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458 Lin Qiye Doesnt Want To Screw Up

As Lin Qiye looked at the people coming and going to pay their respects, he seemed to suddenly catch onto something.

He looked at the statue again and then at the few people kneeling and worshiping it.

The dark clouds in his heart were instantly dispelled, and everything became clear.

“I know! I got it!” Lin Qiye shouted excitedly.

However, even the people beside him couldnt hear him.


Lin Qiye appeared on top of the statue.

He spread out his mental power and carefully felt the power of faith that permeated the world.

This time, he didnt mobilize and controlled it like he usually did.

He was like a passerby, allowing the power of faith to pass through his soul.

“Its different.

I knew there would be something different! ”

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Lin Qiye was excited.

“This power of faith doesnt belong to me!”

Lin Qiye found it hard to believe what he had just said.

The power of faith he had used for so long did not belong to him!

Although it was strange, it was the truth.

Normally, the power of faith of every individual who obtained it was unique.

It was like a password with fingerprint recognition.

No matter how dense the power of faith was, it could not be used by outsiders.

For example, the power of faith produced when someone was worshipped by the people could not be stolen by anyone or any other existence.

However, Lin Qiyes situation was a little special.

The people who came to the Holy Infant Temple to worship him should have believed in him.

However, other than the villagers of Tata Village, most of the people who came from places had never seen Lin Qiye before.

They had only heard of his legends, so the object of their worship and belief naturally became the statue in the temple.

“I didnt expect to have an unexpected discovery this time.” Lin Qiye laughed happily.

His understanding of the power of faith had improved.

It was different from other forms of energy.

For example, spiritual energy, battle Qi, and elemental energy.

All types of energy were naturally produced by heaven and earth.

The only difference was that the power of faith was nurtured by living beings.

In the past, Lin Qiye had thought that the power of faith could only be produced from humans faith.

However, he now speculated that any intelligent creature could produce the power of faith.

Compared to the birth of the power of faith, the recipient of it was even more outrageous.

Through this incident, Lin Qiye had a surprising discovery.

It wasnt just living beings that could obtain the power of faith, but also beings like souls.

Even stones without thoughts could obtain the power of faith!

The statue that belonged to him was the best proof.

Lin Qiye slowly floated down from the top of the statue and landed right in front of the statues face.

The power of faith slowly flowed around his body, and one could only discover it if one sensed it carefully.

A small portion of the power of faith flowed into the statue.

Under the guidance of this strange movement, the space seemed to twist, and even the statue moved slightly.

Lin Qiyes heart trembled.

He was sure that the statues wriggling was not because space was affected, but because it was really moving!

“Could it be that the power of faith can give birth to a life”

Lin Qiye was shocked.

He had thought that the statue was just a vessel to replace him.

He didnt expect it to be able to absorb the power of faith.

He even felt like it was coming to life.

“F*ck! If this thing really came to life, what monster would it be”

Lin Qiye was a little scared.

People were always afraid of the unknown.

He thought to himself, “I should have some connection with it.

Otherwise, I couldnt have used this power of faith.

“But this thing is too strange.

Who knows what problems will occur if it really comes to life No, I must get rid of it as soon as possible!”

It wasnt that Lin Qiye wasnt confident in himself.

The power of faith was too mysterious.

He didnt dare to take the risk.

This simulation was already filled with too many unknowns, and he did not want to screw up on this matter.

At the end of the vast wilderness, under the setting sun, there was a black dot floating.

Gradually, the black dot grew bigger.

Upon closer inspection, it was a giant red snake nearly a hundred meters long.

The ground was shaking.

Black dots gradually appeared behind the giant red snake.

There were tens of thousands of them.

Each one was a demon with a ferocious face.

“Lord Chi Jin, well reach the first human village in about 30 minutes,” A monster in a shell said respectfully as he followed Chi Jin.

“A human village It just so happens that Im tired of killing those little fellows.

Killing some humans is also a way to pass the time.”

Chi Jin spat out his red tongue, his eyes filled with bloodlust.

At the same time, in front of a river adjacent to a remote village, the scattered demons gathered.

“Brother Zhao, youre here too.”

“Brother Wu.

That crimson python is stepping on our heads.

How can we bear it”

A few familiar demons greeted each other.

“Chi Jin has gathered his demon soldiers in an attempt to eliminate all the mountain lords in the vicinity.

Im afraid he has already broken through to the Embodier Realm.”

“Sigh, power is absolute.

Who asked him to be so strong”

“But fortunately, we have an Embodier Realm figure on our side, so we dont have to be afraid of that guy.”

“Yes, I heard it was a helper Chang Shi and the others found.

It should be the Holy Spirit who is guarding the Tata Village.

No one knows how powerful he is, so he should be in the Embodier Realm.”

The demons all speculated.

Lin Qiyes reputation had spread far and wide in the past two years.

Although the battle in Tata Village was the only battle that circulated, he had gathered a large number of believers and enjoyed many incense offerings.

It had already attracted the envy of countless demons.

Some demons had even wanted to test him a long time ago.

However, when they got closer to the Tata Village, they found that Chang Shi and the other demons, who were only in the late stage of the Golden Core Realm, had all broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm.

They didnt dare to get any closer.

It must be known that many demons were trapped in the Golden Core Realm and might not have any hope of breaking through for their entire lives.

Chang Shi and the others broke through one after another.

It couldnt help but make the demons suspicious.

“The Holy Spirit of Tata Village is unfathomable.

Ever since chang Shi and the others followed him, their strength has increased by leaps and bounds.

They all broke through to the Nascent Soul Realm one after another, and it must be because of the help of that Holy Spirit.”

“Thats right.

Its a pity that the Holy Spirit doesnt accept us.

Theres no way to follow him.”

Some demons sighed.

They had tried to visit Lin Qiye, but they were stopped by Chang Shi and the others before they could even enter the village entrance.

According to Chang Shi, Lin Qiye is in seclusion and doesnt want to be disturbed.

If they want to force their way in, they would need to bear the consequences.

The demons did not dare to test it with their lives.

The herbal field watered with demon blood outside Tata Village was still there.

It was as if warning them not to become the next fertilizer.

As the demons discussed, a few figures slowly approached from the distant horizon.

“Theyre here!”

Someone shouted, and the demons immediately looked in the direction of those figures.

“Chang Shi and the others are here, and Lonemoon as well.

Whos that guy in front of them”

“It seems to be a spirit soul.

Is he the Holy Spirit of Tata Village But why does he have such a strong aura of resentment”

“Shush, dont talk nonsense.

Didnt you notice that hes an Embodier Realm expert Be careful not to anger him in case hell use you to fertilize the herb fields!”

Amid the discussion, Butcher led Lonemoon and the others to land in the center of the demons.

Although there were only five of them, the pressure from their auras was no less than the ten thousand demons present.

“This is the helpers youve gathered”

The Butcher couldnt help but ask when he saw that the strongest person in the field was only in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

“My dear Butcher, didnt you say to leave everything to you What, now youre complaining about the lack of troops” Chang Shi said.

Although his cultivation level was not as high as Butchers, he had been with Lin Qiye for a long time.

He was already a little unconvinced in his heart, and now, because of Butcher, they had to take a risk.

Naturally, he has nothing good to say.

“Alright, stop talking.

Didnt our Lord already give us a treasure What are you afraid of” Lonemoon chided.

Now that the war was imminent, she didnt want to see internal strife among her people.

The demons gathered around and noticed that the relationship between Chang Shi and the Butcher didnt seem harmonious, so they didnt dare to make a sound.

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