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457 Lin Qiye Doesnt Want To Screw Up

The reason why he had come to ask Lin Qiye for help was that he was worried about the tens of thousands of demon soldiers.

If even a small number of them were to escape, it would be a devastating disaster for ordinary humans.

Butcher looked at the two demons with an unchanged expression.

“Sir has said that Ill lead this time.

You only need to do what you should do.

Ill handle the rest.”

He was not very happy to be looked down upon time and time again.


Chang Shi was furious, but Gui Nian quickly stopped him.

“Forget it.

Lets hurry up and contact our friends.

Since hes so confident, let him go.

Chang Shi snorted unwillingly and had no choice but to start contacting his friends.

After a short while, the communication talismans flew out like butterflies.

Chang Shi and Gui Nian quickly explained the situation to Hou Tu.

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“What Butcher wanted to face the crimson pythons army head-on F*ck! Chi Jin had seven subordinates at the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm! Itll be amazing if we can stop two of them!”

When Hou Tu heard that Butcher had recommended himself, he was so shocked that he almost jumped onto the roof.

“Sigh, lets not talk about it.

We should hurry up and think of a way to gather more demons to resist Chi Jins army.”

“Thats right.

Since that guy wants to fight against Chi Jin, let him go.

Well try our best to block those demon soldiers.

When the Lord finds out about the problem, hell come to help.”

The three demons were helpless and could only prepare for the worst.

For this reason, when they allied with their good friends, they only told them to deal with Chi Jins demon soldiers.

Chi Jin, on the other hand, will be dealt with by an Embodier Realm expert.

With this promise, almost all the demons who received the message agreed happily.

Hence, the demons on the various mountains had gathered in less than a quarter of an hour.

The three demons followed Butcher and prepared to head to the gathering point.

The moment before they set off, Lonemoons voice came from behind the three demons.

“Hey, you guys, wait for me!”

She ran to the three demons, put her hands on her hips, and said, “Why are you running so fast Are you in a hurry to eat”

Over the past year, because they had been together for a long time, Lonemoon could not be bothered to continue acting cold in front of them.

She had become a little girl next door.

However, this was only limited to Lin Qiye and the three demons.

When dealing with villagers, she was still as noble and elegant as before.

The three demons listened to her joke, but they couldnt smile.

They might lose their life this time.

At that time, not to mention a banquet, they would have to pray and burn incense if they returned alive.

“Why are you following us Its dangerous to go there now!”

Chang Shi looked at Lonemoon like an elder brother.

“Im here on the orders of my Lord.

He told me that your mission is more difficult, so he asked me to help,” Lonemoon said with a smile.


Chang Shi, Hou Tu, and Gui Nian were all shocked.

How was this mission merely difficult! It could lead to death!

“Oh, lets go.

Dont waste any more time.

Ill tell you all slowly on the way.

This time, he has given me a good treasure!”

Under Lonemoons urging, the three demons were pushed into action, puzzled.

Even Butcher, who had been silent all this while, revealed a thoughtful expression.

Although he hadnt known Lin Qiye for a long time, he could tell from the information he obtained from various sources that Lin Qiyes mysteriousness wasnt any less than those Immortal Realm existences.

Moreover, he had seen Lin Qiyes eyes filled with disdain when he faced the Immortal Level Magic Treasure, the Blue Star Clock.

Now that he heard Lonemoon had gotten a treasure from Lin Qiye, he was naturally interested.

It wasnt that he wanted to snatch it, nor did he dare to.

Butcher was simply curious about what kind of treasure it was.

While Butcher and the rest met up with the mountain lords, Lin Qiye continued to study the power of faith in the Holy Infant Temple.

He floated to the head of the baby statue and looked at the devout pilgrims kneeling in the hall below.

He could not help but float to their side.

Because he had concealed his figure, no one could see him despite the crowd.

“Holy Infant, please bless my son.

My son hasnt sent a letter in a year since he joined the army.

Please bless him to come back safely!”

“I beg Lord Holy Infant to bless me and cure my fathers hidden illness!”

“Lord Holy Infant, please give me a son!”

“Lord Holy Infant, I want money! A lot of money! Itd be best if its the kind that can be delivered to my home!”

Lin Qiyes face twitched as he listened to the wishes and prayers.

Sometimes, he even had the urge to hit someone.

Most of them were relatively normal and devout, but nearly one-fifth of them were making unrealistic wishes to obtain something without putting in any effort.

“Could it be that I cant use the power of faith as I please because of these people” Lin Qiye mumbled to himself as he looked at the people.

However, he quickly denied this speculation.

“It shouldnt be.

If its just because theyre not pious enough, I shouldnt be able to produce the power of faith at all.

How can there be an effect ”

He floated to the door and looked in the direction of the statue.

One by one, the believers knelt and prayed devoutly.

The atmosphere was solemn and majestic.

Under such an atmosphere, even those who didnt really believe in the Holy Infant felt deep respect.

They bowed respectfully to the statue.

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