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467 Outer Dao Dharma

“How filthy! Im now doubtful whether he can really do what the prophecy says.”


All living things in this world are imperfect.

Furthermore, this is a matter of mutual consent.

What does it have to do with a prophecy”

“Hmph, if you think its fine, go find him yourself.

I dont want to dirty my eyes.”

After saying that, the figure flashed and disappeared from the night scene.

The fat monk shook his head helplessly.

He chanted the name of buddha and also disappeared into the night.

Late at night, Lin Qiye woke up in a daze.

“Whats going on How did I fall asleep”

He shook his head and felt a little dispirited.

He could not remember what had happened before.

“Young Almsgiver.”

Just as Lin Qiye tried hard to recall what had happened, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

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He immediately turned his head to look in the direction of the sound.

“Its you!”

A fat monk was standing beside his bed.

It was the only existence that he could not see through during this simulation.

“Why are you here again”

Lin Qiye held his slightly swollen forehead.

He knew that the fat monk didnt have ill intentions, and he wasnt his match, so he didnt even bother to guard against him.


Little Almsgiver, I have good news to tell you.”

The fat monk was still the same as before.

His voice was dragged out, making it difficult for people to listen.

“Good news What good news” Lin Qiye looked at him suspiciously.

He was in doubt.

The fat monk smiled and said, “Little Almsgiver, you have done all the good things and eliminated evil as I said.

Now that the Higher Immortals have learned of your deeds, they decided to give you blessings and rewards.”

Lin Qiye looked at the fat monk and was shocked.

Higher Immortals

Putting the reward aside, Lin Qiye was sure that someone was watching him from the shadows based on the fat monks words.

And there was more than one of them!

Regardless of whether the other party was good or evil, this feeling made him uncomfortable.

“Who are the Higher Immortals you are talking about”

The fat monk smiled but did not answer.

He put his palms together and said, “Little Almsgiver, this poor monks words have been conveyed, and the blessings of the Higher Immortals will soon be reflected.”

Seeing that he did not want to answer, Lin Qiye was helpless and could only give up on asking.

However, this time, he already knew that the fat monks background wasnt simple.

He naturally wouldnt miss the opportunity to ask him for advice.

He had many questions in his mind and wanted to see if the fat monk knew anything.


It doesnt matter if you dont tell me who those Higher Immortals are.

Can I ask you a few other questions”

“Amitabha, its my duty to preach and dispel doubts.

Young Almsgiver, what do you want to know”

The fat monk looked at Lin Qiye with a smile.

Lin Qiye didnt waste any time and appeared at the door in a flash.

“Follow me.” He motioned for the fat monk to follow.

The two walked along the corridor for a while and soon arrived at the main hall of the temple, where the baby statue was.

“Take a look at this first and see if you notice anything.”

Lin Qiye waved his hand and removed the formation, revealing the baby statue.

The moment he removed the formation, the fat monk couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

“Oh This statue has started to nurture life!”

The fat monk looked a little surprised.

He couldnt help but go forward and touch the baby statue.

“How is it Can you tell what caused this things mutation” Lin Qiye asked expectantly.

The fat monk walked around the statue and examined it.

Then, as if he had confirmed something, his expression changed.

“I didnt expect the rumor was true!”


Lin Qiye looked at the fat monk in shock.

He did not expect that something could make the fat monk lose his composure.

“This is a great opportunity! Young Almsgiver, youve really gotten a great opportunity this time!”

The fat monk looked at Lin Qiye excitedly.

“Uh, a great opportunity” Lin Qiye was puzzled.

“Thats right.

This opportunity can only be encountered and not sought.

Even the Higher Immortals have to put themselves in a desperate situation to have a glimmer of hope if they want to obtain it!”

The fat monk only calmed down after a long time, but his voice was still trembling.

Lin Qiyes heart jumped.

Although he didnt know what existence the Higher Immortals that the fat monk was talking about were, he was sure that they stood at the top of this world.

Even those people had to put themselves on the brink of death to have a glimmer of hope if they wanted to obtain this opportunity.

What heaven-defying encounter was this

“What is this opportunity youre talking about” Lin Qiye suppressed the excitement in his heart and forced himself to remain calm as he asked.

The fat monk looked at the golden baby statue with a hint of envy in the depths of his eyes.

He didnt answer directly but asked, “Young Almsgiver, have you ever heard of the Dharma Body”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly, but he was still puzzled.

“I know that, but whats the connection between the two”

His Thunder God Aspect was one of the Dharma Bodies.

However, it had nothing to do with the statue in front of him.

The fat monk nodded and said slowly, “The Dharma Body is an energy incarnation condensed by the power of the outside path with the soul and consciousness as the source.

It can be considered the product of a powerful secret art.

And this opportunity of yours is closely related to the Dharma Body.”

The fat monk stroked the statue and took a deep breath.

“This statue was originally an ordinary item to help you obtain the power of virtue.

But now, after being baptized by the power of faith, it has begun to transform.

Shortly, it will become an Outer Dao Dharma!”

“Outer Dao Dharma” Lin Qiye repeated the name.

“What is that thing What does it have to do with the Dharma Body”

The fat monks squinted eyes opened slightly, and there was a hint of yearning in his expression.

“The Outer Dao Dharma is referring to a clone.

However, this clone is completely different from the ones created by secret arts!”

The expression on the fat monks face suddenly turned serious.

“The clone shares the same soul consciousness as the holders main body, but he also seems to be an independent life.

He can move freely and even cultivate!”

Lin Qiye was shocked when he heard this.

A clone that could move freely and even cultivate was an abnormal existence that had never been heard of before!

The fat monk looked at him, but his expression remained the same.

“What do you think Dont you think it is overpowered”

Lin Qiye nodded.

The fat monk laughed at himself.

“Thats right.

This is already strong enough.

But what I want to say is that the power of the Outer Dao Dharma is far more than that!”

“Its far from that” Lin Qiye was stunned.

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