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464 Is This Your Trump Card

Instantly, they could feel waves of vigorous and strange energy beginning to entangle with the spiritual energy they had.

“Such powerful energy!”

“Why does this power feel so familiar”

Chang Shi and the others looked at each other.

Lonemoon was also slightly confused.

When Lin Qiye handed the item to her, he only said it was a good treasure that could help them resolve the crimson pythons invasion.

He did not explain its specific use.


I feel like my power is stronger than ever, but why is there no change in my cultivation”

“This power is different from the one we cultivate.

I feel like its the power Lord Holy Infant uses!”

When he said this, Chang Shi and the others were all shocked.

Could it be that this crystal core had sealed His Lords power and could be used by them

The few of them were ecstatic.

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At this moment, Gui Nian suddenly received a new message from Lin Qiye.

“How is it Its not hard to control this power, is it”

“No, its not hard.

I feel like its my own power and under my complete control!

Gui Nian suppressed his excitement.


in a moment, you will use this power to purify Butchers soul.

Be careful, and dont kill him.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The few people who thought they had obtained Lin Qiyes power were extremely confident.

Even when faced with Butcher, whose aura completely suppressed them, they did not have the slightest fear.


Butcher floated in the air, holding his head and howling in pain.

Seeing Lonemoon and the rest approach, he gritted his teeth and said, “If you dont want to die, run!”

“Dont worry.

The Lord is kind.

He asked us to come and save you,” Chang Shi taunted.

However, he was just a little vicious with his words.

When he purified Butchers soul with Lonemoon and the rest, he was not careless at all.

“My Lord, your power is amazing.

You can suppress him regardless of his cultivation realm!”

Gui Nian was shocked when he realized Lin Qiye could easily suppress Butcher with his Nascent Soul Realm.

He couldnt help but tell Lin Qiye.

In this regard, Lin Qiye only smiled and did not explain anything.

In fact, the energy stored in the four-colored crystal core was the power of faith.

However, that was not Lin Qiyes power of faith.

If it were his, Lonemoon and the others would not be able to use it.

The energy inside belonged to Lonemoon and the others.

In the past year, Lin Qiye had never stopped researching the power of faith.

He found that in Tata Village, other than his power of faith, Lonemoon, Chang Shi, Hou Tu, and Gui Nian more or less had the corresponding power of faith.

However, they did not know how to absorb it, so the power had been drifting in Tata Village.

In the past year, Chang Shi and Hou Tu had been helping the villagers outside.

Lonemoon even had the title of Fox Immortal long ago.

Gui Nian, on the other hand, had attracted the attention of some worshippers because he had been stationed at the Holy Infant Temple for a long time.

Just like that, they unknowingly gained the support and faith of the people.

Gradually, the power of faith gathered.

Lin Qiye had initially captured some of the power of faith that belonged to them for research.

He had not expected to discover a way to store the power of faith.

Unfortunately, it was quite complicated to operate.

He had only made this – the power of faith crystal core that belonged to Lonemoon and the others.

“I didnt expect that with your power, we could even suppress existences at a higher realm than us.”

The process of purifying Butchers soul was unexpectedly easy, but what they didnt know was that the power of faith could restrain almost all powers.

Furthermore, while he was being purified, Butcher had been suppressing himself.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to control him with their strength.

Even with the power of faith, it was undoable.

“Thank you, everyone, for this.”

Butcher seemed a little weak after recovering.

Chang Shi wanted to retort, but he was stopped by Lonemoon.

“Were all working together, so theres no need to thank us.

Lets get along well in the future.”

Butcher looked deeply at Lonemoon and then turned to Chang Shi.

He slowly walked towards him.

“What do you want” Chang Shi said vigilantly.

Butcher waved his hand in the air, and the latter was so shocked that he entered a defensive posture.

However, before Chang Shi could shout, he saw Butcher holding a ball of blood in front of him.

“This was left behind by Chi Jin after his death.

It might be of use to you.”

Looking at the ball of blood floating in front of him, Chang Shis heart shook.

That was the power of the crimson pythons bloodline that had been stripped from its body!

Although it only contained a trace of the divine dragons bloodline, it was enough for him to break through to the Immortal Realm!


Chang Shi wanted to take it immediately but hesitated for a long time.

“This item is useless to me, and Lord Holy Infant wouldnt take a fancy to it.

If you dont want it, Ill throw it away,” Butcher said calmly.

“Dont! Dont! Its such a pity to throw it away!”

Chang Shi snatched it over as if he was afraid that Butcher would really throw it away.

He held the ball of blood in his arms, his hands trembling slightly.

After a moment, he turned to look at Butcher with a solemn and earnest expression.

“I owe you a favor.”

Butcher smiled and didnt reply.

He looked at Lonemoon and the others and said, “Lets go.

The mission has been completed.

Its time to report back to the Lord.”

“Report Those lesser demons…” Hou Tu was about to say that the demon underlings had not been dealt with.

Butcher removed the black mist, revealing the gruesome scene inside.

The few of them were shocked.

Even Lonemoon, who had witnessed Lin Qiyes manipulation of the tiger demon to kill his subordinates, turned pale.

There was no living thing within a radius of tens of thousands of meters.

The ground was covered with broken corpses.

The stench of blood filled the air.

Even if they were a thousand meters apart, it was still nauseating.

The demons on the ground responsible for guarding the enemy that had escaped couldnt help but vomit the moment the black mist withdrew.

The demons were dumbfounded.

All of them stood rooted to the ground, their hearts trembling.

“God! Such a terrifying guy was the subordinate of the Holy Infant! How terrifying is the Holy Infant in person”


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