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463 Is This Your Trump Card

Although Lonemoon and the others didnt know the severity of the situation, they immediately realized it after hearing what Chang Shi said.

At this moment, Butcher, the main character of this battle, was as calm as ever.

He looked at Chi Jin, whose body was still growing, and said with disappointment, “This is your trump card

“Compared to that Lord, your methods cant even be considered a clown.”

Chi Jin was furious.

He didnt expect that even now, the evil spirit standing opposite him was still looking down on him.

He was so angry that he laughed instead.

“Youre saying that I cant even be considered a clown Ive decided that I wont kill you.

Ill torture you slowly!”

Chi Jins aura surged to the peak of the Embodier Realm before stopping.

On the other side, Butcher was indifferent.

From the beginning to the end, he did not interrupt Chi Jins transformation.

“Since thats the case, Ill let you experience my newly comprehended ultimate move.”

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As soon as his words fell, Butchers soul suddenly faded by 70%.

It was so faint that it couldnt be seen.

Chi Jins eyes narrowed.

He could clearly see that Butchers soul, which had turned into a phantom, had dispersed into countless particles.

The particles were dispersed in the air above the black mist below.

Those soul particles seemed to have formed some connection with the black mist.

Suddenly, a series of screams pierced through the black mist.


“This fog, this fog is biting me!”

Screams of fear and pain came from the black mist.

It was obvious that a massacre was happening inside.

Chi Jins expression changed drastically.

He realized that Butchers aura had suddenly started to surge.

Embodier Realm middle stage!

Embodier Realm late-stage!

The peak of Embodier Realm!

It didnt stop.

Butchers aura had reached the limit of the Embodier Realm in an extremely short time.

“This is the ultimate move I comprehended according to the secret technique bestowed by my Lord.

It should be your honor to die under this move.”

He glanced at Chi Jin.

The endless power of resentment was like a tsunami, drowning the area.

Chi Jin was shocked.

He was also at the peak of the Embodier Realm, but he realized that the energy stored in his body was not even one-tenth of the Butchers!

His law comprehension was not as good as Butchers.

Now, his power was also completely suppressed.

How could he fight it

Chi Jin was dumbfounded and lost in thought.

He couldnt understand how strong Butcher was.

It was already abnormal.

However, he was still mumblingthat Lord.

Just what existence could make Butcher willing to call him Lord!

Chi Jin would never know that the mysterious existence was the target he wanted to hunt this time.


The sea of resentment was like a millstone with Chi Jin in the center.

The two forces rotated, and Chi Jin was instantly crushed.

His soul left his body.

However, he didnt have any time to react before being annihilated and dissipated by the two reversed energies.


In the distance, Chang Shi and the others gasped.

“An Embodier Realm expert died just like that”

They looked at Butcher with shock in their eyes, which was no less than Chi Jin before his death.

At the same time, in Tata Village, Lin Qiye floated in the night sky and looked at the figure standing in the air in the reflected image with a grave expression.

“This is bad.

Are there still too many lesser demons” he muttered.

“I cant let him continue absorbing.

Otherwise, Im afraid hell get lost again.”

Lin Qiye had already known about Butchers secret technique when he healed him.

It was a harsh ultimate move that could only be performed using mental power, soul power, and the black mist produced by Butchers deterioration.

Although Butcher was the only one who could use it, it was overwhelmingly powerful.

Even Lin Qiye couldnt help but praise it.

Because of this, he felt at ease letting Butcher deal with Chi Jins army.

But now, it seemed that Butchers control of the secret skill was not good enough.

Once he started to kill living beings and absorb their resentment, it could not be stopped.

Unless all the living beings in the black mist were killed and absorbed, there was no way to stop the transmission of energy.

“Gui Nian.”

Lin Qiyes consciousness was connected to Gui Nian.

“My Lord,” Gui Nian hurriedly replied respectfully after recovering from the shock.

“Butcher is about to lose control.

Tell Lonemoon that now is the time to use that treasure,” Lin Qiye urged.


Hearing Lin Qiyes words, Gui Nian also remembered that when Lonemoon followed them, she once said that Lin Qiye gave her a treasure.

Could it be that the treasure was not meant to deal with Chi Jin But to deal with Butcher

But how did Lord Holy Infant know in advance that this would happen

Gui Nian didnt dare to think too much and quickly found Lonemoon to convey Lin Qiyes message.

“Can I use it now”

Lonemoons eyes lit up.

She hadnt even tried it out yet.

She had only heard Lin Qiye briefly explain how to use it.

She knew it was a powerful treasure but didnt know what it could do.

“You guys, come with me.”

Lonemoon beckoned for Chang Shi and the others to follow.

Chang Shi and the others were puzzled but didnt ask questions.

They followed her to the sky and stopped a few hundred meters away from Butcher.

“Everyone, hold it together and circulate your spiritual energy.

Do not resist it!”

Lonemoon took out a four-colored crystal core.

The crystal core seemed to be an energy crystal, and they couldnt feel anything special from the surface.

However, once they came into contact with it and circulated their spiritual energy…

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