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460 Repent For the Rest of Your Life!

Lonemoon walked to Butchers side and looked at him.

“His Lord trusts you very much.

He only told us to stop a portion of the demon soldiers.

Can you handle them”

Butcher had just joined not long ago, so he was unclear about the relationship between Lonemoon and Lin Qiye.

He only treated her as an ordinary servant.

“You dont have to worry about that.

Stop those who escape.

As for the rest, I will deal with…”

Butcher glanced at Lonemoon and did not say anything else.

Chang Shi and Hou Tu almost laughed when they heard this.

“You can handle it Ha, youre really…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lonemoon glared at him and forced him to swallow his words.

Although Lonemoon was also suspicious, since Lin Qiye believed in Butcher, she would not think too much about it.

In any case, Lin Qiye would never harm her or put her in danger.

Lonemoon passed on Butchers words to the demons who stayed behind.

The demons were puzzled, but they were happy to accept the mission.

After all, this was better than letting them charge into the enemys army and die.

boxn ovel.


As for the rest, they could only leave it to fate.

The night gradually fell.

When the moon and the stars rose into the night sky, the air seemed to be gradually spreading into a heavy atmosphere.

The demons stared into the distance, not daring to make a sound.

Butcher stood in the air with his hands behind his back, looking calm.

“Theyre here.”

At this moment, Butcher slowly opened his eyes and looked into the distance as he spoke calmly.

The demons immediately tensed up and pulled out their weapons.

Before they even saw the enemy, their forehead was already covered in sweat.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground started to shake.

The rumbling sound was like a drum beating on the demons hearts.

Under the moonlight, shadowy figures began to appear in the demons sight.

The first one to be seen was the giant crimson python nearly a hundred meters tall.

Under the moonlight, his scarlet armor looked particularly horrifying.

Following closely behind the crimson python were dozens of Nascent Soul Realm demons.

The aura was huge like a torrent.

From a distance of a thousand meters, the demons almost couldnt breathe.


All the demons were nervous and held their weapons tightly.

“Everyone, we are with you.

Lord Holy Infant will protect everyone!”

“Fight! Drive the invader out of this world!”

Lonemoon, Chang Shi, and the others all felt the fear of the demons.

They couldnt help but shout.

At this moment, Butcher cooperated with them and revealed his aura.

A powerful and unparalleled pressure instantly swept across the scene.

However, the demons were not afraid.

Instead, their eyes shone with light.

Their fighting spirit instantly rose, and they waved their weapons and roared.


“Lets go all out with them!”

The enemy forces were getting closer and closer.

Butchers aura rose again, suppressing the almost crazy shouts from his side.

“Dont do anything unnecessary, and dont forget what your mission is.”

His voice was not loud but a little rough and deep.

It made all the demons hearts tremble.

With that, he leaped and charged toward the enemy army, leaving a long trail in the sky.

“He… Hes not really going to fight Chi Jins army all by himself, is he!”

The demons were stunned.

When they learned that Butcher was going to fight against the main force of Chi Jins army, and they only needed to deal with the lesser demons that had slipped past, all of them took it as a joke.

However, they did not expect the black-coloured evil spirit would actually charge at Chi Jins army.

He also told them not to do anything unnecessary.

Was this confidence or stupidity

They didnt know, but they would soon see the answer.

“Spread out the defense line.

Dont let any underlings go!”


Lonemoon gave the order, and the demons naturally chose to obey.

It was as if it was natural for them to be commanded by her.

While the demons were in control, Lin Qiye also saw the situation through Gui Nians line of sight.

With Gui Nians night vision, Lin Qiyes vision was unaffected.

He could see as clearly as he did during the day.

“Is it finally here”

Under the moonlight, Lin Qiye floated above the Holy Infant Temple, watching the images Gui Nian sent back in real time as if he was watching a movie.

“Gui Nian, you dont have to join the battle later.

Just pay attention to Butchers movements.”

Lin Qiye ordered Gui Nian.

Hearing this, Gui Nian couldnt help but be stunned.

This time, he had no idea what Lin Qiye was up to.

“My Lord, the other side has so many demons! If I dont take action, many demons will slip past!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Just do as I say.”

Gui Nian was helpless and could only accept the order respectfully.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he understood.

Lin Qiye either had absolute confidence in Butcher or didnt care about their lives at all.

In this regard, Gui Nian was more inclined to the former.

After all, Lonemoon had come along.

How could Lin Qiye let her die with them

While the two were conversing, Lonemoon, Chang Shi, and the others had already made their arrangements.

They stood high in the sky, and the demons on the ground followed them, looking at Chi Jins army that was thousands of meters away.

At this moment, Butcher stood proudly in front of Chi Jins army.

Tens of thousands of demons stood in opposition to him like a man-devouring torrent about to devour him in the next second.

“Who are you How dare you stand in front of Lord Chi Jin Are you looking for death”

Chi Jin and Butcher looked at each other from a distance.

Before Chi Jin could speak, the demon under a shell beside him took the lead and stood out.

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