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444 Vicious Ghost

After Tata Village had expanded many times, the area of the Holy Infant Temple had also been expanding.

Without needing to be ordered, the villagers living nearby had moved to the outer area of their own accord.

It was only to make enough land for the Holy Infant Temple.

In the backyard, Lin Qiye had the villagers build a preaching hall after the expansion.

On the 15th of every month, he would guide the three demons in their cultivation in the hall.

“When you first enter the Nascent Soul Realm, you should strengthen your foundation and nurture your soul.

This way, when you try to break through to a higher realm in the future, the bottleneck will be broken smoothly.”

Lin Qiye slowly explained as he floated on the main seat of the hall.

Light swirled around his body, and a faint immortal aura spread out.

Although he had yet to become Immortal, his aura was peaceful, as if people were seeing a God.

In the hall, Hou Tu and Chang Shi sat on both sides, listening to Lin Qiyes teachings.

Sometimes they looked confused, and sometimes, they nodded.

Whenever they encountered something they couldnt understand, Lin Qiye would answer it when asked.

“Alright, thats all for today.

After youve digested it, go back to your posts, and dont slack off.”


The three demons watched Lin Qiye leave respectfully.

Then, they began to discuss excitedly.

“The Lord is truly extraordinary!”

“Under his guidance, I feel like theres no barrier when I break through to the Nascent Soul Realm.”

“Thats right.

My cultivation has already stabilized.

I think I can advance to the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm after a while.”

In the past year, the three demons had received Lin Qiyes guidance more than ten times.

Every time Lin Qiye guided them, they would suddenly see the light.

The bottleneck in their eyes was as smooth as breathing for Lin Qiye.

“What are you all doing Didnt you finish Hurry up and return to your post.”

The three demons discussed in the hall for a while, then Lonemoon pushed the door open and walked in.

Her relationship with Lin Qiye was different from that of the three demons.

She didnt need to squat down and listen with them.

As long as Lin Qiye was not at a critical stage of his cultivation, she could ask for advice at any time.

“Lonemoon, youre here just in time.

We were talking about you and the Lord.”


Youre by his side every day.

He must have told you a lot, did he ”

The three demons stared at Lonemoon.

In this regard, the corners of Lonemoons mouth lifted slightly, showing a rare smile in front of them.

“Of course.

Im already at the peak of the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

After a while, I should be able to break through to the late stage.”

The three demons sighed in their hearts.

In the past, Lonemoons cultivation level was the weakest among them, and her progress was the slowest.

But now…

Seeing the envious expressions on the three demons faces, Lonemoon stopped smiling and said lightly, “Dont worry.

As long as you do your job properly for his Lord, isnt increasing your strength a simple matter”

The three demons grinned when they heard this.

They were not complaining or jealous.

They were merely happy about it.

It had only been about a year since they started following in Qiye.

However, the bottleneck that had trapped them for many years was easily solved.

Even some of their future cultivation paths were gradually enlightened.

“Hehe, we….”

Just as Chang Shi was about to say something, he saw a flower snake appear at the door.

It stood up outside the door and kept shaking, seemingly anxious.

He hurriedly stepped forward, and the flower snake coiled around his shoulder.

“Whats wrong”

Hou Tu and the others saw Chang Shis expression turning grim and couldnt help but ask.

Chang Shis face darkened.

He looked at the demons and said, “Its a matter from a nearby village.

It should be quite serious.

I have to report it to his Lord immediately.”

“Lets go.

Well find the Lord immediately.” Hearing that it was a little serious, Lonemoon quickly added.

In the past year, Chang Shi had been gathering all kinds of snakes in this area to control.

More than ten villages near Tata Village were all within his surveillance range.

Lin Qiye opened his eyes and looked in a direction outside the village as soon as Chang Shi received the news.

“Whats going on Why do I feel so uneasy”

“Sir, something has happened.” Lonemoon led the three demons to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye frowned slightly and looked at the three demons.

Chang Shi quickly stepped forward and explained, “Its like this, Sir.

I just received a report from my snakes that they found a vicious ghost in the neighboring village.

Its extremely fierce.

A master who went to catch the ghost was severely injured.

The nearby villagers are so scared that they dont dare to approach.”

“Oh A vicious ghost”

Lin Qiyes eyes glowed.

“Lets go.

Follow me to take a look.”

“Yes!” The three demons replied excitedly.

It was their first time following Lin Qiye in an operation.

They had long wanted to see Lin Qiye fight.

Although they knew he was powerful, seeing it with their eyes was another thing.

In Wuxiang Village, the villagers gathered in the center of the village square in fear.

“Even the master is no match for the vicious ghost.

What should we do, chief ”

“Yeah, what do we do”

“My house is nearby.

What should I do”

The villagers were all agitated, and fear filled their hearts.

“Dont worry, everyone.

Ive already sent someone to contact the people in Tata Village.

If they come forward, perhaps they can invite those experts over.

The village chief stood under the big tree in the square center and yelled.

He had many friends in Tata Village and had a good personal relationship with a few people in charge of the village.


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