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448 The Cunning Ghost

Therefore, she would never believe Lin Qiye would mistake his target for someone else.

“It seems that I have underestimated the ghost.

I didnt expect it to be capable of possessing a Nascent Soul Realm expert.”

Lin Qiyes expression darkened.

Hearing his words, Lonemoon and the others also realized.

The one who attacked them just now should have been Hou Tu, who was possessed by an evil being.

Since the evil Qi had concealed Hou Tus aura, Lin Qiye could only lock onto the attackers movements and couldnt identify him immediately.

“You guys, take good care of Hou Tu.

I want to meet that guy,” Lin Qiye said to Lonemoon and the others.

Then, he turned around and searched for the enemy hiding in the dark.

The target he had locked onto was Hou Tu.

Thus, when the ghost who possessed Hou Tu escaped, he only noticed something was wrong, but he couldnt capture it.

“Resentment… The evil Qi…”

Lin Qiyes eyes glowed as he stared at the black mist.

He could not suppress evil Qi, but he still had the power of faith.

“Id like to see what background you have.”

As soon as his words fell, wisps of golden light appeared out of nowhere and began to gather toward Lin Qiye at an alarming speed.

Even in the black mist, the golden light did not seem to be affected.

A moment later, the golden light gathered and condensed, making Lin Qiyes soul dazzling.

It was as if the Gods and Buddhas from the heavens had descended.


Why is the power I can gather so much less”

Lin Qiye could feel the power of faith.

Everything within a ten-meter radius of him became clear.

However, he was surprised to find that the power of faith he could gather was dozens of times less than when he was cultivating normally!

“It seems like there are still many secrets to the power of faith.

However, now is not the time to think about this.

I must quickly find that fellow.”

Lin Qiye did not dare to be distracted.

He waited until he found the enemy behind the black fog before he slowly pondered about the power of faith.

When he absorbed the power of faith, Lonemoon and the others also felt that sacred and powerful energy fluctuation.

Lonemoon was fine.

She spent a lot of time with Lin Qiye and was already used to seeing him control the power of faith.

However, it was different for Chang Shi and Gui Nian.

One patrolled the outside for a long time, while the other was stationed outside the temple, waiting for orders at any time.

They had never seen Lin Qiye cultivate or display his strength.

“This power is so strong!”

“Is this the power of the Lord I feel like Im looking at a God!”

Chang Shi and Gui Nian almost couldnt help but kneel.

The power of faith exuded a majestic and sacred aura.

They felt that only Gods could possess this type of energy.

Lin Qiye ignored them.

Instead, he manipulated the power of faith and tried to disperse the black fog in the courtyard.

When the power of faith touched the black mist, it immediately began to retreat, but the black mist would quickly fill the gap after the power of faith swept across.

Lin Qiye frowned.

The black mist was more troublesome than he had imagined.

His power of faith did not seem to be able to restrain the black mist, but it was effective in resisting it.

It would probably take a lot of power to dispel the black mist.

It didnt mean that the power of faith wasnt as powerful.

On the contrary, Lin Qiye had gained a deeper understanding of how strong it was.

One had to know that everything in the world had a counter to each other.

If the powers were not mutually restraining, it would be difficult to cause a significant attack effect.

For example, the power of thunder and the power of the earth.

The two did not counter each other.

There would not be an overwhelming battle between both wielders if the difference in power was not big.

However, if the power of thunder were to fight against evil, the evil Qi would be completely suppressed.

One portion of the power of thunder was equivalent to five or even six or seven portions of evil Qi.

The advantage gained from this difference could easily make one invincible at the same level.

Compared to the power that restrained each other, the power of faith didnt seem to counter any other, but at the same time, it had an energy level stronger than all else.

Whether it was the power of thunder, evil Qi or any other elemental power would seem weaker than the power of faith.

In other words, the power of faith wouldnt be restrained, but it could also restrict all types.

It was just that the difference in the restraint was not significant.

“My power of faith should be four times stronger than this black mist, but what I can gather now is limited.

I dont think I can even offset one-tenth of this black mist.

It looks like Ill have to use energy-saving methods to investigate.”

After some probing, Lin Qiye quickly confirmed the difference between the black mist and the power of faith.

He condensed the power of faith into two thin barriers that reached the top of the black mist, connected to the ground, and expanded to the outer ring.

It was like a radar that stood at the center of the circle and extended a blockade line outward.

One of the walls remained unmoving to seal the area, while the other turned to scan the area.

As long as Lin Qiye scanned the courtyard, nothing would be able to escape his detection.

“I dont believe I cant catch you now!”

Lin Qiye gathered the power of faith and began to scan the area.

Without deliberately clearing the black mist, the loss of power of faith was minimized, but it still began to flow away quickly.

“The consumption is too great! At this rate, Im afraid I can only scan one round.

This is our only chance!”


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