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439 The Horrifying Lin Qiye

Lonemoon ignored them.

She walked to Lin Qiyes side and introduced them, “These three are the friends I told you about.

This guy is called Hou Tu.

Hes Chang Shi, and hes Gui Nian.”

After introducing the three demons, Lonemoon glared at them with a cold face.

“I wont introduce this little guy any further.

You must have heard of his name on the way here.”

The three demons hearts trembled.

Thats right.

They had heard a lot about Lin Qiye on their way here.


The three demons cupped their hands respectfully and were about to greet Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye, who had been smiling all this while, suddenly changed his expression.

He stood up and said, “Please wait a moment.

Ill be right back.”

After his words fell, he didnt give them a chance to ask and disappeared in a flash.


The three demons still cupped their hands and looked at each other in a daze.

What was going on Why did Lin Qiye leave them just as they sat down


Hou Tu looked at Lonemoon in confusion.

Chang Shi and Gui Nian also turned their heads to stare at her.

Lonemoon was expressionless as she said calmly, “Dont look at me.

I dont know.

Maybe something happened all of a sudden.”

The three demons nodded.

When they recalled Lin Qiyes dark expression, they guessed that he must have had something urgent to attend to.

The three demons were much more relaxed this way.

They all looked at Lonemoon and said, “I say, Lonemoon, this Holy Spirits abilities are different from what you told us the last time.”

“Thats right.

Although we cant sense any spiritual energy fluctuations from him, the pressure he exudes is comparable to that of an Embodier Realm expert!”

Thinking of the story they had heard on the streets and the voice in their heads, the three demons hearts trembled.

Lonemoon glanced at them and said calmly, “Im not lying to you.

When we met, his strength was only at the Nascent Soul Realm.

Its just that he has made a breakthrough recently.”

A breakthrough

What a f*cking good time to break through!

The three demons were speechless.

Previously, when Lonemoon went to look for them, she told them about Lin Qiyes situation.

They all knew that Lin Qiye had killed the tiger demon, so his strength must be at the middle or late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

They also knew that with the death of the tiger demon, he would be the new overlord of this land.

In the hundreds of years they had existed, the ruler of this land had changed many times.

All of them were at the Nascent Soul Realm.

The three demons would usually show a little submission and send gifts to express their friendliness.

Most Nascent Soul Realm overlords would not make things difficult for them.

After all, although the Nascent Soul Realm expert was stronger than any of them, they had many friends in the Golden Core Realm.

If the weaker demons were forced into a corner and joined forces, then even a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would not be able to defend themselves.

And so, this tacit understanding had lasted for hundreds of years.

Even if the overlord changed, the situation would rarely differ much.

However, this time was different.

Lin Qiyes appearance broke the balance.

If he was only at the Nascent Soul Realm, he might have some scruples about the demons.

However, he had broken through to the Embodier Realm!

An Embodier Realm expert could easily sweep through all the mountains in this region!

If they wanted to live a peaceful life, it would all depend on the mood of the new overlord.

“Alas, were unlucky this time.

I hope that Lord Holy Infant can be merciful to us.”

The three demons had bitter expressions.

When they heard Lonemoon say that Lin Qiye had made a breakthrough recently, they subconsciously addressed Lin Qiye as Lord Holy Infant instead of the Holy Spirit.

“Dont worry.

He wont cause you any trouble.”

Lonemoon looked at the three demons frowning and found it a little funny, but her face was still as calm as ever.


A hint of joy appeared on the three demons faces.

They all raised their heads and stared at Lonemoon.

One had to know that Lonemoon had never joked with them before.

However, they couldnt help but be a little suspicious when she was so certain.

She wasnt the Holy Spirit.

How could she be sure he wouldnt attack the demons in the surrounding mountains

Could it be that…

The three demons suddenly remembered the rumors about the Holy Infant and the Fox Immortal they had heard on their way here.

It was said that the Lord Holy Infant of Tata Village was served by a Fox Immortal.

The two were intimate and could often be seen with each other.

Could it be that the rumored Fox Immortal who served the Lord Holy Infant was Lonemoon

At this thought, they recalled the moment they stepped into the backyard and saw Lonemoons abnormal behavior.

The three demonseyes widened as they stared at Lonemoon, clearly in disbelief.

Thats right!

How did Lonemoon know that Lord Holy Infant would not attack them How could she be so sure

Now, it seemed that the only explanation was that she and the Holy Infant had reached another level of intimacy!

However, they could not believe it.

Lonemoon was famous for being cold-hearted, the one who had once rejected the pursuit of an Embodier Realm expert!

How could she yield to an infant soul and willingly serve him

The more the three demons recalled the scene of Lonemoon hugging Lin Qiye and laughing, the more they could not accept it.

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