiye another chance to ask.

Lin Qiye stared at the thin, hard-cover manual in his hand.

Just as he was about to read it, he felt dizzy, and his vision blurred.

Then, his vision turned black, and he fell unconscious.

The next day, when Lin Qiye woke up groggily, he realized he was back in his bedroom.

“Whats going on”

He shook his head, and scenes of what had happened before appeared.

The fat monk, the statue, the Second Self…

He instantly sobered up.

Lin Qiye quickly got up and checked his surroundings.

Finally, he saw a hardcover manual beside his pillow and heaved a sigh of relief.


Thank God it isnt a dream.”

Unable to contain his excitement, Lin Qiye immediately flipped open the manual and read it.

The manual was only ten pages long.

The first six pages were similar to what the fat monk had said the night before, but they were more detailed.

The seventh to eighth pages recorded some of the legendary existences who had obtained the Outer Dao Dharma.

“Shi Hun, the Bachelor Sage of the Li clan, created his Second Self by chance.

The clan was destroyed in the same year and was hunted down by their enemies.

He was killed several times, and every time he reappeared, his cultivation level would soar.

In the next ten years, he advanced to the Celestial Realm and swept across the enemy clans.

Thirty years later, he became a Higher Immortal and killed ten other Higher Immortals in one battle.

His reputation spread far and wide, shaking an era.”

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