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445 Vicious Ghost

“Ah Can we invite that Fox Immortal”

“Besides the Fox Immortal, the monkey and snake are also great!”

Upon hearing the village chiefs words, the villagers were instantly overjoyed.

The most famous person in Tata Village was naturally the Holy Infant, but he was so high and mighty that the villagers did not dare to ask for him.

However, the other demons who served him were different.

They usually dealt with the villagers of Tata Village, so they were naturally easier to get along with.

The discussions were heated.

The village chief had a smile on his face but was nervous inside.

He did not have any confidence in what he had just said.

Lonemoon and the others were Immortals in their eyes.

Whether they could be invited would depend on their mood.

Just as he felt uneasy, a light curtain fell, and a few figures with immortal Qi floating in the air suddenly descended in the center of the crowd.

There was only silence.

Everyones eyes were wide open, full of shock and disbelief.

After a long time, someone came back to his senses.

He pointed at the descender and gradually became excited.

“Its, its the Immortals of Tata village!”

“The Immortals of Tata Village are really here!”

All of a sudden, the surrounding villagers knelt one after another.

The village chief quickly reacted and knelt in worship, his expression excited.

“Immortals above, please have mercy and save the Wuxiang Village!”

“Immortals above, please save us!”

Thousands of villagers knelt and kowtowed.

Lin Qiye looked around calmly, but a hint of solemnity gradually appeared in his eyes.

Theres something wrong with this village.

He brought Lonemoon and his group, and they discovered it the moment they arrived at Wuxiang Village.

There was a faint evil aura in the village, which was similar to the Demonic Qi.

“All of you, rise.” Lin Qiye spoke slowly.

There was a sense of peace in his voice that made one unable to refuse.

All the villagers were helped up by a gentle force.

They were extremely shocked as they looked excitedly at the translucent baby floating in the air, exuding wisps of immortal aura.

The village chiefs body trembled slightly.

He had seen Lin Qiye once in Tata Village, so he recognized him at a glance.

The leader of the group was the legendary Holy Infant!

“Lord Holy Infant! Please save us!” He was so excited that he ran to Lin Qiye and was about to drop to his knees.

However, he was held back by an invisible force before he could kneel.

He looked up and saw the spirit shrouded in light staring at him with a peaceful expression.

“Dont worry.

Tell me about the situation first,” Lin Qiye said to the village chief.

“Yes.” The village chief stood up in fear and trepidation.

He looked at Lin Qiye and said, “Its like this, Sir.

A few strangers came to our village not long ago.

They rented a courtyard in the village as accommodation.

“At first, everything was fine.

But a few days ago, people in the village kept hearing strange sounds from that courtyard.

The people who lived there didnt show up for a long time.

“We were worried that something might have happened to them, so we brought a few people over to check out the situation.

“But after we entered, something strange happened.”

Speaking of this, the village chief seemed to have recalled something terrifying, and the fear on his face was hard to hide.

Lin Qiye used his spiritual domain to calm him down.

After the village chief finished explaining everything, he roughly understood what had happened.

It turned out that a group of mysterious people had come to the Wuxiang Village a month ago.

Each of them had an extraordinary temperament and was obviously not ordinary.

After renting an empty courtyard in the village, very few of them came out.

Since a few days ago, no one had appeared from the courtyard.

Furthermore, there would be some strange sounds coming from the courtyard from time to time.

It sounded like a babys cry and also a womans sobbing.

Occasionally, they could even hear creepy screams in the middle of the night.

The villagers who lived nearby couldnt endure it.

They organized themselves to go to the courtyard.

However, no matter how they knocked, there was no response.

In the end, they could only inform the village, and under the leadership of the village chief, they forced open the courtyard door.

When they entered, the scene inside gave everyone a shock.

The clean and tidy courtyard was now in ruins.

The ground was covered in blackened blood stains, and human limbs could be seen in the corners.

In the depths of the courtyard, there was a rotten and stinky smell.

The village chief and his group were frightened on the spot.

Although they didnt know what had happened, they could guess that most people who stayed here had already lost their lives.

The village chief immediately brought someone to report to the authorities.

But unexpectedly, when the officials came to the courtyard to investigate, they only let out a few screams, and there was no more movement.

The villagers were terrified, but fortunately, many officials came.

After the first batch of scouts lost contact, the remaining officers brought the villagers in to investigate.

But this time, before the villagers even stepped into the courtyard, they saw two heads flying out.

Someone stared inside and could vaguely see a terrifying black shadow hanging from the beam of the house in front of the courtyard, glaring at them.

Immediately, the group of people was so frightened that they quickly retreated.

Everyone realized it was no longer a simple murder case but involved some forbidden evil.

The remaining few officers could not handle it and did not dare to neglect the case.

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