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449 The Cunning Ghost

Lin Qiye didnt dare to be careless.

He focused his mental power to the maximum.

As long as anything abnormal appeared, he could lock onto it immediately.

Gradually, the image of the courtyard began to appear in his mind.

Weeds, crushed stones, and all kinds of broken tools.

The rotten bodies in the courtyard were also pieced together and restored in his mind.


Suddenly, the aura of a living being was transmitted over.

Lin Qiye was stunned.

He recalled that he had sensed someone alive in the courtyard.

However, he couldnt clearly sense it with just his mental power.

Now that he had used the power of faith to scan it, Lin Qiye found the person easily.

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

He gave up on the idea of checking it out and continued to scan through the courtyard.

He only had this one chance.

If he couldnt catch the ghost hiding behind the black mist, it might take the opportunity to escape as soon as he left.

At this moment, a swift black shadow suddenly broke through the barrier of the power of faith and flew in Lonemoons direction.

“Sh*t!” Lin Qiyes expression changed slightly as he shouted.

At the same time, his soul suddenly appeared and went straight for Lonemoon.


There was a dull sound of impact.

It was as if a wild bull had crashed into a solid city wall.

The powerful shock wave scattered the black mist within a ten-meter radius.

Lonemoon, Chang Shi, and Gui Nian saw the scene before them.


Chang Shi and Gui Nians eyes were wide open, staring at the huge black shadow less than half a meter in front of Lonemoon.

Lonemoon fell to the ground.

There was a trace of fear in her eyes.

Just a little more, and she would have been hit by that huge black shadow.

However, in such a dangerous situation, the black shadow was blocked.

Lin Qiyes petite soul was standing in front of her like an unmoving mountain.

“The Embodier Realm… It is an Embodier Realm evil spirit!”

Other than Lin Qiye, Lonemoon and the rest looked at the black shadow in shock.

However, the next second, their vision blurred.

The huge black ball was suddenly thrown into the sky and fell rapidly, heavily hitting the ground and shattering the green stone slabs.

“Treacherous fellow.

You deserve to die!”

At this moment, Lin Qiye controlled his mental power in anger to seal off the black shadow.

He continuously swung it up and down, smashing it into the ground.

This time, Lin Qiye was pissed.

If he had been 0.1 seconds later just now, Lonemoon would have been hit by that black shadow.

And judging from the difference in their strength, if that attack had hit her, she would have had a fatal injury.

Lin Qiyes attacks became more frequent.

Under the repeated collisions, the mist that enveloped the black shadow began to dissipate rapidly.

The black mist in the courtyard seemed to be affected by this as well, gradually fading away.


The black shadow let out an angry shriek and struggled continuously, trying to break free from Lin Qiyes control.

“You still dare to resist”

Lin Qiyes eyes were still red with anger.

He took a step forward and pressed the black shadow to the ground.

After a round of smashing, the core of the black shadow had been exposed.

An incorporeal figure was embedded in a pile of crushed stones on the ground.

Most of its body had turned into mist, but its face still retained apparent human features.

However, under the corrosion of the black mist, its face had long become frighteningly pale.

One look at it would make ones liver and guts turn cold, losing the power to resist.

“Kill… Kill…”

The black shadow was pressed to the ground by Lin Qiye and could not move.

It let out a hoarse roar.


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