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442 Endless Incense Offerings

At this time, Chang Shi also added, “Weve heard of your matters and know that your strength and talent are outstanding.

Its easy for you to reach the Immortal Realm.

“We dont dare to ask for anything.

We hope to follow you, Lord Holy Infant, to be tainted with good fortune and cultivation!”

Gui Nian also looked at Lin Qiye with an earnest expression.

They were the most intelligent beings of their kind.

That was why they did not fall into the cycle of reincarnation like the others.

Instead, they awakened their spiritual intelligence and cultivated a human form, becoming the lords of the mountains.

However, it was a pity.

Because the demons did not have any background, they could only slowly explore their cultivation path.

Advancing was slow, and it was almost impossible to transcend and become an Immortal before the end of theirs lifespan.

But now, they had heard about Lin Qiyes deeds.

Naturally, they immediately realized that this might be a rare opportunity.

First of all, Lin Qiye reached the Embodier Realm in a very short time.

Even if he cultivated a different path, it was enough to prove his terrifying talent and immeasurable future.

Secondly, Lin Qiye was now respected by the people and enjoyed countless incense offerings.

With the power of merit added to his body, everything near him would transform.

After the demons entered the village, they discovered that with the Holy Infant Temple as the center, within a radius of nearly a kilometer, the density of spiritual energy had reached tens of times its normal state!

Under such an exaggerated influence, even if they did not do anything, it was enough to make their cultivation base soar rapidly as long as they stayed within the range.

They had to stay, even if they had to be followers or servants.

They did not want to miss this rare opportunity.

Lin Qiye looked at the three demons without saying a word.

Lonemoon clutched the corner of her shirt, waiting nervously for his decision.

Hou Tu, Chang Shi, and Gui Nian were her good friends.

After a long period of cultivation, their relatives had basically died out in the river of time.

Therefore, a friend who could be trusted became a rare and valuable existence.

Although they were unrelated by blood, they were as close as family.

Lonemoon and Lin Qiye had known each other for a long time, so she naturally knew how powerful he was.

If her friends could follow him, they would have extraordinary achievements in the future!

They would no longer have to be on tenterhooks and worry about being bullied by greater demons.

After a long time, seeing Lin Qiye still did not reply, Lonemoon could not help but say, “L-lord, why not take them in With more people under you, they can help you deal with many trivial matters.”

She almost blurted out the wordlittle cutie.

However, she realized she was siding with the three demons and speaking up for them, so she did not dare to be unrestrained.

After all, if a superior lost his dignity, where would his face be How could he manage his subordinates

Lonemoon knew that the three demons did not have much of a relationship with Lin Qiye, so it was already unexpected to be taken in as his subordinates.

She did not dare to hope Lin Qiye would treat the three demons the way he treated her.

Lin Qiye turned to look at Lonemoon, slightly surprised.

He had roughly guessed that Lonemoon and the three demons had a good relationship, but he did not expect Lonemoons attitude when she spoke up for the three demons.

It made his impression of Lonemoon even better.

It was just as Lonemoon had thought.

The friendship between Lonemoon and him was their business.

The relationship between the three demons and Lonemoon had nothing to do with him.

If he didnt distinguish them, in the future, the friends of the three demons, the friends of their friends, and even their distant relatives might come to him.

That was something Lin Qiye hated the most.

Under the nervous and expectant gazes of the three demons and Lonemoon, Lin Qiye floated in the air and said slowly, “I do lack a few men to run errands for me.

You can stay, but you must follow my arrangements.”

Upon hearing this, the three demons were overjoyed.

They quickly bowed and said, “Thank you for taking me in, my Lord!”

Lonemoon also showed a rare smile in front of the three demons.

“You may rise.” Lin Qiye raised his hand and said.

The three demons he had taken in were indeed useful.

Now, he needed to increase his strength, and at the same time, he must hurry up and gather the materials to form a physical body.

But he couldnt split his attention to doing both things simultaneously.

Therefore, having a few more subordinates to help him would save him time and allow him to focus on his cultivation.

“Tell me your names first, and what are you good at” Lin Qiye asked indifferently.

He planned to first know the strengths of the three demons and see if there was anything he could use.

“My Lord, my name is Hou Tu.

I know some brewing techniques.

I can turn spiritual herbs and fruits into wine that can improve cultivation or heal injuries.”

Hou Tu scratched his neck and laughed.

He was obviously proud of his skill.

“My Lord, my name is Chang Shi.

I dont have any special skills, but I have many subordinates.

I can command snakes at will and am pretty good at investigating.”

Chang Shi looked humble, but Lin Qiye could hear the confidence in his words.

“My Lord, my name is Gui Nian.

I can fly fast and have good eyesight.

I can see things dozens of miles away, and Im not affected at night.”

Gui Nian lowered his head respectfully.

Lin Qiye nodded after hearing the three demons recount.

“Hmm, not bad.”

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