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452 The Blue Star Clock

Lonemoon, Chang Shi, Gui Nian, and Hou Tu were all locked onto by his mental power.

In an instant, they were wrapped in mental power and could not move.

“Whats going on”

Chang Shi and the others panicked.

The next second, they heard Lin Qiyes voice.

“Immediately close your eyes and guard your mind!”

Lin Qiyes voice sounded a little rushed.

Lonemoon and the rest were shocked.

They quickly closed their eyes and calmed their minds.

All of them were terrified, not knowing what was happening.

It could make Lord Holy Infant, who had completely crushed an Embodier Realm expert, nervous.

“Stay in position, and dont move.” Lin Qiye spoke again when he sensed that the demons were following his instructions.

“Did you find anything suspicious”

When they heard Lin Qiyes serious voice, the demons hearts tightened.

They quickly recalled the search process if they had seen anything suspicious.

A moment later, the voices of the demons came one after another.

“Lord, I didnt find anything on my side.”

“I dont have any here either.”

“Its the same here.”

Lin Qiye secretly heaved a sigh of relief when he received the demons reply.

However, he still did not dare to be careless and repeatedly transmitted his voice, “Good.

Retreat immediately.

Stop the search, and seal off this courtyard.”

“Yes!” The demons didnt dare to dawdle and hurriedly retreated.

When they arrived at the entrance, the three demons immediately began inscribing formation arrays on the outer perimeter, setting up an isolation formation.

Lin Qiye led the evil spirit out of the courtyard.

Lonemoon followed by his side and asked, a little puzzled.

“What happened Ive never seen you so nervous before.”

Lin Qiye bound the evil spirit and turned to look at Lonemoon.

His expression was slightly grave.

“Its hard to explain, but I can tell you there may be an extremely dangerous thing in this yard.

Once you touch it, youll be dead.

Even if a God could do nothing against it!”

“Ah Is it that serious”

Lonemoon jumped in shock.

She had never seen Lin Qiye treat anything so uptight.

Whether it was the tiger demon or the Embodier Realm evil spirit before him, Lin Qiye had never been so stern and tensed.

Lin Qiye wasnt making a mountain out of a molehill, but he suspected that the thing in the courtyard was an evil creature that could bring about a great disaster- The Demon Dharma Statue.

Even in the main world, the Demon Dharma Statue was a dangerous existence.

Some Practitioners mistakenly brought it back as a treasure while they were in a simulation, which eventually led to the collapse of human cities.

It had happened many times.

Someone had brought back a Demon Dharma Statue from the city Lin Qiye had first been in.

That was why the defense line had been broken, and they had no choice but to escape to Star City.

The Demon Dharma Statue was terrifying.

Because of its infection ability, anyone who touched the Demon Dharma Statue or stared at it for a long time would be infected by the demonic Qi.

Those with a strong will might be able to resist for a while, but if one were weak-willed, they might be enslaved by the demonic Qi just by looking at it.

‘Theres very little knowledge about the Demon Dharma Statue in the main world.

I cant touch it before I rebuild my body.

Lin Qiye did not dare to risk his life, so he decided to seal off the courtyard.

He would only return to look for the Demon Dharma Statue after he had reconstructed his body and had more means to restrain the demonic Qi.

Only then would he be able to ensure that he had enough power to deal with it.

“Lord, everything has been set up.

Unless theres an Embodier Realm expert, theres no way someone can break into this courtyard.”

After a while, the three demons immediately came to report.

In his spare time, Lin Qiye had once taught them some knowledge about formation arrays.

This isolation formation was one of them.

It could withstand any attack below the Embodier Realm.

“Good.” Lin Qiye nodded and retreated out of the courtyard.

Just as he was about to have the three demons seal it off, he suddenly noticed the presence of a living being in the courtyard.

“Wait a moment.”

He spread out his mental energy and quickly locked onto the aura.

Lin Qiye then discovered another human in a room deep in the courtyard.

That person seemed to be trapped by some treasure.

Lin Qiye glanced at the immobile evil spirit next to him.

Then, he grabbed it and dashed to the door where the trapped person was.

He pushed the door open.

The room was empty, and there was a two-meter-tall clock in the corner.

The clock was a magical treasure that could trap and lock people up.

“The Blue Star Clock!”

The evil spirit exclaimed as if it recognized the treasure.

However, its expression immediately changed to pain, as if its memories were in chaos again.

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