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465 Outer Dao Dharma

Everyone was convinced by Butchers strength this time.

Chang Shi looked at the ball of blood in his hand and couldnt help but laugh at himself.

It was laughable that he was still at loggerheads with that guy.

Now, it seemed that Butcher had been giving in to him.

He thought about it and felt relieved.

Theyre all working under Lord Holy Infant.

Why do they have to get along so unhappily

“Theres no problem this time.

However, before we return, we can raid the crimson pythons lair.

He has been oppressing the mountain lords around him all these years, so he must have collected quite some treasures.”

Before returning, Hou Tu shouted that he wanted to search the crimson pythons nest.

Everyone expressed their agreement.

The demons that had participated in the attack were also fortunate enough to get a share of the loot, and they followed along to plunder the caves of the crimson pythons subordinates.

The next day, everyone returned with a full load.

The first thing they did was to bring the plundered treasures to Lin Qiye.

“My Lord, these are all the treasures we seized from that fellow Chi Jins lair.

Please take a look.”

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Chang Shi handed a storage bag to Lin Qiye respectfully.

Chi Jins collection did not catch Lin Qiyes eye.

However, he was still lacking in materials to create his physical body, so he took the storage bag and examined it.

Most were spiritual stones and some low-grade spiritual herbs, which were useless to him.

However, his attention was soon attracted by a blue lotus.

“Damn, is this the Emperor Lotus”

Lin Qiyes heart ached for the lotus placed with the low-level spiritual herbs.

He was speechless.

The Emperor Lotus was a treasure that could strengthen the soul and increase ones mental strength.

Its quality was at the top of the Incarnation Level, almost touching the Immortal Level.

However, Chang Shi and the others didnt know what was good for them.

They mixed such a treasure with trash.

“You guys, its good you didnt mess around when picking the medicinal ingredients.

Otherwise, you would have really wasted this treasure.

“The other things are useless to me.

You guys can take them and divide them among yourselves.”

Lin Qiye carefully took out the Emperor Lotus and threw the storage bag to Chang Shi.

“Thank you, my Lord.”

Everyone respectfully took their leave.

Butcher stepped forward and said, “My Lord, when I killed Chi Jin, I obtained a treasure from his remains.”

As he spoke, he took out a crystal clear lamella.

“Oh” Lin Qiyes eyes lit up when he saw the lamella.

He could sense an immortal aura flowing on it.

It was clearly a half-immortal bone!

“This thing is good.

You can go down first.

If you encounter any problems in your cultivation, you can tell Lonemoon.

Ill help you clear your doubts when I have time.”

Lin Qiye waved his hand to dismiss Butcher.

He took a closer look at the lamella and nodded in satisfaction.

“I cant believe that Chi Jin actually produced a half-immortal bone.

If given enough time, hell definitely reach the Immortal Level.

“But now, its my lucky day.”

Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

If he wanted to reconstruct his body, the lamella was something he could not do without.

With this half-immortal bone as his foundation, he would be able to save a lot of time.

“Its a pity that this Emperor Lotus isnt mature yet.

Otherwise, my mental power would also improve if I refined it.”

Lin Qiye looked at the Emperor Lotus floating beside him with some regret.

An unripe Emperor Lotus had less than one-tenth of its original effect.

He didnt want to use it easily.

Lin Qiye then set up a flower terrace in the courtyard and planted it.

“Ill stay here for a while.

Lets see if I can find any treasures that can ripen it.”

A few months after the battle of the crimson python, Lin Qiye sent Gui Nian and Hou Tu to find out about treasures that could mature medicinal herbs and materials that could shape a physical body.

Chang Shi had been staying in Tata Village to absorb the bloodline because he had obtained it.

Butcher was focused on studying the secret technique for cultivating mental power.

With Lin Qiyes help, Luo Xiaobeis cultivation level continued to increase.

Compared to them, Lonemoon had been free during this period.

“I say, can you stop hugging me like this Itll damage my dignity if they see me like this.”

Lin Qiyes body was sandwiched between Lonemoons ample breasts, leaving only his head exposed.

He looked helpless.

Lonemoon hugged Lin Qiye on her chest and looked down at him.

She complained, “Youre usually either cultivating or with that Luo Xiaobei.

Its a rare opportunity for me to hug you.

Whats wrong with that”

As she spoke, she crossed her arms tightly and twisted her body.

A soft touch spread throughout his body.

Lin Qiye immediately gasped.

Who could endure it!

Previously, because she was afraid Lin Qiyes dignity would collapse in front of everyone and that his subordinates would not listen to him, Lonemoon had never dared to be too close to Lin Qiye in front of others.

However, if Lin Qiye was left alone and she ran into him, he would not be able to escape.

Lin Qiye had indeed felt a little uneasy about this earlier on.

But as time passed, he couldnt help but start enjoying it.

“F*ck! Why do I feel like I am becoming more and more perverted after hanging out with this girl for so long”

His little hands were making some unruly little movements.

Lonemoon did not care at all.

Instead, she was chuckling.

Lin Qiyes face fell.

He knew that Lonemoon liked to hug and rub him not because she loved him, but because his soul had been baptized by the power of faith for a long time.

The power of faith continuously purified the impurities in his soul, making him purer.

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