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“Ive checked this place.

The spiritual energy here has just recovered.

It should be a genius with top-grade Dao bone and treasures who killed our advance troops.”

“We have to capture him! Skin his Dao bone alive and take his treasures.

If we can get the opportunity from him, our clan will rise quickly and become the royal clan of the Divine Tiger Clan!”

“Formation! Heavenly Tiger Chains!”

“Formation! Tiger Gods Prison Suppression!”

As the black tiger ordered, the five thousand Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan instantly linked the chains in front of their chests and back of their stomachs together.

Their defense and regeneration increased, and their damage was shared.

Only a one-hit kill could damage their combat strength.

However, no one could do that!

The Tiger Gods Prison Suppression was a mountain-like divine tablet that rushed toward the Angel Planet at lightning speed.

Lin Qiye was already waiting in outer space with the 5,000 Golden Core Death Warriors.

When they saw the Divine Tiger Clans Golden Core cultivators descending on the Angel Planet with a murderous aura, the Death Warriors burst with anger.

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“D*mn it! Without King Lin and his Death Warrior plan, wouldnt we all be crushed into meat paste”

“How hateful! Without King Lin, we wouldnt have the ability to resist at all!

“Even if our country was destroyed, they would still point at our corpses and laugh at us.

Look! These are ants! These are beasts!”

At this moment, the Death Warriors gnashed their teeth until they were creaking.

They wanted nothing more than to drink the blood of the invaders and devour their fresh meat!

“King Lin, lead us to kill! Lead us to slaughter! We must kill with all our might!”

Lin Qiye waved his hand steadily, his eyes cold as if victory was in his grasp.

“Your goal is to stall them and buy me time.”

“I will wipe them out!”

With that, Lin Qiye waved his hand, and the Extreme Flame Ring Saber appeared in his hand.

The Dragon Elephant Phantom and thousands of lightning dragons soared into the sky.

Lin Qiye took the lead and rushed toward the enemy with full firepower.

Behind him, 5000 Death Warriors followed closely.

They didnt care about their lives.

They threw a blood-exploding pill into their mouths and turned into ferocious beasts, fiercely colliding with the army of the Divine Tiger Clans Golden Core cultivators.

At the first collision, the Divine Tiger Clan felt horrified.

Their enemies didnt care about their lives at all.

Even the Tiger Gods Prison Suppression was shaken!

What was even more terrifying was that a phantom figure emitting a terrifying aura circled behind them.

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The silver-tier Extreme Flame Ring Saber was incomparably sharp.

Lin Qiye, whose strength had risen to the peak of the Golden Core Realm, had an even more terrifying combat power.

The blue blade light flickered on the backs of the Divine Tigers.

Every time it flashed, an enemy would fall.

“It is indeed difficult to destroy the shared vitality of 5000 Divine Tigers at once, but… My Death Warriors will buy me time!”

Lin Qiyes gaze became colder and colder.

In the distance, Death Warriors fell, but immediately, their slot was filled by more Death Warriors with no regard for their lives.

After Lin Qiye killed a group of Golden Core cultivators, more Divine Tigers would risk their lives to attack Lin Qiye.

The battlefield in outer space became a meat grinder.

The severed limbs, blood, and broken weapons of Golden Core cultivators floated.

In a short ten minutes, the number of Kingdom Xias Death Warriors had dropped to less than 4,000!

Looking at the mutilated corpses of their comrades, the other Death Warriors were burning with anger.

Their eyes were blood red, and their faces twisted.

The blood and corpses had stimulated the endless hostility in their hearts.

The fire was burning behind them.

“Even ants have anger, let alone the people of Kingdom Xia!”

“You came to invade us and even wanted to exterminate our kingdom.

Do you really think we are animals and wont resist !”

“If you want to take another step forward, you have to get past my corpse first!”

“This is Kingdom Xia! Even the Gods cant take another step forward!”

“We will not stop fighting until we are bled dry!”

The Death Warriors were grateful to Lin Qiye.

Therefore, they had never thought of leaving this war alive.

Their only thought was to trade their lives to take down the intruders!

No matter what, the Death Warriors had to tear off their enemys arm and plummet their combat strength to relieve the kings pressure!

Their fearless fighting method caused the Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Tiger Clan to fall into extreme fear.

Their fierce tiger faces surged with thick fear and reverence.

The black tiger was greatly shocked, its face full of distress.

“Retreat! Quickly retreat! These guys are all motherf *cking crazy!”


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