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446 Vicious Ghost

Therefore, they quickly reported it and alarmed the local officials.

They had invited a rather famous sorcerer from the Holy King City overnight.

The sorcerer had some tricks up his sleeve.

After he arrived at Wuxiang Village, he immediately discovered the presence of an evil spirit in the village.

He didnt need the villagers to lead the way.

He found the haunted courtyard by himself.

The sorcerer only glanced outside the courtyard and concluded that the evil creature inside was beyond his ability to deal with.

Hence, he sent out a request for help.

A day later, two more powerful sorcerers arrived.

The three discussed the arrangements outside the courtyard and then carefully entered.

The villagers nervously waited outside the courtyard.

However, the three sorcerers still did not come out after a long time.

Suddenly, a sorcerers scream could be heard from the courtyard, followed by a fight.

The fight did not last long before it stopped.

After that, the villagers lost contact with the sorcerers, but the yard was still as usual with strange and creepy sounds coming out.

The villagers gathered and wanted to ask the guardians of Tata Village to help.

“Thats what happened.

I beg you, Holy Infant, please save us!”

“Lord Holy Infant, please save us!”

The village chiefs eyes were filled with tears.

The villagers were also begging.

They had no way to fight back against that evil thing.

Although some people wanted to move away, this place was their birthplace and where their roots were.

Everything they had accumulated in their lives was here.

How could they leave like that

Lin Qiye raised his hand slightly, and an invisible mental power spread out.

Immediately, everyones hearts settled, and most of their fear was dispelled.

“Dont worry, everyone.

Well definitely solve this problem for you.”

Lonemoon consoled the villagers.

Her ethereal beauty attracted another round of worship from them.

“Lets go and take a look.”

Lin Qiye glanced at the villagers and ignored them.

He turned around and flew towards the haunted courtyard with Lonemoon and the rest.

“What a strong evil energy!”

Just as they arrived outside the courtyard, Hou Tu revealed a shocked expression.

What was different from the villagers information was that the courtyard had been completely shrouded in black mist.

There was no way to see what was going on inside.

“Its not just evil energy.

Theres also a very heavy aura of resentment.” Chang Shis expression was also grave.

“My lord, there seems to be a living person inside!” Gui Nians perception was strong.

With a sweep, he discovered the aura of a living person in the courtyard.

Lin Qiye nodded.

His mental power was unusually strong, so he had noticed the aura of living beings in the courtyard.

However, the energy in the courtyard was chaotic and interfered with his mental power.

It was impossible to explore the entire situation inside.

“Its too weird inside.

We have to be careful.” Lonemoon reminded them in a low voice as they stopped at the courtyard entrance.

“Sir, Ill go in first to check out the situation.”

Hou Tu took a step forward and looked at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Okay, retreat immediately if you encounter a situation.

Dont get entangled.

“Yes!” Hou Tu carefully stepped into the courtyard.

Lin Qiye and the rest stayed outside, ready to provide support at any time.

‘This black fog is similar to the fog caused by the demons, but its also not quite the same.

Is it the demons doing

Lin Qiyes mental power seeped into the black mist and carefully examined it.

He could vaguely sense the presence of Demonic Qi, but it was more of an energy-like resentment.

‘This aura of resentment is overwhelming.

Its more than a hundred times stronger than the water ghost I met back then!

‘However, Im much stronger than I was in the past.

This ghosts strength is not as good as mine.

Lin Qiye quickly made a judgment.

The being hiding behind this courtyard was not as strong as him.

However, after experiencing a few eerie events, Lin Qiye did not dare to be careless.

He didnt want to act rashly before he investigated the situation.

“Monkey! Whats the situation inside”

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